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A double deck trailer for transportation of goods

When you want to transport large amounts of goods, you would like to depend on excellent facilities. That is where Blankers Transport comes in. This company offers double deck trucks and trailers in which you can transport any possible product. Loading goods into a double deck trailer is different from a standard issue truck, considering you have more loading space that can be used in an efficient way. An implemented hydraulic lift mechanism is used to place your goods safely in the trailer. It is even possible to double or triple stack your goods without losing stability. In this way, Blankers Transport offers you the ultimate option to transport a variety of goods in a single truck.

Your goods always have sufficient space

With the 40 trucks available at Blankers Transport, your shipment can no doubt be accommodated. These double deck trucks can transport goods across Europe with ease. As such, if you require long-distance transport, make sure you request a quote from the experts at Blankers Transport. The difficulties with transporting voluminous goods – such as matrasses and foam products – are no more when you opt for a double deck trailer. This is because the trailer is designed to allow any product to be safely and surely stored in it, without risk of damage or displacement during transport. These are the guarantees you receive when working with the specialists form this company.

Read more about the possibilities

Are you interested in the innovative way of transportation that makes use of a double deck trailer? Contact Blankers Transport and inquire about all the possibilities. This company has a large fleet available and is likely to be able to transport your cargo quickly and efficiently. The experienced employees take great care to ensure the safety of your goods when they are loaded, transported, and unloaded. Besides that, the trucks are equipped with a route tracking system, which allows you to keep track of your shipment. In this way you are always up to date on the whereabouts of your cargo.