Beginners Email Marketing Tips

As far as email marketing goes, there’s a lot to learn with a lot of tips to pick up on the way. You might be in a content rut or not seeing the return you would like on the emails you are sending, so going back to basics can help you strip any bad habits and get back on top form.

You might just be completely new – either way, we’re here to help and guide you through as you begin your email marketing journey.

Marketing is diverse, with different branches touching on differing subjects. It’s hard to know where to draw the line. With email marketing it can feel the same, what’s wrong, what’s right and what strategies will have the biggest impact.

Not all approaches will work for every brand, you may need to add your own twist but to get you off to a good start, we have given some tips on how to create your marketing emails.

Subject line

A subject line will be the main reason the receiver has clicked on the email.

Thinking of the perfect subject line is step number 1 of grabbing your target audience’s attention. The key with the email title is to intrigue and invite and once clicked, the content must fulfil the promise.

It’s important to remember to keep the title short, interesting and not click bait. If you use click bait in the title, your email stats will reflect this. A lot of emails are opened, but show low click rates due to lack of legitimate interest.


Content is step number 2; this is where you keep your audience engaged and interested enough to want to click and view your product or service, at this stage you have gained some real interest.

Within the body of a marketing email, you should make it visually pleasing as well as mentally fascinating. Use the pictures and appropriate GIF’s to match your message and add a bit of style.

But make sure this surrounds the purpose of your email and compliments the message in a way that is clear, concise and allows your customers to understand what you are showcasing.

Add Personalisation

If you can, make the email personal. By this I mean, target your emails to different lines of interest rather than sending one blanket email to all your subscribers.

There’s a high chance, each of your subscribers have signed up for a range of reasons. Now is your opportunity to home in on those details and use them to your advantage.

Design specific emails to each interest and reach out to those people, whilst introducing them to something else you think they might like. We all love hearing about what’s new on the scene and you never know – it might be right up their street.

Measure your results

It should be a given that once you have a good working process in place that you should keep an eye on your results. To start with, make notes and store the data from previous emails, this way you have figures for comparison when you start to analyse.

Track the number of people you have sent the mail out to, the percentage of clicks and if possible, the bounce rate on your site. It’s also a good idea to check which part of the email has been clicked on, allowing you to pinpoint where you gained the interest.

If you’re new to the marketing scene, this email marketing for beginners is enough to give some basic tips, without the over powering use of jargon and other tasks to complete. Have a read, take in the information and now it’s over to you to create the perfect marketing email.