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Taking a beginner’s course to become a barber

If you are a man who wants to become a barber then this requires you to do a lot and especially a lot of practice. A barber is a hairdresser specially for men who also takes care of beards and mustaches. In addition, as a man you can also go to a barber for a kind of care of your face. A barber is not something you just become and therefore you need a real training by a master barber, you are looking for a good teacher and you have to start at the bottom of the ladder. Only by following courses and by learning from a really good barber can you become good at your job. Want to know more about how you can become a real barber and what you need to do? Then read on below. 

Start at the beginning 

If you want to become a barber then you don’t necessarily have to have followed hairdressing training. Of course it is useful if you already have some experience with cutting men’s hair and if you have experience with taking care of moustaches and beards. If you don’t have a lot of experience with this, that’s okay, but you have to start from the beginning. In addition, practice is also very important and you will have to do a lot to get better in your profession.

Taking a course at Schorem 

One of the most famous barbershops in Holland is Schorem in Rotterdam, it is a very famous shop and every man wants to get his hair cut here. The men of Schorem use unique techniques and they like to teach these to beginning barbers by teaching them during the courses that you can book with them. You start with little experience of course at the barber for beginners courses. When you have gained more experience you can always take an advanced class. 

What can you do after a course at Schorem? 

During the courses you will learn a lot from the famous barbers of Schorem. You will learn their special cutting techniques and you will learn the real old fashioned craft. After completing the course you will also receive a certificate and you may then officially apply their techniques in your own salon or barbershop.