Light up your stove, fireplace or barbecue with ecological firestarters

Fire-Up International is a company, based in the Netherlands, that manufactures ecological firestarter. In the past, the manufacturer of natural firelighters was mostly known for its extensive assortment in the area of ‘outdoor living & cooking’. Now, as more companies have focused on developing and manufacturing more sustainable, ecological products, Fire-Up International specialises in producing ‘green’ fire-related products, to be used for stoves, fireplaces and barbeques. The assortment of high-quality products that the company offers, range from FSC- or PEFC-charcoal to briquettes. In their attempt to minimize their ecological footprint, they keep striving for the development of ‘greener’ products through sustainable methods for production.

A wide assortment of ‘green’ firelighters

Purchasing ecological firestarters from a well-established manufacturer comes with a lot of benefits. Firstly, the firelighters are natural, ecological and environmental friendly. They are manufactured from either FSC- or PEFC-certified wood, which in itself are sustainable materials. Secondly, in the production of ecological firestarters, only vegetable oil is being used. In the production of almost any other firelighters, paraffin is used, which is toxic. Because of the sustainable and ‘clean’ production process, the firestarters are non-toxic and do not have an oily smell. Despite not being manufactured with conventional methods and materials, the firelighter light up just as well as their toxic counterparts. They can even burn up for six to twenty minutes. In short: there is no reason not to switch to the use of ecological firestarters to light up your stove, barbecue or fireplace.

Get in touch to learn more

Are you interested to know more about the company and its ecological philosophies and ways of working? Or would you like to purchase ecological firestarters, but do you first have some burning questions? In any case, you can get in touch with the professionals. They will be happy to provide you with all the information that you need.

Discover what this ice cream concept can mean to your farm

Are you interested in producing ice cream on your own farm? Increase your profits and diversify your income with the help of Ice Delite. This way, you will produce your very own farmers ice cream without worries. The specialists will teach you new recipes and food safety procedures. Furthermore, they show you how you can manufacture high-quality ice cream at your farm. This way, they help you become a part of their ever-growing network of local ice cream producers in Europe.

Resell the farm ice cream concept in your area

Their dairy farm ice cream concept is perfect for corporations that want to resell the concept in their area. With your expertise of the local area and the expertise of Ice Delite in producing dairy farm ice cream, you make an amazing team! The specialists supply all equipment, so you can start producing your own farm ice cream very soon. The concept contains a variety of recipes with natural ingredients and seller-support. Besides that, the dairy farm ice cream includes a financial plan, that has profitable business ideas for the manufacturers in Europe. This way, you can concentrate on selling the concept, while these professionals take care of the logistic side.

Become a successful producer of farm ice cream

The farm ice cream concept makes it possible for dairy farmers and fruit growers to gain more revenue. This concept is developed thoroughly, so the experts know the market extremely well and they have a high level of understanding about the production process. Take a look at every business that is using their concept! Experience has shown that every farmer can be a successful producer of dairy farm ice cream.

Contact the experts

Are you interested in finding out how dairy farm ice cream will help your income increase a lot and are you curious as to what these experts can mean to your company? Do not hesitate to contact them by calling or sending an e-mail.

Always remember “why”


Always remember “why”. Many people fail to translate plans into actions because they forget why they worked on it in the first place. Instead of focusing on the results, remind yourself why you are working towards this goal. Focusing on a big goal may feel overwhelming, but breaking it down and identifying key milestones will make you work towards the goal bit by bit. Consider further breaking down your milestones into monthly or weekly checkpoints. For example, instead of focusing on the goal of quadrupling sales next year, focus on small achievements that can be used to achieve the goal. You might spend a month researching your competitors, re-examining the pricing of your products or services next month, and then developing and launching new marketing activities next month. Sharing small victories is an important part of maintaining momentum. By rewarding yourself every time you reach a checkpoint, stay motivated and track progress towards your goals. 


business management

Dutch food online for expats: The Dutch Expat Shop

Dutch food online for expats: The Dutch Expat Shop

If you are Dutch then you know that the Dutch people have very delicious snacks. If you have Dutch friends, or if you ever have visited the Netherlands, you have most likely tried some Dutch food or snacks yourself and now you are addicted to ‘stroopwafels’ or ‘kroketten’. In most countries you can’t order these products at your local grocery store. But do not worry! Dutch Expat Shop is the biggest online supermarket that delivers more than 27.000 Dutch and Belgium products to many countries abroad!

Your favourite beers from the Netherlands and Belgium

Even though you are probably enjoying the varied selection of your new foreign supermarket, some expats just can’t go without that delicious taste of their favorite Dutch or Belgian beer. They have a large selection of beer and other (alcoholic) beverages. A Walhalla of beverages for expats!

More than 400 well-known Dutch brands

Did you use to love eating Dutch cookies back in The Netherlands? Or are you dying to eat a sandwich with Dutch chocolate sprinkles (hagelslag)? With the Dutch Expat Shop that is now possible! At Dutch Expat Shop you can buy all kinds of Dutch food online and have them delivered to your place of residence abroad. Enjoy over 400 well-known brands at the lowest prices. Have a look at their enormous assortment and make your choice. From Dutch waffle cookies to chocolate sprinkles, you can buy all your Dutch food directly online!

All kinds of food from different Dutch grocery stores

At the Dutch Expat Shop you can order all kinds of food from Holland from different kind of Dutch grocery stores lik the Jumbo, Albert heijn, and Delhaize from more than 2.000 real brands. They offer the best prices on the market and the lowest shipping rates available. The Jumbo and the Albert Heijn have never been this close to your house untill now!

Surprise your surroundings

Just like you, your fellow expats have probably gone without their favorite products from back home for quite some time. So why not surprise them on their birthday with a gift box filled with products from their native country? Perfect as a gift for Christmas or as a wedding present! Start your online shopping in Belgium and the Netherlands via the Dutch Expat Shop!

Mimosa hostilis in cosmetics

Do you know what the Mimosa hostilis tree is? What if we told you that only one tree could heal and rejuvenate your skin? Would you think that a single product can reduce wrinkles, dark spots, restore skin vitality, and heal burns and skin irritation? This unique tree is currently considered part of Mexico’s national heritage due to its medicinal qualities.

What is Mimosa hostilis?

Mimosa hostilis, commonly known as Mimosa tenuiflora, has been around for a long time and has been utilized for various purposes over the years. It is a common herbal remedy in its native Brazil and Mexico. Tepezcohuite, Jurema, Calumbi, and Carbonal are some of the more common names for it. The Mayan society used it to heal skin diseases such as burns thousands of years ago by crushing the bark into a powder. In 1984, when a catastrophic gas explosion in Mexico City killed 500 people and left over 5000 with severe burns, the Red Cross administered Tepezcohuite to the burn sufferers. Mimosa hostilis. It was so efficient in healing their wounds and regenerating their skin that it was used to treat victims again a year later when an earthquake produced a sequence of explosions and flames.

A perennial tree with fragrant blooms is Mimosa hostilis. The bark and leaves have aesthetic value. It is classified as a nitrogen-fixing plant because it can fix free nitrogen from the atmosphere, therefore improving soil fertility. Bioflavonoids, tannins, alkaloids, lipids, and phytosterols are abundant in extracts from its leaves and bark. Zinc, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, and other minerals are also present.

Mimosa hostilis tree

Exceptional cosmetic value

This tree’s bark contains active compounds that may treat skin lesions and have a high healing ability. But it is not traditional medicine the only one interested in this plant; science has grown interested in it as well, proving its anti-inflammatory, skin-regenerating, and calming qualities, and its potential to speed up wound and ulcer healing. Eight weeks of therapy with a gel containing 5% mimosa tenuiflora bark extract reduced venous leg ulcers by up to 92%, while no improvement was shown in patients who used the same gel but did not include the plant extract.

As a result, this unique plant can help with skin irritations, psoriasis, wounds, burns, ulcers, sores, and acne. Finally, because the Mimosa tenuiflora works by renewing the skin, it may treat older skin, wrinkles and prevent and reverse skin aging processes. You may buy ready-to-use Mimosa hostilis lotions and ointments. Still, if you prefer to DIY or want complete control over the components of the cosmetics you use on your skin, you can make a night serum or a natural treatment for quick healing of sores and ulcers.

Mimosa hostilis offers a plethora of advantages, which some claim make it a skincare wonder. Although anecdotal evidence suggests it’s beneficial in scar reduction, doctors are quick to point out that it hasn’t been subjected to much scientific research. The bark of this tree contains antibacterial properties and has been used to treat wounds.

Mimosa hostilis bark has also been extracted and used in anti-aging lotions. It contains flavonoids, which are potent antioxidants that can help the skin by neutralizing free radicals. Free radicals create oxidative stress in the skin and accelerate the aging process. It’s critical to realize that all plants contain antioxidants, which is why there are so many botanical components in skincare products.

Tannins, which are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory chemicals in the bark extract, may also have a soothing or relaxing impact on the skin. It also includes lipids, which may help the skin by enhancing the skin’s barrier function.

Cosmetics containing Mimosa hostilis

Many cosmetic items contain Mimosa tenuiflora bark, which is used to renew and smooth the skin, restore or strengthen the hair, and even cure chafing. Furthermore, it is utilized as a sunscreen since the bark is high in flavonoids, which are employed in goods due to their antioxidant and UV inhibiting properties.

A patented lotion to restore hair after cancer treatment with the same strength and firmness as it had before the medication; a treatment for alopecia that includes a solution of tannins obtained from the plant’s bark; and a product to improve the growth of keratin fibers, such as hair or eyelashes, are among the hair products that include Mimosa hostilis.

Not the only reasons people trust it are the renowned anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and wound cure properties of Mimosa tenuiflora. The root bark powder’s regeneration characteristics were a significant ally in attractiveness. In old times, the grandmas have shared with daughters and granddaughters their little secret: the usage of Tepezcohuite for natural anti-aging treatments and good hair.

In indigenous women’s beauty therapies, the soap and oils of Mimosa hostilis are utilized. These natural treatments assist you to combat acne, avoid wrinkles, spots and scars from pregnancy. They rely on the Mimosa hostilities to treat their long, thick and plentiful hair, manage pelts, and stimulate growth.

Mimosa tenuiflora root bark

Mimosa hostilis pharmacological and medicinal efficacy

In several tests, scientists found that extract from Mimosa hostilis, especially its tannins, contributed to fighting against bacteria such as Micrococcus luteus and Bacillus subtilis and fungi like Microsporum canis, Microsporum gypseum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, and Trichophyton rubrum.

An extract of Mimosa hostilis was utilized to treat leg ulcers in a 2006 research. Under controlled conditions, they found that the entire group that used the extract in a hydrogel reduced the wound by more than 90% by the eighth treatment, whereas only one person in the control group had achieved a similar recovery.  In addition, the test group had no adverse effects.

It wasn’t until recently that the pharmacological and medicinal efficacy of Mimosa hostilis was put to the test in studies. There have been claims that this tree’s extracts and byproducts can be used to treat wounds, infections, and skin diseases such as psoriasis.

Mimosa hostilis traditional medical uses

Although Mimosa tenuiflora powder or infusions are used in many indigenous tribes’ traditional recipes to heal skin wounds, infections, and inflammations, it was not as popular a few years ago. In many indigenous cultures, traditional doctors make infusions balm, and soap that rejuvenate the skin and cure stomach diseases, vaginitis, and fungi infections on the skin.

In Brazil, indigenous tribes of the Amazonian region taught afro-descendant groups how to use Mimosa hostilis to make extracts for treating illnesses and inflammations and religious rites.

Mayans in the Yucatan Peninsula heal wounds and pimples by roasting, grinding, and sifting a powder made from Mimosa hostilis bark on the afflicted region. This approach is beneficial not only to people but also to domestic animals! Herbalists boil the bark with water until it turns into a concentrate. They use that water to superficial wounds in compresses. They also gargle with it when their mouths are abrasion.

Advantages of plant-based cosmetic products

Plants can be used as topical anesthetics and antipruritic (itch relievers), anti-cellulite products, and hair loss remedies, among other things.

Some of the advantages of plants in cosmetic products are:

  • They are natural chemicals free, which might be skin harmful when they utilize plant extracts and components. They are raw goods.
  • It is cheaper than manufactured goods.
  • The goods have not been tested on animals, making them acceptable for vegans.
  • The most common conservator in cosmetics is Paraben-free.  They can penetrate the skin and are suspected of causing endocrine disruption.

Do you have a passion for collecting revolvers of the Old West?

Whether you have already a large collection of weapons yourself or you are just getting started with passionate collecting, Wild West Treasures has the right product in stock for you. Investing in revolvers of the Old West is always worth the purchase. This professional company has weapons and revolvers, straight from the American historic events. Simply sort the revolvers of the Old West by war, era, model or country to find the model you were looking for specifically. The antique items might have been used by important historical figures throughout different wars. Are you curious about the revolvers of the Old West in their collection? Read more below!

What they have in stock for you

Wild West Treasures, based in Belgium, shares your interest and passion for ancient articles, weapons and revolvers. The items below are just a small example of what they have in stock for every collector of revolvers of the Old West:

  • Antique combustible cartridges and primers
  • Derringers of all brands
  • Dual cases
  • Holsters, scabbards and leather items
  • Japanese swords
  • Maynard’s system revolvers and long guns
  • Pepperboxes
  • Percussion revolvers
  • Powder flasks
  • Revolving rifles
  • Rimfire revolvers
  • Russian made items
  • Single shot pistols
  • Small pocket revolvers
  • Swords belts and coats
  • US military primary single shot pistols
  • Wild West items

Simply browse through their impressive collection or use the filters to find your new favourite piece. Organise the weapons and accessories by date, asking price, year or status.

Get in touch with the professionals of the company

Do you have a question about their revolvers, straight from the Old West? Their friendly team is more than happy to help you. Just fill in the online contact form, phone them or send them an e-mail. The correct contact information is displayed at the website of their niche brand. Complete your professional and impressive collection! 

Exploring the Types of Punching Bags Out There

If you are planning to purchase a punching bag for your workout or routine training, you will want to decide what type of unit you’ll purchase from the marketplace.

As you browse around the marketplace, there are many different types of punching bags for your home. Just like when purchasing other fitness products, there is no one-size-fits-for-all. Every type of punching bag stand can have different functions, pros, and cons. Selecting one can be a bit daunting if it is your first time doing it.

If we are talking about the most common types, many experts will recommend heavy bags. But there are also a lot of varieties that you’d want to check out. Each individual must have different fitness goals and milestones. The boxing bag that is appropriate for your friend does not mean it is a great choice for you.

First things first, you will need to indicate your requirements and preferences. Then you could take a look at the list of punching bags that we share below to determine which option is a great one for you.

Freestanding bag

The free standing punching bag function is just like its name. It is a portable punching bag which you can store anywhere and move anywhere.

Thanks to its taller size, users also often utilize it for kicking training.

It has strong center power, which will not affect the position of the equipment when you punch and kick it.

It is often chosen for a multiple-function room because of its versatility.

It is a great option for cross-disciplines and martial arts, including MMA, kickboxing, as well as Muay Thai. You can also adjust the height of the bag.

Double end bag

The double-end bag is like a ball which is installed between the floor with two coil connectors.

The ball is roughly in the middle of the room. It functions similarly to a speed ball since it bounces back quickly after being hit. But it has a different purpose.

In Muay Thai, MMA, and other disciplines, the users also call it a reflex ball. As the name suggests, it is useful for training reflex skills.

It is also called a Mexican type double-end bag since it originated from a particular country.

Slip bag

It is not necessarily a boxing punching bag, but rather an important bag for improving head movement, defense, and agility. This swinging ball demonstrates the punches from the opponents. Therefore, users will need to avoid slipping to the left or right.

Hanging boxing bag

The next one is also a common unit offered in the marketplace. It is called a hanging boxing bag since you will need to mount it on walls and link it to the ceilings.

It is a great choice for an intense punching workout. You can save floor space since it is hung.

You can use it for muay thai or boxing disciplines. Choose a bag that is at least 6 feet long for muay thai. You could choose the normal one for boxing.

Uppercut bag

As the name suggests, the users will use it to train the uppercut. It is also a mini counterpart to the heavy bag. If you focus your training from the waist level to the chin, then it is a great boxing bag stand for you.

Water-filled training bag

Yes, you’ve guessed it right. We need to fill the water in the training bag. The design is like a human body, making it perfect for close training. You can easily fill up the model with water to reach the weight you need. Depending on the capacity, you could choose to add from 30 lb to 200 lb or more for heavyweights. Get the best quality one if you don’t want to leak water.

Wall bag

It is a wall-mounted punching bag that you can use if you have limited space in your training room. It does not rebound. But it can be a great option for uppercuts routine training.

Many folks have been using this type of bag to empower their uppercut skills.

Speed bags

The speed bag is probably the lightest boxing bag that I’d recommend on this list. But it does not mean that it is less important than the other punching bags. These bags are light and filled with air. It bounces back whenever you punch it at such great speed.

The other name for this type is speed ball boxing.

Some beginners often miss the ball when it bounces off the bag. Well, that’s the point. The users must maintain the timing in order to hit accurately. It improves your concentration, acceleration, accuracy, as well as the coordination of your eyes and hands.

Angled heavy bag

The bag is similar to a hanging heavy bag. But the difference is in the surface of the bag. The specific angle of the bag can help users to train their uppercuts more effectively. You can also use this for your kicking and other lower body training.

Grappling dummy

It can be very different from the boxing bag stand since it is designed to cater to other needs. The dummy is a practice toy. That explains the human body shape that comes with the unit. The grappling dummies can be placed on the floor. The fighters can consider these dummies as their opponents’ props to practice some moves like throws, punches, kicks, takedowns, grappling, and so on. This unit is usually prevalent in wrestling, MMA, judo, Muay Thai, and so on.

Wrecking Ball

The wrecking ball is usually relevant to boxers, kick boxers, and Muay Thai fighters. It is made for uppercut intense training. They are bulky and challenging for the users. You can use it for slipping, bobbing, etc. Trainers often use it for footwork too.


BOB is the abbreviation of body opponent bag.

It works just like a free-standing punching bag. However, the installation is towards the floor. As the name suggests, it appears just like a man’s upper body. It is also a prop which you can use when you are fighting your peers. It is a great choice for your routine training when there is no one around. This type of punch bag is highly recommended for training your punches and kicks.


Find suitable chemistry jobs in the Netherlands with this expert

Are you in search of chemistry jobs in the Netherlands? Then you could probably use some guidance in your search. Since it is a different country, it is difficult to know where to look for fitting jobs. CLS Services is a company that can help you find a fitting job in the chemistry sector. Moreover, they do more than just help you find a job that matches your skills and demands. They are also there for you with coaching and support during the entire application process. Once you have found a suitable employer, they are still at your side with their services. This provides a great basis to start working in the Dutch chemistry sector.

A simple application process for chemistry jobs in the Netherlands

When you are looking for chemistry jobs in the Netherlands, you can simply take a look at the vacancies that are posted by CLS Services. If you find one you find interesting, you can apply for it online. All you need to do for this, is upload a cv and an outline of your motivation and future perspectives. This is the case, because this company tries to find a job for you that not only matches your work experience, but also fits you as a professional. In order to do this, they need to create a profile of you as a professional. They will do so accurately with the help of your cv and outline. The more detail you provide, the higher the chance of finding the perfect job.

Contact this specialist for help

Did you see chemistry jobs in the Netherlands that you like, but do you have questions about them? Or would you like to learn more about the way CLS Services works? Then feel free to contact the experts at this company. They will gladly answer any questions you might have and provide you with advice, if needed.

Interior textiles are always worth the investment

Are you interested in beautiful and high-quality interior textiles? Let us guide you trough the expertise of Love Home Fabrics. Every type of interior textiles is produced and manufactured in a sustainable way to protect our environment at any given time. They have shipping hubs in the USA, Belgium, India and China to guarantee the fastest shipping for every client. Are you ready to make your house feel like a home? Redecorating has never been easier. Let’s talk about the endless possibilities of interior textiles of Love Home Fabrics.

They have more than seventy different designs available

The co-workers of Love Home Fabrics want to produce interior textiles in a sustainable way. They reduce their energy levels, use water purification stations and refuse to use any harmful substances for you and our planet. Every customer, retailer or wholesale manufacturer can count on the professionalism of the company and their interior textiles collection. From bedroom to living space, they have something in stock in more than seventy different designs. Everyone deserves the feeling of pure luxury and comfort, so investing in beautiful interior textiles is always a good idea to boost the look and feel of your home or business.

Don’t hesitate the professionals of the company

Rely on Love Home Fabrics when you are looking for interior textiles of the best possible quality. Have a look at their website and get to know one of their twelve companies around the world a bit better. For the right advice about interior textiles, the team of Love Home Fabrics is ready to help you in an efficient and friendly way. Read one of their blogs or visit them at one of their events, targeted on interior lovers. Simply phone them or send them an e-mail to discuss the different options in interior textiles.

Why you should invest in wholesale upholstery fabrics

From a colourful detail in your interior to a completely new style, investing in wholesale upholstery fabrics is always a good idea. Who knew that the right fabric could completely transform the look and feel of your home or business? We want to tell you more about a company named ‘Symphony Mills’ when you are looking for beautiful fabrics and detailed applications. Do you want to know more about wholesale upholstery fabrics? Read more below and discover these experts in wholesale upholstery fabrics!

They have wholesale upholstery fabrics in every style

We want to share the good news right away: Symphony Mills has more than seventy different styles in wholesale upholstery fabrics available. The company has four different shipping hubs worldwide, so clients never have to worry about a slow delivery time ever again. With over five million (feel free to read that again) metres of stocked fabrics, they have something in stock for everyone. Are you looking for a timeless leather look? An elegant type of velvet or an English tweed fabric for your furniture? Whatever your personal taste, Symphony Mills has wholesale upholstery fabrics ready to for shipping. They only use the best possible quality when it comes to fabrics to guarantee high quality. There is a reason why their customers rely on them when they are you looking for beautiful wholesale upholstery fabrics. Let’s find out yourself.

You can rely on their advice

Are you not entirely sure which wholesale upholstery fabrics are perfect for your interior design or manufacturing company? The experienced team of Symphony Mills is happy to help. They know everything about accessories, applications, recreation, bedding and so much more. Simply fill in the online contact form or get in touch with them via the information on their website. Start upgrading your interior or decoration items with wholesale upholstery fabrics.