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HollandZorg for foreign employees

Good healthcare is important for everyone. That is why you are obliged to take out Dutch basic health insurance. This also applies if you come to live here temporarily for work. With a basic insurance you can receive the most necessary medical care. You can think of hospitalisation, but also a visit to the family doctor. HollandZorg was established to make it easier for migrant workers to take out health insurance. Our health insurance offers a number of important benefits for foreigners coming to work in the Netherlands.

Taking out insurance and applying for care allowance via your employer

You can take out insurance with HollandZorg via your employer and he or she can arrange this for you. This makes it easier for you, especially if you do not speak the language. Your employer can also arrange care benefit for you. You are eligible for this if your income is below a certain level. HollandZorg health insurance can also be taken out for any family members coming with you. Children under the age of eighteen are automatically co-insured with you and do not require their own health insurance.

European health insurance card

In most cases you will receive a healthcare pass when taking out healthcare insurance. This can be a physical pass, but nowadays it is usually digital. At HollandZorg you will receive a digital EHIC card, or a European health insurance card. You can install this card on your mobile phone, so that you always have it to hand. The European health insurance card entitles you to essential care when you stay in another European country. You cannot simply go anywhere and different countries have different rules for the reimbursement you receive. HollandZorg can help you find the right healthcare provider. Please contact us if you are unsure. We will be happy to help you.


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