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Always remember "why"

 Always remember “why”. Many people fail to translate plans into actions because they forget why they worked on it in the first place. Instead of focusing on the results, remind yourself why you are working towards this goal. Focusing on a big goal may feel overwhelming, but breaking it down and identifying key milestones will make you work towards the goal bit by bit. Consider further breaking down your milestones into monthly or weekly checkpoints. For example, instead of focusing on the goal of quadrupling sales next year, focus on small achievements that can be used to achieve the goal. You might spend a month researching your competitors, re-examining the pricing of your products or services next month, and then developing and launching new marketing activities next month. Sharing small victories is an important part of maintaining momentum. By rewarding yourself every time you reach a checkpoint, stay motivated and track progress towards your goals. 

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Selling your car to a foreigner? That is different. How can you easily sell to people across the border?

Sometimes cars abroad are cheaper than in the Netherlands. This may be due to the different requirements we have for cars in each country. A car that is no longer profitable here because it is old is still valuable in another country. What are the car export rules in 2020.

How much is my car worth?

Claim the value of your car for free. Sell quickly and easily at the best price!

Do you want to get the most out of your car? Then selling your car to foreigners is a good option. Get a better price for your car by exporting your vehicle. But selling cars to foreigners is not without work.

You don’t just put the car in the buyer’s name. Read it carefully before you start exporting your car, because arranging everything yourself costs time and money. Take these extra costs and any bottlenecks into account.

Selling cars to foreigners starts at RDW

Selling a car to a foreigner is the same as exporting a car. If you find a good buyer, go to an RDW Inspection Station or RDW Helpdesk in your area (these services are open on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

Here you must register your vehicle for export. The number plate registration and all your obligations to the vehicle end at the RDW. Please bring the following documents with you when making an appointment:

Vehicle registration certificate (Part 1B) and transfer certificate or registration card with number plate

license plate

Valid ID or Passport

To write off your car, you have to pay 9.98 euros (export service). After this, the registration has ended and you have gone one step further to sell your car to foreigners.

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