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Industrial safety cable hooks that contribute to a safe work floor

Are you interested in buying industrial safety cable hooks for a safe work floor? ISP offers various safety products for industries such as refineries, chemical plants, paper mills, offshore, marine and automotive. Do you work in an industry where accidents are more likely to happen and do you want to prevent those accidents by using high-quality safety products? With the safety hooks and cable guards from ISP, you will never have to worry about tripping hazards and damaging important cables and wires again. The S-shape in the safety hooks forms a space where all the cables and wires gather and the cables will no longer be loose.

The characteristics of the industrial safety hooks

The industrial safety hooks and cable guards are made from glass-fibre reinforced polyester. The material has a long service life, which is why the safety products of ISP doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. The products are also corrosion-free, ATEX-proof and TÜV-tested. Other characteristics of the safety cable hooks that contribute to a safe work environment are:

  • Convenient one-handed usage
  • Bright yellow coloured for extra safety and visibility
  • Available in four different sizes
  • Saves time compared to bundling cables with tie wraps

Are you interested in these reliable products that will create a safer workspace for various industries? The experts of ISP are eager to tell you more about their products and their advantages.  

Create a safer work environment in a simple way

When you work in an environment where accidents are more likely to happen, the safety of the employees and possible visitors is most important. That’s why the safety cable hooks from ISP are extremely useful if you want to create a safe work environment. It is also a very simple and effective way of making your workspace risk-free. You can easily contact ISP if you have any more questions.


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