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Start-ups get help from Rachid Guenoun

For 16 years, Rachid Guenoun has been writing customized business plans for start-ups and scale-ups with an innovative concept and established entrepreneurs who want to expand their business. Concepts have been discussed a lot: from the hairdressing salon around the corner to a European freight exchange concept and various inventions for which patents have been filed. For the latter, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed at the request of the client.

To write a business plan you have to be creative, as the starter often comes with little information or has no idea about the finances. It then takes more than an investment and cost template for the specific industry; a lot of research will have to be done. A market research at meso level is then insufficient, research will also have to be carried out at company level to find out what the revenue model is and what remains at the bottom of the line. If the business plan is intended for the bank or investor, a healthy cash flow must be visible. The repayments and interest on the business loan must be able to be paid.

Once the business plan has been completed, the next step is to approach business financiers. Rachid now knows the most suitable ways to obtain suitable financing. In a developed country like the Netherlands there are many financing options, but you have to find them. Everyone knows the bank as the first party, but there is also crowdfunding, microcredit from the Qredits institution, provincial development companies, private investors, the FMO, subsidies, credit unions, etc.

It often happens that the destination of the business plan is a real estate broker because the start-up would like to rent or buy a property for its business activities. Rachid is then ready to advise you during the negotiations with the business broker, because there are important provisions that can be included in the rental or purchase contract. This does not only concern the rent.

Because Rachid was originally tax trained, he can advise on the tax structure. This will have to be set up in good time: a fast-growing company will experience tax disadvantages if it is not incorporated as a BV. A ‘silent conversion’ to a BV is then required. After all, a BV does not have the start-up deduction, self-employed deduction or SME profit exemption, but does have a low corporate tax rate of 15% for profits up to € 395,000 and 25.8% above that (year 2022). In addition, Rachid provides business advice and is happy to assist with other business financing, including financial and operational lease, commercial mortgages and investment mortgages (buy to rent).

In a nutshell: he supports and guides the starting entrepreneur from idea to realization and financing, resulting in a successful concept.


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