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Renting a car in Curaçao is highly recommended! The most beautiful beaches, rugged nature, trendy beach clubs and colorful towns: with a rental car you can discover the most beautiful spots of Curaçao. Public transport is limited, you hardly come across bicycles and a taxi is quite expensive. That is why a rental car is ideal. But which provider for car rental in Curaçao is reliable? And what exactly should you pay attention to when renting and driving a car in Curaçao? With these handy experiences and tips you are well prepared!

Renting a car in Curaçao is how it works!

Renting a car in Curaçao is very simple and fast. It is smart to reserve a rental car in advance. That way you are assured of a car and it is neatly ready for you. This can be at Curaçao Airport, but also, for example, at Jan Thiel or in Willemstad.

There are several rental companies on the island, but not all of them are equally good and reliable. Veilig Auto Huren Curacao is a good provider where you can arrange your rental car in Curaçao in advance. At Veilig Auto Huren Curacao the car is already insured. It is therefore no longer necessary to take out additional insurance on site. This way you will not be faced with unexpected, high costs. The service is great and they are available all day if needed.

Note: Make sure you reserve a car as soon as possible. The rental cars in Curaçao are very popular and there is often a shortage. At Veilig Auto Huren Curacao you can easily cancel and change your booking. If your holiday is canceled or if you want to rent the car for a longer or shorter period, you can always adjust this afterwards.

Which type of car to rent in Curaçao?

In Curaçao you can get along with any type of car. The roads are good and there are hardly any differences in height, so a car with a lot of power or 4×4 is not necessary. A number of roads are unpaved, but they are still good enough for a normal car, as long as you drive carefully. Do you only rent a car for a day or do you have a large budget? Then Curaçao is of course a great destination to rent a cool convertible!

Minimum age for renting a car on Curaçao

The minimum age of 21 years applies to car rental in Curacao. This can sometimes differ per landlord, but usually 21 years is applied. Renters must have held a valid driver’s license for at least two years, but some local rental companies are fine with any driver’s license.

Is an international driver’s license required in Curaçao?

An international driver’s license is not required in Curaçao. A Dutch driver’s license is sufficient to rent and drive a car.

Is it safe to drive yourself in Curaçao?

Renting a car and driving in Curaçao is safe. The roads are generally in good condition and traffic is relatively calm and compliant. Driving in Curaçao is therefore not very different from driving in the Netherlands. Pay attention in the dark, because the lighting is not equally good everywhere. Especially towards and in Westpunt, where especially the locals drive a lot faster than in other places. Driving is the best way to get around, because you hardly see cyclists and public transport. Renting a car in Curaçao is therefore highly recommended.

Renting a car and driving on Curaçao: 5 tips

Once you’ve rented a car, the sunny road trip can begin! These four tips make driving a car on Curaçao a breeze.

  • Book a second driver: Are you traveling with several people? Then it can be nice to specify an extra driver when renting the car, so that you can alternate driving. When booking, you can see exactly what this costs in the rental conditions.
  • Download a navigation app: Renting a navigation system is not necessary. Download a free navigation app to your smartphone, such as Maps.me, so you know exactly where to go.
  • Make sure you have a charged phone: If you use your phone as a navigation system, the battery will run out faster than usual. A power bank can be useful.
  • Read the traffic rules: Most traffic rules in Curaçao are the same as in the Netherlands, although there are a few differences, for example the rules at t-junctions.
  • Pay extra attention in the dark: are you going on the road in the dark? Then pay extra attention to unlit parts of the road. It is and remains Curaçao, so an animal can just cross the road, or there is an annoying dent in the road surface.


Parking on Curaçao

Parking in Curaçao is never such a big problem. Wherever you are, there is always a place to be found. Parking is free in most places. This also applies to parking at well-known beaches such as Grote Knip and Jan Thiel. However, you do have to pay parking costs in some places, such as in certain streets in Willemstad. The standard rate is 1 guilder per hour. There are two guarded and paid parking spaces in the old Punda district and at Wilhelminaplein. You also have to pay in the streets around these parking spaces.

Refueling on Curaçao

If you rent a car, ask in advance what type of fuel you need to fill up. You will always find a gas station in and around Willemstad. If you travel further from Willemstad, you will see them much less. If you plan on taking a long road trip to quieter parts of the island, plan to refuel beforehand. At some gas stations you will see gas station attendants who are happy to help you. It is customary to give a small tip, but it is not mandatory. Refueling in Curaçao is a lot cheaper than in the Netherlands.

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