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Wil je een borrel organiseren voor bijvoorbeeld je vrienden, familie of collega’s? Dan ben je bij borreldoosje.nl aan het juiste adres!

Borrelpakketten voor de brievenbus

Wij hebben verschillende brievenbus borrelpakketten in ons assortiment. Het voordeel van deze pakketten is dat ze eenvoudig door de brievenbus passen en je dus niet thuis hoeft te wachten op je hapjes. Ook kunnen we de borrelpakket op maat voor je maken.

Wijnproeverijen voor thuis

Wil je een wijnproeverij thuis organiseren? Dan kunnen wij je verder helpen! Wij hebben namelijk verschillende wijnproeverijen in ons assortiment. Bestel eenvoudig je favoriet en geniet van de heerlijke wijnen!

Borrelplank laten bezorgen

Wil je een borrelplank of borrelpakket laten bezorgen? Ook daar kunnen we je verder mee helpen. We hebben heerlijke borrelplanken die jou versteld doen staan. Kies je favoriete plank en laat het bij jou thuis bezorgen.


Speed up your business operations with a creasing and die cutting machine

Is your business active in creasing and die cutting? Or do you regularly need to crease and cut cardboard or similar materials? Then you are probably looking for a way to speed up these processes. Gyromag offers the solution you are looking for with their professional creasing and die cutting machine. This supplier has been active in the field of die cutting for three decades and is therefore a trustworthy supplier of such machines.

High-quality machines for different purposes

Gyromag provides different creasing and die cutting machines. They have among others DFC (Digital Flexible Cut) and OFC (Offset Flexible Cut) machines in their range of products. The DFC is specifically designed for digital printers, whereas the OFC is specifically designed for the offset printer. Regardless of the machine you need for your business operations, you are always ensured of a high-quality machine with the latest technologies when you order from this supplier.

Custom-made machines

Are you unable to find the right creasing and die cutting machine in the range of Gyromag, but are you interested in their high-quality equipment? Do not worry. The specialist are able to create a creasing and die cutting machine that is tailored to your needs. Simply let the specialist know what purpose you need the machine to serve and they do their utmost best to assemble a machine that fits those requirements. This way, you can also benefit from the many advantages their machines offer!

Get in touch for more information

Would you like to learn more about the professional equipment, such as creasing and die cutting machines, that Gyromag provides? Head over to their website and read more. Should you wish to receive more information after scrolling through their website, you can contact the experts by using the contact details on their website. They happily assist you by finding the right machine for your business purposes.

What are swivel flanges and where to buy them?

Flanges are products that are used to connect pipe sections to each other within a piping system. There are many different types of flanges, of which swivel flanges is one type. These are not regular flanges, but a combination of two constructions; a heavy forged welding hub with a rotating forged ring. This construction allows a rapid alignment of bolt holes when attaching to the standard flange. That is why they are frequently used in offshore piping, because it speeds up the final tie-in process of subsea pipelines. It thus helps divers perform their task more quickly. If you are looking for a supplier of swivel flanges, PipingMarket.eu is the web shop where you need to be.

Why buy your products from this supplier?

PipingMarket.eu is a one-stop web shop where you can buy all your piping products, among which swivel flanges. With their broad range of piping materials, they offer the right solution to every customer. Their product knowledge and experience adds to this, as they are able to provide detailed information about all the materials on their website. That makes it even more convenient for you to buy your swivel flanges and additional products from this supplier!

How to order your products?

If you want to buy swivel flanges or other products from PipingMarket.eu, you have to follow a few simple steps. Firstly, you select the desired products through the navigation tool on their website. Once you have found the right products, you add these to your inquiry. When you have done so with all your desired products, you can review the quote, make desired changes and directly submit it. Once you have submitted your quote request, you will soon receive a quotation.

Directly add the desired products to your request

Are you ready to place an order at PipingMarket.eu? Then directly visit their website, follow the aforementioned steps and submit your quote request. You will receive a quotation swiftly, after which you can directly place your order. Your swivel flanges will be delivered to your doorstep in just a short matter of time!


This company provides efficient and fast EU transport

Are you looking for a company that is specialized in EU transport? When you outsource transport, you want to be sure that everything is properly arranged and that it runs smoothly. Y&O is an experienced transport company that can completely unburden you in the field of international distribution. They use an extensive network that they have built up over the years. For this company it does not matter what and when you want to send or collect goods. You are always assured of a reliable service. The great thing is that if you want to transport goods, but only want to do this in a number of weeks or months, you can temporarily store the packages at Y&O.

Your transport is properly arranged

When you engage a company for EU transport, you assume that everything is properly arranged. Of course it may be that you have certain wishes that a company must meet. This company takes your wishes and expectations into account. They ensure that your goods are transported efficiently and quickly to their new destination. With EU transport, this company offers you the option to decide for yourself when you want to ship your goods. An urgent shipment is no problem at all. This specialist employs expert employees who use their creativity to find the best solution. For example, transport by plane and by road is an option.

Get in touch for more information about their options

Do you need to transport goods to another country, but you have no idea how to arrange this yourself? Then use the expertise of Y&O and let them arrange it for you. On their website you will find a lot of information about the different options. They are also always there for you if you have questions or want more information about EU transport. The specialists of this company will be happy to explain how they work and what solution they can offer you the transportation of your goods.


Buy all your favourite Dutch food online at this company

Do you live abroad and do you long for products from Dutch suppliers? Do you miss typical Dutch products such as stroopwafels, hagelslag, liquorice or the soups from Unox? It is often hard to find these products outside of the Netherlands. Luckily, there is a specialist web shop which has got you covered. On realdutchfood.com, founded in 2006, you will find all the food you can think of, such as canned fruit and vegetables, beer from famous Dutch brands but also authentic sweets and biscuits. This way, you no longer have to miss your favourite products. Read on and discover which other Dutch food and non-food products this company offers online.

Choose from a wide range of typical Dutch food and non-food items

In addition to food, you can also buy Dutch non-food items online at realdutchfoods.com. They also sell cleaning products, kitchenware such as the indispensable cheese slicer and poffertjes pan, as well as books, board games and DVDs. And do you want to prepare an authentic Dutch breakfast? Then you should really take a look at the extensive range of cheese and yogurt. With 3200 articles in their web shop, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Besides, realdutchfoods.com ships worldwide at competitive rates which are as low as possible. Everything is shipped fresh within 3 to 5 days after you have placed your order. This way you will soon enjoy your Dutch products again!

Take a look at all their Dutch products in the web shop

What kind of Dutch food do you want to order online? You will sure find it in realdutchfoods.com’s web shop. Take a look and find out what they have to offer. You can use various payments methods upon ordering. Do you have any questions about the products or shipping? You can find more information on the website or contact the friendly staff via e-mail.


Order your new favourite best value smartwatch online

In case you are interested in purchasing a best value smartwatch, you should definitely check out the wide range of smartwatches that Allforall offers. Over the last few years, smart watches became incredibly popular amongst both youngsters and adults. Brands like Apple and Samsung were pioneers in developing (expensive) smartwatches, but soon after, a lot of smaller companies followed and created cheaper options. Smartwatches are hot and trending: but why is the product so popular? The intelligently designed watch is a perfect, stylish accessory that fits any outfit and makes life in general so much easier. Getting notified with every new message or phone call, having an accurate indication of time and receiving accurate directions through a GPS navigator: the smartwatch is your new best friend, that has always got your back!

A wide collection of affordable, stylish smartwatches

Of course you do not want to spend all of your wage on your new smartwatch, but you do want to purchase a product that is reliable, high-quality and has a long lifespan. That is why Allforall offers a brilliant collection of affordable smartwatches with an excellent price-quality ratio. The products differ in style, colour and format. No matter your preferences: the perfect smartwatch that meets all of your needs, is within reach. Not only is a best value smartwatch very affordable; as the finishing touch to your outfit, the accessory also feels and looks really luxurious. Who does not want to look fashionable on a daily basis? By purchasing a best value smartwatch you end up with a non-expensive and stylish accessory that will soon be an indispensable item!

Place your order online

Are you interested in buying a best value smartwatch as a gift for your kid, your partner or yourself? And would you like to have a watch with a square or rectangular screen? The possibilities are endless. No matter your preferences in regards to colour, shape or style: due to the exclusive selection of smartwatches that Allforall offers, the perfect watch is only a few clicks away. Find you favourite, place your order and your new smartwatch will be delivered to you soon.


The Purpose of Knee Support

Do you often experience knee pain? Are you an avid runner? Have you recently had knee surgery? Do you suffer from osteoarthritis? If your reply is affirmative to any of these questions, then you’re likely in need of knee support and have probably realized how saturated the market is with options. There is a wide range of knee braces to select from – from rigid braces with hard plastic or metal support and a hinge to simple knee sleeves, all of which allow the knee to bend freely.

The Purpose of Knee Support

A knee brace is an effective tool to mitigate niggling pain in your knee. It may help reduce your pain by shifting weight off the damaged part of the knee. It also helps you to walk longer distances in comfort and improves your agility in getting around. The only times you should wear a knee brace is for pain relief, structural support, and proprioception (feedback from the joint sensors to the brain dictating the knee’s movement) – after an injury.

If you have existing knee pain or are looking to prevent knee injury during sports that increase the chances of a knee injury, wearing a knee brace is suitable. Knee braces provide limited, slower movement allowing you to regain your range of motion progressively. For those who have arthritis, it can help reduce inflammation and pain.

When to Use Knee Support

Knee braces offer different protection levels. For instance, a knee sleeve is best for mild to moderate knee support when you are fully active, offering the best pain relief. Knee straps and wraparound braces are efficient for tendonitis and ligament instability pain relief. A hinged knee brace limits movement, though it offers the most support. It is most suitable when recuperating from surgery—for a detailed knee support guideline on the different types and protection levels offered, Podobrace is a good place to start.

You must consult your physician for the best guidelines when you need a knee brace and which is the best for your specific need.

Is this the ultimate bicycle light?

In a single hour, the amount of power from the sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in a year. How come we do not use that free energy more often? A simple example is the new Rydon bicycle light that has an integrated solar panel. The energy from the solar panel is stored into a battery and will stop you from recharging the battery manually. Sounds logical, let’s see how it works.


Bicycle lights can be a bit frustrating; the cheap lights are often forgotten, stolen or just simply break. The more expensive lights are great, but you need to take them of your bicycle and recharge them regularly. The idea of a premium light that automatically charges the battery with a solar panel sounds promising. The Rydon uses a high capacity battery enough for 50 hours of light, that is a lot, most lights are between 10-20 hours. Normally 50 hours of light is enough for one winter but even on cloudy days in the winter, the Rydon will charge the battery with its integrated solar panel. The charging becomes much more efficient in spring and summer. After a few weeks outside in the summer the battery will be completely charged.  


The Rydon comes with a hefty stainless-steel clip and screw, the idea is that you permanently mount it on your bicycle. Rydon founder Hugo van de Watering explains: “The Rydon needs to catch as much sunlight as possible, so our light is permanently mounted and will charge throughout the entire summer when your bicycle is outside. Another benefit is that you can never forget your light, because it is already on your bicycle”. 


The idea of leaving a light on your bicycle seems somewhat strange, although other accessories like a saddle for example is usually more expensive and also mounted with a single screw. The design of the Rydon light is very durable with a 3 mm thick metal housing and stainless-steel parts all around. The Dutch bicycle light has two modes; an eco-mode with around 50 lumen and a boost mode with 300 lumen. The Rydon lights are available in the web shop of Rydon. Not the cheapest light out there but a solid solution that will last for years. The Rydon bicycle light is a great example of a sustainable solution that makes life easier. 


Ways to upgrade your bedroom

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Or do you wake up often when you sleep? Sleeping well is incredibly important for your physical and mental health, so it is important to work on your sleep when you’re experiencing any issues. One of the things you can do to improve your night rest is upgrading your bedroom to make it more comfortable or more suited for sleeping. To help you get started, we’ve listed a few things you can try below.

Put up a double bed canopy

A double bed canopy has many different advantages. The most important one is of course that it keeps out any bugs and mosquitos that might come and annoy you while you sleep, or try to sleep. It really sucks to wake up feeling itchy all over, and a double bed canopy will surely help prevent that situation from occurring. In addition, you will notice that the double bed canopy makes your bed and hence your bedroom feel very comfortable and cozy. This is because you are enclosed and it resembles a tent. That will give you a safe and homey feeling which will help you fall asleep easier for sure!

Changing the colour of your walls

Different colours have different effects on our consciousness and subconsciousness. Changing the colour of a large or even a small wall in your bedroom could have a positive effect on your sleep, especially if you choose a colour that usually makes you feel happy!

Changing the lights

Just like colours, the lighting in certain spaces can affect how you feel. Of course, you won’t have the lights on when sleeping, but you will before going to sleep or after you wake up during the darker winter days. This means that an improved atmosphere because of better lighting might have a positive effect on your sleep as well.

Get new curtains

If your bedroom is not dark enough, you might have trouble sleeping. You might not realise it, but some curtains block far more light than others do. When there is too much light in your bedroom, it might happen that you will not be able to sleep very well because your brain will subconsciously think that it is not the right time for that yet. With curtains that block more light than your current ones, you might be able to fix this issue and sleep better in the future!


Vape information

Handheld Marijuana Vaporizers Market share (regional, product, application, end user) both in terms of volume and revenue along with CAGR
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The handheld marijuana vaporizers market will grow at a growth rate of 23.11% during the forecast period from 2020 to 2027. Legal sale of herbs is expected to increase the demand for portable marijuana vaporizers in the market. Mr-joy.co.uk has the best vapers.

The increasing use of marijuana vaporizers for medical and other legalized purposes is expected to increase the demand for the market. Some of the other factors such as increasing use of electronic smoking devices, rising awareness of the health benefits of portable vaporizers as compared to smoking, and legalization of marijuana in various countries will also accelerate the demand for the portable marijuana vaporizers during the forecast period from 2020 to 2027.

In some countries, there are strict rules and norms associated with the use of marijuana, which is expected to hamper the market growth.

This Portable Marijuana Vaporizers market report details new recent developments, trade regulations, import-export analysis, manufacturing analysis, value chain optimization, market share, impact of domestic and local market players, analyzes opportunities in terms of emerging revenue, changes in market regulations, strategic market growth analysis, market size and category, application niches and dominance, product approvals, product launches, geographical expansions, technological innovations in the market. For more information on Data Bridge Market Research market report for handheld marijuana vaporizers, contact us for an analyst letter, our team will help you make an informed market decision to achieve market growth.