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Sunglasses material frames

In addition to the model and style of sunglasses, it is important that the material suits you. There is a big difference in the appearance of the materials, but there are also a number of functional differences. On this page you will find more information about the functions and characteristics of the different materials.


The material of the sunglasses frame largely determines the appearance of the glasses. In addition, one material can be better for a punch than the other. There is also a difference in the weight of the materials, which affects the wearing comfort. Do you want to know more about the different materials? Below you can read all about their pros and cons.

Plastic frame

A plastic frame has the advantage that it is very light and can take a punch. When you wear your sunglasses a lot, a plastic frame is certainly suitable. A plastic frame is available in all kinds of frame shapes and in the most diverse colors.

Metal frame

Metal frames can consist of combinations of different materials, but all have in common that they are strong, flexible and light in weight. In addition, the legs at the nose and ears provide extra grip on the face. A disadvantage of a metal frame is that it loses its gloss over the years and becomes matt.

Bamboo frame

The reason that bamboo sunglasses are so great, is entirely due to the properties of bamboo. The sunglasses are much stronger than their plastic counterpart, but are also much lighter. A bamboo pair of sunglasses only weighs about 18 grams! This is wonderful for wearing comfort. But bamboo sunglasses are also much better for the environment. Because bamboo grows so fast, there is more than enough raw material available. The production process is almost climate neutral, except for the use of power tools. And because they last longer, you buy less new glasses. Bamboo sunglasses are therefore also the perfect accessory for the environmentally conscious consumer!

Titanium frame

Titanium is seen as the hardest, natural metal in the world. In addition, it is extremely light and hypoallergenic, which ensures great wearing comfort and makes suitable glasses for people with sensitive skin. Sunglasses with a titanium frame are perfect for people who are outdoors or practice an active sport, because these glasses can certainly take a punch.

Wooden frame

Wooden sunglasses are often unique ones. A large part of these sunglasses is made by hand. In addition, the wood always has a different grain structure. The wooden sunglasses come in different frame shapes, but fits in style most with a casual outfit.