American Fridges with a German design

How American is a Liebherr fridge

When buying an American fridge freezer it is rear in European housen that you can install an American fridge like the have in the USA. The problem is the frontdoor and doors in the house itself, because the weidth of the doors is to narrow. So the solution to solve this issue comes from Liebherr. They had to deal with challenge and created to connecting appliances and together you have a huge freezing and cooling capacity. In the world of cooling and freezing it is common knowledge that your need a gap of minimum 5 cm between the two. Otherwise you get condens and this will convert to moist even rust can arise from this on your Liebherr American fridge freezer


The solution to overcome this issue is invented by Liebherr. They put a heating wall on the right wall in the left appliance. This is heating just enough to avoid condens. Nobody wants moist in its kitchen, so Liebherr solved the issue and is able to sell many ‘American fridges’ in Europe. People are looking for an American fridge and endup with a descent design product from Germany.


Liebherr won many designer prices with there American fridges. The model with the integrated wine cabinet is the SBSes 8496 wich is the follow up of the SBSes 7165. This model won several red dot awards for design.


The most incredible, cooling features of the Liebherr fridges is the BioFresh technology. This keeps vegetables and fish longer fresh because of the intelligent way of using humidity and refreshing of the air in the fridges. The vitamines in vegetables will be kept longer and sometimes, what Liebherr says, there are more vegetables healthy than without storing for a few days in your Liebherr American fridge freezer.

Maithuna is healthy

Maithuna is good for your physical and mental health

People realize that being happy is more than making a lot of money. It is being conscious and this comes on a certain age that you understand that it is in small things. And so people start thinking from the age of 35 that they have to change their livestyles. They are also critical to their relationship. They want more depth and intimicy. So they want to learn the Maithuna rituals.


You might think people in the USA aren’t open minded, but in real life you see the opposite. These people are not alway hippies. These are people that start living out of their gut feeling. So the want a life where the soul can learn a lot and not make the same mistakes over and over again.


In the book Maithuna you can learn how to love your partner in a respectful way. It is the most easy way to communicate with your partner in a way that words are mostly not needed. A blink with your eye a soft smile, it al helps to communicate. Just 7% of our communication is speaking. So the body language is the most powerful thing that we have to communicate. And by the communication the initimacy will grow and becomes stronger and stronger. So if you know what it does to your partner and your spiritual growth, you want to experience more and more. The only thing you need is time. The whole Maithuna ritual takes at least 3 hours and this is a short session. It has nothing to do with you weekly ’11 minutes’. Even with the Maithuna techniques the male will be a better lover in these case, because he is trained to make the sessions longer and longer. Therefor just learn the techniques.

Used DAF trucks for sale in the Netherlands

DAF trucks are known for being reliable and tough. Trucks and lorries form this brand will transport your goods for many years, before having to be replaced. Are you in the logistics business and would you like to buy a reliable DAF truck, but without having to break the bank? In that case, used trucks provide a valid solution. At Dutch company Francken & Wagensveld, you can find a wide range of used DAF trucks for sale. These vehicles are the perfect way to transport your goods across Europe’s motorways.

Wide range of used DAF trucks

Francken & Wagensveld has extensive experience in buying used DAF trucks and offering them for sale to companies all across Europe. The company always has a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from. Ranging from newer used trucks dating from 2015 to older, but still very reliable models built in the year 2003. Whether you are looking for older or newer DAF trucks for sale, here you are guaranteed to get one in excellent condition. After all, each vehicle is expertly checked and maintained by the company’s qualified mechanics. If you buy one of their used DAF trucks for sale, you are certain to receive a vehicle that will serve you for many years to come.

Take a look at the current range of trucks for sale

Francken & Wagensveld in the Netherlands not only offers DAF trucks for sale, but other vehicles and equipment too. From tractor units to spare parts and more, this company is your one-stop shop for reliable HGV’s. Don’t worry if you can’t immediately find a used DAF truck that meets your expectations. The company frequently adds new vehicles to its collection. That is why it pays off to keep an eye on their website, where you can always find an up to date overview of their current range of DAF trucks for sale.

The ideal outdoor hobby during the Corona: Magnet fishing

It is the ideal outdoor hobby in the 1.5-meter society: going for a walk with a metal detector. And you will find something again. Likewise, Walter and Clim Tiemessen (63) from the YouTube channel The Happy Treasure Hunters, who are browsing the Goois nature reserve. “After the first coins, the archaeologist in me woke up.

Walter and Clim Tiemessen (both 63) are looking for treasures on the heath near Hilversum. They publish videos of their experiences on Youtube.

Walter Tiemessen (63) came home from a day of searching near Lage Vuursche and had cleaned his find in the sink. After brushing it thoroughly, he was still not sure whether the heavy thing was really the counterweight of a clock, as he suspected. He decided to send a photo to the police and before he knew it, two police cars and one car from the explosives disposal service were parked on the street.

“No,” he lied, still standing in the kitchen with the counterweight in hand. “In a bag in the car.”

The grenade continued and half an hour later they heard a bang in the distance. The bomb had been detonated near Hilversum. “I don’t like this whole war thing at all,” says Tiemessen. “There are groups of people who are only concerned with World War II. I prefer to look for historical material. “

“One of the officials said that magnet fishing (looking for metals underwater with a fishing magnet on a rope, ed.) Is even more dangerous than what you did,” adds his wife Clim – “Van Clementine” – Tiemessen (63) added. “The explosive pull on the rope can cause an explosive detonation. Fortunately, you didn’t have that. 

Looking back, Walter can laugh about it. “It turns out that I was looking in the wrong place where it is not allowed. From that moment on I started checking the search locations more thoroughly. “

You can view online where and when you can search in different ways, for example via the General Local Ordinance (APV) per municipality. Anton Cruysheer (44), chairman of the De Detector Amateur Association: “Every year it happens dozens of times that someone comes across an explosive in a field or in the forest. It can happen. However, it is important that everyone obey the rules to avoid accidents.

Cruysheer: “There are a few important points like digging no more than 8 inches, getting permission from the landowner before searching, not searching during the breeding season and areas where fierce fighting took place during WWII, and when you have dug them up, close the pits again. “

“The nice thing about this hobby is that anyone can buy a metal detector and just get started. Some very special finds are made every year, so they’re still worth checking out. Just don’t expect it to make you rich. The gasoline costs to get anywhere are often higher than the value of the material found. “

Metal seekers often come across metal buckles. The buttons (below) are from a military uniform.

Exciting television

Walter and Clim Tiemessen get out of their car in a parking lot near the Goois nature reserve. The pages are covered in stickers from their YouTube channel: The Happy Treasure Hunters. Both wear hiking pants, sturdy shoes, a belt pouch, a hand shovel in a holster around their waist, gloves, a fleece jacket and a fisherman’s jacket with pockets that reveal everything during the treasure hunt.

A magnifying glass, for example a penknife, all kinds of cloths, medicines for heart failure, reading glasses, car keys, coins. This time they go out without main cameras, but with a metal detector and a shovel. Walter, a television maker in a previous life, has started their own YouTube channel with his wife, where they publish videos about the treasure hunt with English subtitles. The videos are edited to make it look like you have been searching with them for an hour. Ideal slow TV for those who don’t have the time or equipment.

“There is something attractive about it, according to the responses we received,” says Clim. “Every time you stick a shovel in the ground, dhe question: what will it be? That makes it exciting on television. “


“It is pointless to just look somewhere,” says Walter and leads the way to today’s treasure hunt. He’s holding the metal detector in one hand and a shovel in the other. “You have to know where to find something, just immerse yourself in the history of the area. In the 17th century the postal route ran from Amersfoort to Amsterdam. “

Here in the Goois nature reserve, as a detector seeker, you shouldn’t just scour the ground, says Walter. “We are one of the few who get a permit, so we don’t often meet other treasure hunters. Our most beautiful finds are a silver Rijksdaalder from Wilhelmina, a Willemsmunt from 1848 and a hundred other special ones, including one from 1600. “

During the search, curious hikers regularly ask if they have found something. The critical guys who ask if they’re allowed to do what they’re doing are more annoying. “You can see it from afar -” Sir, you shouldn’t be looking here at all. “” Walter raises his eyebrows. “I’m employed by the church, I say then. From the metal removal service. People make a mess of it. We clean up cans, clips and other rubbish. “Oh yes,” they say and move on. I have to tell the real busybody that I have permission before they leave. “

Although Walter and Clim Tiemessen regularly walk alone across the heath with their detector, it gets busier elsewhere. The number of treasure hunters in the Netherlands has increased significantly. It’s exciting, good for your condition (because there is a lot of walking and bending) and the perfect Corona hobby: 1.5 meters apart in the open air. “The number of detectors sold has increased enormously, as has the number of members of our association,” says Cruysheer.

“I’ve been into archeology since I was six, ever since my parents bought a metal detector for me and my brother and sister. The fun of chasing started after I found my first old coin and discovered historical objects to figure out what they were used for. I see metal detection as opening a door to the past in an unexpected way. You never know where you will end up. Many members build a reputable collection and specialize in a particular period – Roman times or the Middle Ages. I didn’t keep my finds in showcases at home, but entered them online in the PAN, the national registration office for archaeological finds. As an amateur archaeologist, you can contribute to the historical knowledge of the Netherlands and view your own collection online. “

Beginner’s luck

Walter Tiemessen developed a treasure hunt three years ago after being attacked by a heart attack bomb – in his own words due to an overly Burgundian lifestyle. “I miraculously survived the operations, after which I immediately stopped smoking and drinking. I had to move and walk the dog a lot. I was so bored that out of curiosity I bought a metal detector to see if it felt like that. My first copy was one from Alibaba, a kid’s thing. I waved as I left. After the first coins, the archaeologist in me woke up. “

His wife Clim was an elementary school teacher for over forty years and stopped working after a series of burnouts. She has been going to the moor with her husband for a few months. “The first time I found four out of eighteen coins within half an hour. Walter was a real beginner’s luck and said: What is that ?! “

“The nice thing is not only to find special coins or other items, but also to find out exactly what you found at home,” says Walter. “Cleaning is also a job in itself. For example, you have to derust silver with soda and store it in aluminum foil. And if it turns out that you’ve found something unique, something of historic value, I’ll keep it and report it online to the PAN. We also find a lot of chaos. Ninety percent is garbage, we see that as a useful cleaning. “

Cruysheer agrees, “Tons of toxic metal are extracted from nature using metal detection. We are the largest association for hobby archeology and metal detection in the Netherlands and have around two thousand members. They’re all very active, that pretty much clears up. “

Walter and Clim Tiemessen set out at least twice a week. “The advantage of the Goois Nature Reserve’s arable land is that it is gigantic. For variety, we also look for variety after doing research online and getting permission from the farmer. If you find something in his field, you have to share the poet, that is the rule. Particularly interestingnt are the newly plowed fields where you can find lots of historical furniture. “

Tiemessen (almost) always has a magnifying glass to check the year of a find. Red Klaas’ treasure

In 2018 a treasure hunter in the polder area between Dirksland and Sommelsdijk came across the jackpot in the Zeeland clay. There with the metal detector a loot of 700 loose silver coins and almost 2300 coins found in a glass, op

a plowed field. The youngest coin dates from 1526, the oldest from 1305, and the total value is estimated at around half a million euros. The coins come from various European countries, including the Netherlands, Italy, England, Germany and France. The story goes that it is a treasure trove of the mythical pirate Rode Klaas, a 16th century Amsterdam captain.

“I do not know the history of this coin treasure”, says the archaeologist Peter Kranendonk (55). “In Amsterdam all kinds of material came in from all over the world via international trade and it could have ended up anywhere. It is forbidden to search in much of Amsterdam. “

As the chief archaeologist, Kranendonk was responsible for the seven hundred thousand finds made while working on the north / south line and is now involved in a late medieval excavation in Uitdam. “In 2016, the Monuments Act was changed to what is known as the Cultural Heritage Act, which says that you can use a metal detector to search the top twelve inches of the ground, but not everywhere. For example, it is forbidden to search for archaeological monuments. The city center of Amsterdam is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you are not allowed to search there, even on the top layer. Magnetic fishing in the canals is also prohibited and dangerous as there may be ammunition and grenades. “

According to Kranendonk, the good news is that the treasure hunter can still find medieval household items from Amsterdam – or a pot of silver coins – in plowed fields in Drenthe or Friesland via a detour. “Since the late Middle Ages, people have met their needs in the cesspool, and broken and superfluous household items have also disappeared there. This cesspool was emptied, and this material ended up on the poorer, flat-bottomed sandy soils to be used as fertilizer. Pipes and other things are still often found in fields. Topime cards show what happened two hundred years ago where you want to look. “

Walter Tiemessen has already seen online that there was a lot of activity on the heath hundreds of years ago. He points across the heather to the raging A27. “There were buses with post and trade to and from Amsterdam. That’s why we think this area is worthwhile. “

It’s time to search so the metal detectors are cranked up. They swing a few feet apart above the ground. After a minute you will hear a low beep, followed by a high one. Walter bends down and hacks a hole in the sand with his shovel. “You have to get to know these beeps a bit; that could be something. “He skilfully skims the detector over the pile of sand next to the hole. After another high beep, he picks up another device: the pin pointer. A couple of pricks in the sand with the squeaky rod and he’s got a bite: a metal bowl from a wine bottle. “We’ll take this for the trash.”

Walter goes on. After an unearthed wire, a used shotgun cartridge, and a corroded wheel supposedly from a watch, Clim makes the first serious find: a penny with Juliana on it. Walter wants to take his magnifying glass out of one of the pockets of his fishing jacket, but has an “older moment” and cannot find it.

If he has searched in vain for all the bags, he looks carefully at the coin with his reading glasses. “You don’t think it’s possible: your year of birth, Clim, 1956! This is just a moment because we didn’t have it in our collection yet. “

Playing FIFA for money with the Rawbet app

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Playing fifa for money is not just for everyone, it requires a lot of skills that the matching system of the app is going to use to match you with an opponent.

We strongly recommend you to download the app that enables you to make money and win prizes playing fifa and other videogames. Rawbet is the single solution for live scores.

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Gamers can play in wagers or multiplayer tournaments.

Rawbet has a great FAQ page and support when playing fifa for money or other cash prizes. You can contact their support-team any time.

As all the games are streamed via twitch, they can also be viewed and followed on Rawbet’s website directly and live.

FIFA is just the start of this play for money concept. Users will soon be able to play for more. And bigger prizes and rewards. Wagering and matchmaking between friends is possible as well. The focus lies on the gamers skill. That’s why its considered a matchmaking competitive esports platform.

If you still have questions of how it works see here.


How To Create An Office Space For Collaborative Working

Choosing your office design and determining which trend is right for you and your employees can take time and research. It’s beneficial to adapt your office setting to those of the workers, to ensure morale is high and productivity doesn’t falter.

Collaborative working is the new way to say working together or working as a team – except with a little more conviction. Each individual within the workplace has a different way of working. It doesn’t matter how fast you work or the strengths or weaknesses you have, collaborative working brings all skills to the table.

Turning your current office in to a collab heaven is easier than you think and can be achieved in many ways. Whilst adapting the surround will help, it’s also important to work with the employees and ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

Below are 5 ideas on how to create a space and the working methods available, to help you get off to a promising start.


Working in the right environment can make all the difference to how we work. It’s essential that as a business you are able to provide the right tools in order to receive the expected results.

Designing the right setting for collaborative working is highly relevant. The area needs to be a place where you can have open discussions, work as a team whilst having the space to make notes and think big.

Invest in professional sofas, large seating configurations and acoustic pods. A configuration which encourages equal input and allows conversation, debate and ideas to happen in a comfortable environment is key.

Open Spaces

Whilst acoustic pods are recommended for group meetings, think about creating an open space for the collaborators to work in. An open space creates a feeling of freedom and can provide a fantastic buzz to enhance productivity.

Open spaces filled with plants and natural light touches on the design trend, biophilic design. With the use of natural accessories, light and greenery, you’ll heighten moods, support brain function and increase happiness.

The biophilic design has been successful for a number of years and continues to thrive in 2020.

Introduce Activity Based Working

Activity based working (ABW) is effectively another way of working. However, there’s no reason why you can’t combine the two as they go hand in hand. ABW allows your employees to choose their work location within the office based on the workload they have on that day.

Having the flexibility to choose your workstation is a great way to encourage the project team to find new places that push creative ideas and productivity. Being placed in the same room allows boredom to set in, with a low work rate.

Support the team by trusting them to work well outside of the normal working regulations as they settle down outside, in the break area or in designated acoustic areas.

Group Chats

As great as it is being in the same office and workplace all the time, it’s not always achievable for many reasons. With some working from home now and then, along with sick days and holidays, it’s ideal to think ahead and offer another source of communication when the team can’t physically be in the same room.

Source a group chat or online platform which allows the members to communicate via message, voice chat or video call in order to stay in touch and keep on track with actionable tasks. It’s important that all members are kept in the loop and are aware of changes and updates.

Social Distancing Collaborative Working

Collaborative working is about working as a team and being together, but with social distancing rules in place – is this still feasible? The answer is yes!

It may not be possible to be as close as before, but with the help of, it’s possible to return to work and pick up where you left off. Acrylic and Perspex desktop divider can be helpful in this scenario as the transparent material encourages interaction and provides the level of protection we all require at this moment in time.


With 5 ways to adjust your office and work processes, you’ll be on the way to create a working environment that’s tailored to your business.

It’s crucial to remember that the 4 methods mentioned are just a small step in the right direction and along the way you’ll find what works for you. Changes towards collaborative working are positive and will create a great foundation for your high performing team.

Crypto currency news

Last week, De Nederlandse Bank launched a campaign to draw attention to the new European payment directive PSD2


The directive is intended to give commercial parties access to payment data. Note: only if the consumer gives permission for this. According to the bank, it is a safe way to modernize payment transactions. Earlier I wrote about PSD2 and its consequences. Is it a way to beautiful digital payment apps and housekeeping books, or is it mainly a trap for our privacy-sensitive payment data?


Sometime next spring, banks will be legally obliged to provide payment information to third parties if the customer requests it. According to the initiators of the law, it offers opportunities for new companies in the payment market. Others fear the spread of privacy-sensitive payment data.


Those looking for it will find a long and rather technical story on the website of the European Commission. However, the Payment Services Directive 2, which will probably become law next spring, could have significant consequences for our future financial affairs. The new payment law obliges banks, among other things, to pass on payment information to other companies if the customer requests it. You will find more important information about this at Mr Bitcoin Exchange 


The law, which is still a European directive, would encourage more competition and lower prices of services in the payment market. In addition, companies without a banking license can develop services related to payment transactions, such as digital household books or apps to pay your bills.


Who benefits from the new guidelines, and are they rapidly taking over the world of financial services? What does the consumer notice in the end, and who will all look into our wallets?


Fintech: threats from the “traditional” banks?

Fintech (short for financial technology) is a broad collective term for financial services that use digital technologies. It is often associated with fast-growing start-up companies, who conquer the market with innovative ideas. Think of smart ways of crowdfunding, apps that allow you to make payments quickly, or digital household books that provide savings advice. PSD2 should pave the way for more such services.


Is fintech the major threat to the “traditional world” of banks? That remains to be seen. Banks are also betting on fintech. The popular payment app Tikkie comes from ABN AMRO, and ING and Rabobank have already invested millions in fintech funds.


Although you can classify so-called cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin under the broad definition of fintech, the fintech companies mainly operate within the existing financial system. The idea behind cryptocurrency is an existence outside the financial system.


New services, more competition

As the name PSD2 suggests, it is the successor to PSD, from 2007. In 2016, the Payment Directive was introduced by the European Commission and would be transposed into national legislation of all 28 member states of the European Union on January 13, 2018. Incidentally, it appeared last January that a majority of the Member States (including the Netherlands) had not yet done so. This is likely to happen here sometime this spring.


 Bernard Goldbach via CC BY 2.0

Anna Berlee is an assistant professor of private law at the Molengraaff Institute for Private Law at Utrecht University. She understands why the European Commission is issuing new guidelines. “Financial technology has potential, but under current legislation it doesn’t get the chance to develop freely,” she says. “The banks have the payment information and at most exchange it with other banks and institutions for transactions. Parties outside the banking system, with perhaps good, innovative ideas, have largely been left to the will of the banks to cooperate. Until now, that has actually been done only in small steps. ”


Berlee hopes that PSD2 will provide new services for the consumer, and that more competition and lower prices will arise in the payment market. “Banks have to scratch behind their ears and go along with these developments, otherwise they may soon have it checked,” she says. “What kind of services and companies are involved? Think of parties that arrange payments, for example accounting software that gives the bank the order to pay an account. Services that view your account information go a little further, for example a digital household booklet that oversees all your transactions and advises where you can save. I think there are beautiful products to think ofn useful to the consumer. “


 Jason Howie via CC BY 2.0

According to Berlee, there was a need for new legislation, in any case from fintech companies whose products often fell outside the legal framework. The Authority for Consumers & Markets also announced in December that it supported the new legislation.


“The banks themselves may not be keen to share their data. They rightly point out the risks involved in sharing information with other parties, ”says Berlee. “But don’t forget that this can also create opportunities for the banks,” she continues. “Several Dutch banks are focusing on fintech. They can also develop successful apps themselves and become a player in that market. ”


The hot topic: privacy

There is also criticism of the introduction of PSD2, which focuses on the theme of privacy. Of course you give permission before companies receive your data, which you can also withdraw. The fact remains that various parties “watch” where someone does their shopping, which subscriptions there are and who gets money per transfer. That is very privacy sensitive data.


Who should know where you do your shopping?

What if companies soon make products more expensive when I do not provide my data? Or when large tech companies use the payment data as an addition to their already accurate user profiles? That is what professor of digital safety Bart Jacobs of Radboud University wonders in this episode of the TV program Radar.


Berlee agrees that this concerns privacy-sensitive data, and says that it is not yet clear how exactly we guarantee this privacy. “How will we give permission later? With large pieces of text with conditions where you have to put a check mark? Many people accept conditions for digital products without looking closely at them. That is not an effective way to make people aware of the risks, ”she says. “In addition, the Dutch Data Protection Authority has criticized the Dutch bill because it may appear that De Nederlandse Bank will monitor compliance with data protection regarding PSD2.”


But suppose everything is well organized and everyone adheres to the rules, then there is still a privacy issue. Transactions always go between two parties. It may therefore be the case that someone’s payment details end up with a third party via the counterparty, without permission. “That is a tricky point,” says Berlee. “You could anonymize that data, for example, but I don’t see much about that in PSD2. It is not clear how they arrange this. ”


Payment details are valuable. For example, companies can advertise with it.

What the consumer of PSD2 will notice, in the direct sense probably nothing. But it offers opportunities for companies and apps in which payments are more integrated. The success will mainly depend on the number of users of these services. And the way in which the banks will technically share their data, that is what fintechs and banks are already discussing.


Rob van Hilten is the founder of Qoin and an expert in the field of local currencies with which only certain communities or regions pay. “I don’t have a glass ball, but I think PSD2 creates opportunities for companies. It will probably also be easier for us to work with the financial sector. It also challenges the banks. They have to think carefully about what they are doing, that is only good. ”


A company like Qoin counteracts the global financial system with local coins. Van Hilten is not overflowing with enthusiasm about PSD2 either, but he hopes it will improve the collaboration of his local coins with the financial system. “Whether we like it or not, we work with the financial sector. Until now, this coupling has not always been smooth. It would be nice if our customers could link their bank account directly to our coins, without the banks being difficult about that. ”

Op vakantie met de auto van de zaak

Nederland kent ruim één miljoen mensen met een auto van de zaak. Ongeveer 25 procent van deze groep houdt een kilometerregistratie bij en hoeft dus geen bijtelling te betalen. Een groot deel van de zakelijke rijders (68 procent) neemt de auto van de zaak ook mee op vakantie, zo blijkt uit onderzoek van Vereniging Zakelijke Rijders (VZR). Werknemers die een kilometerregistratie bijhouden om de bijtelling te voorkomen, lopen het risico om voor het hele jaar bijtelling te betalen wanneer zij met de auto van de zaak op vakantie gaan.


Auto van de zaak

Kiest een werknemer ervoor om de bijtelling (2021) te betalen, dan betaalt hij een percentage van 12 of 22 procent voor het privégebruik van de auto. Veel zakelijke rijders kiezen er daarom voor om een kilometerregistratie bij te houden. Hiermee kunt men aantonen dat er op jaarbasis niet meer dan 500 kilometer privé met de auto van de zaak is gereden.

Op vakantie

Houdt u een kilometerregistratie bij om de bijtelling in 2021 te betalen en gaat u toch met de auto van de zaak op vakantie. De kans is groot dat er meer dan 500 kilometer privé (op jaarbasis) wordt gereden. Zo krijgt de werknemer toch de bijtelling over het volledige jaar. En dan wordt de vakantie ineens een stuk duurder…


Tijdelijk vervangende auto

De Vereniging van Nederlandse Autoleasemaatschappijen (VNA) heeft een uitvoeringsafspraak gemaakt met de Belastingdienst. De leasemaatschappij en de klant komen hier tot de overeenkomst dat de werknemer een tijdelijk vervangende leaseauto krijgt die de werknemer tijdens de vakantieperiode mag leasen. Enige voorwaarde: de auto die normaal ter beschikking staat wordt tijdens het vervangend vervoer niet ter beschikking gesteld aan de werknemer. Deze afspraken moeten schriftelijk vastgelegd worden en de werknemer dient tijdens de vakantieperiode de auto, autopapieren en autosleutels in te leveren van de auto die normaal ter beschikking staat.

Everything about Instagramstories: what is it and how do you do it? What are Eternal Stories?

permission marketing

Users have long been introduced to InstaStories. This is not the last update, but no one can say that it has lost its popularity. The Stories feature has quickly won over its audience and the brightest have figured out how to use the update to their advantage.

What are these stories?

Stories is an Instagram option that allows you to upload 15 second photos and videos, separate from the main feed. Users share what they cannot or do not want to upload to their main page. The advantage is that Stories are only visible for 24 hours.

InstaStories is a great way to instantly share your moments in life with your followers. It is thanks to Stories that you can well increase your profile statistics and increase engagement. For example, if the feed is only processing serious content, you can load everything into Stories and remind readers of yourself.

Stories has created very useful features:

  • Boomerang (looping video like GIF)
  • Focus (the camera focuses on the face by blurring the background);
  • Superzum (a kind of video effect on music where the camera zooms in);
  • Reverse shooting (video is played in reverse order);
  • Hands-free (the ability to record a 15 second video without holding the buttons down).

Not so long ago it became possible to leave links / redirect users behind. Put hashtags, tags, geolocation. With the help of different emoticons, inscriptions, GIF images you can present your photos well. The developers have already borrowed a popular chip from Snapchat. Masks have taken root well on Instagram.

It is also possible to hide your Stories so that they are not viewed by unwanted people, just highlight their name in the “Hide” list. Or show only those who want by adding the user to the “Best Friends” list.

The Stories option is not only trendy, but also very useful for companies. Bloggers often use Stories for mutual advertising or advertising in general. Targeted ads in Stories are much cheaper than the main feed, and the impact of such ads can be even better.

Stories is an opportunity to show yourself or your product “live”. Discover the secret of work processes. It’s no secret that we all like to spy a little. And with the help of such chips you can very well increase statistics and increase interest in your account.

Once a potential subscriber comes to you, the first thing they do is evaluate the look of the profile. Eternal Stories – will not only help to create an aesthetic appearance of the page, but also interest the user, give him the necessary information.

Eternal Stories is an opportunity to collect your own stories and pin them to your personal account. Now they are not removed after 24 hours, but can be left on forever. Use these circles under your profile header to attract new subscribers, complete your profile description, and create visual content. You can post anything you want, the main thing is to sign albums, which made it easier to navigate, create beautiful covers that fit the tape.

You can add to Eternal Stories:

  • FAQ (basic questions, information) Price;
  • Reviews;
  • Announcements;
  • Your hashtags;
  • Page navigation …

The Instagram developers were clearly confident in the success of the Stories feature, and they were not wrong. Some users are no longer interested in the main feed and are stuck in the Story Feed. This is a new social networking format that has won the trust of most of the users. It should be noted that the more stories the more people are involved.

….. more info can be found here «Road to 100k Instagram Followers»!

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