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Dutch food online for expats: The Dutch Expat Shop

Dutch food online for expats: The Dutch Expat Shop

If you are Dutch then you know that the Dutch people have very delicious snacks. If you have Dutch friends, or if you ever have visited the Netherlands, you have most likely tried some Dutch food or snacks yourself and now you are addicted to ‘stroopwafels’ or ‘kroketten’. In most countries you can’t order these products at your local grocery store. But do not worry! Dutch Expat Shop is the biggest online supermarket that delivers more than 27.000 Dutch and Belgium products to many countries abroad!

Your favourite beers from the Netherlands and Belgium

Even though you are probably enjoying the varied selection of your new foreign supermarket, some expats just can’t go without that delicious taste of their favorite Dutch or Belgian beer. They have a large selection of beer and other (alcoholic) beverages. A Walhalla of beverages for expats!

More than 400 well-known Dutch brands

Did you use to love eating Dutch cookies back in The Netherlands? Or are you dying to eat a sandwich with Dutch chocolate sprinkles (hagelslag)? With the Dutch Expat Shop that is now possible! At Dutch Expat Shop you can buy all kinds of Dutch food online and have them delivered to your place of residence abroad. Enjoy over 400 well-known brands at the lowest prices. Have a look at their enormous assortment and make your choice. From Dutch waffle cookies to chocolate sprinkles, you can buy all your Dutch food directly online!

All kinds of food from different Dutch grocery stores

At the Dutch Expat Shop you can order all kinds of food from Holland from different kind of Dutch grocery stores lik the Jumbo, Albert heijn, and Delhaize from more than 2.000 real brands. They offer the best prices on the market and the lowest shipping rates available. The Jumbo and the Albert Heijn have never been this close to your house untill now!

Surprise your surroundings

Just like you, your fellow expats have probably gone without their favorite products from back home for quite some time. So why not surprise them on their birthday with a gift box filled with products from their native country? Perfect as a gift for Christmas or as a wedding present! Start your online shopping in Belgium and the Netherlands via the Dutch Expat Shop!


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