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Get a better view of the customer journey with customer journey mapping

Get a better view of the customer journey with customer journey mapping

By creating such a customer journey map, you as a provider of a product or service gain a good insight into how the customer experiences purchasing your service and which steps this process consists of.

What is a customer journey?

With a customer journey or customer journey you get a visual representation of all contact moments that your customer has with your organization. It starts with the orientation phase and ends (hopefully) with the purchase of a product or service. But actually the customer journey does not end there, because it is of course also very useful to investigate how you can keep these customers for your company after the purchase. Below we explain the phases of the costumer journey.


In the awareness phase, your potential customers come into contact with your services or products for the first time. For example via social media, online advertisements or types of advertising. If you do it right, your product will remain in the customer’s memory.


This is the stage where customers don’t consider your product. They search for alternatives, to see how good your product actually is and whether it is not too expensive. During this phase, it is therefore important to make clear why your product is better than the competition.


We are now in the final phase of the first purchase. Now, it is important that the customer can purchase the product as easily as possible. Make sure the correct payment methods are available.

Repeat purchase

The repeat purchase phase is also known as the retention phase. During this phase, we mainly focus on the shipment and possible return of the product. The service provided by your company is now even more important.


The last phase is about loyalty. For example, by asking for feedback or rewarding the customer with a discount or a loyalty program, you can build a long-lasting customer relationship.

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