How exhaust gas heat exchangers work

All heating systems generate waste heat that is lost in the form of, for example, exhaust gases. Of course, the exhaust gases cannot be used directly for heating. If you still want to be able to use the exhaust gases, you can use an exhaust gas heat exchanger to heat the medium that will give heat. This means that the heat is no longer lost, but is used to generate energy without additional consumption or costs.

In practice, therefore, an exhaust plate heat exchanger is installed between the boiler and the chimney or the like, so you do not have to dispose of the entire system or replace the boiler, which would cost a lot. This saves both time and money. The exhaust gases are therefore reduced not only because the energy used is practically reused, but also because the installation of such a technology is relatively easy and maintenance takes almost no time at all.

Another great advantage of the exhaust heat exchanger is that it usually uses water for heat recovery. This means that some of the pollutants can already be filtered away from the flue gases, thus reducing the strain on the filter systems.

What counts is the right design
Regardless of the way in which the exhaust heat exchanger is to be used, exodraft’s special solutions, tailored to individual needs, always provide the best efficiency with minimal maintenance requirements.

Due to the wide selection of materials and designs, a variety of heat exchangers are available. For example, a tube heat exchanger with comb or ordinary pipes can be mentioned.

Air heaters are classic – the most commonly used design. They are used to heat air or other gases for later use, for example for indoor air.

Air coolers, on the other hand, extract the heat from a material flow and transfer it to a coolant. For example, indoor air conditioning systems can also be installed without any major energy consumption. Processes that require low temperatures also benefit from this. It is often necessary to control the temperature at extremely high excess heat to maintain the desired temperature.

Heat exchangers help absorb or distribute heat according to your specific requirements. Flue gas heat exchangers are also suitable for other material flows. In addition to air, these can also be (unfit) water, oils and various gases. The process uses only waste heat and pollutes and does not mix the substances themselves.


Why Opt For Renewable Energy in Aberdeen and Dundee



Use of renewable energy has increasingly become a preferred alternative in both Aberdeen and Dundee.


Well, it’s mainly due to its eco-friendliness as well as its cost-effectiveness compared to other sources of energy available.

The most common types of renewable energy in Aberdeen and Dundee include: solar, geothermal, hydro, wind, and biomass.

Consumers, both domestic and commercial, in these regions are now open to try out various forms of renewable energy instead of fossil fuels.

Renewable energy contributed to 50 percent of the global economic power last year. This year will have a higher percentage than the previous one as more people are switching to renewable energy.

Image by: Architectural Photographer Edinburgh

Why Opt For Renewable Energy in Aberdeen and Dundee

Are you considering trying out various renewable energy sources in Aberdeen and Dundee?

Here are some reasons why you should:

Renewable Energy Is Eco-Friendly

Renewable energy sources are either natural or tapped from natural sources. They do not emit any carbon dioxide or greenhouse gasses.

Such emissions affect climatic changes, degrade air quality, and contribute to global warming. Renewable energy is healthy to use as it does not cause pollution or harm the environment in any way.

Renewable Energy Is Cost-Effective

Using underfloor heating in Aberdeen and Dundee among other renewable energy installations will help you save money. Most residential energy cost is accrued from heating, lighting, and cooling.

You can generate energy from water, sun, earth, wind, or biomass from your home to cut on cost.

On the upside, consumers who use renewable energy can qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive – a UK project designed to help bridge the gap between the cost of renewable heating systems and those of conventional alternatives

In order to rip the full benefits, you need to invest in proper storage materials and set-up to reduce your utility bills throughout the year.

Price Stabilisation of Energy Resources

The middle-east countries contribute to the global energy by 34 percent through the production of oil. Fluctuations in energy prices are caused by the difference in high demand and low supply of the resource. Other factors that lead to the fluctuations include strikes by trade unions and fear of war.

On the other hand, the resources for renewable energy are easy to access and do not cost much compared to the fossil fuels. The pricing is only affected by the cost of installation.

The residents of Dundee and Aberdeen have access to renewable resources and affordable professionals to set it up.  They have access to various power generation options. The demand is not dependent on fossil fuels, which leads to price stability. You can enjoy energy at affordable and stable rates.

Renewable Energy Is…Renewable

Yes, this sounds redundant.

But think about its true meaning for a second.

Renewable resources of energy do not diminish. You do not have to worry about running out on these natural resources. The supply is constant with variations depending on the nature of your environment.

You only need to identify the best renewable energy option that will work for your home. These sources of energy are sustainable compared to fossil fuels. Nurturing the environment to access natural resources will help to reduce the over-reliance on expensive forms of energy.

Low or Zero Maintenance Fees

Opting for underfloor heating in Aberdeen or underfloor heating in Dundee guarantees a proper set-up and various designs that will not require maintenance. Once the harnessing infrastructure of renewable resources is put in place there is a low-to-zero maintenance fee required.  

Renewable Energy Comes with Added Financial Benefits

You also get to enjoy financial benefits other than increased profit margins because of reduced costs. Make a few affordable changes if you are planning to sell your home in Dundee or Aberdeen. For example, installing underfloor heating without remodeling your house will help you sell your home at a significantly higher price.

Freedom to Choose Your Design and Your Comfort Level

It is easy to customise your home’s heating or cooling system using renewable energy installations. There is a wide range of set up designs of set-up available. For example, underfloor heating has various flooring designs that will help you regulate heat to match your comfort level.

Renewable Energy Is Reliable

Especially when compared to fossil fuels. The latter is prone to price fluctuations, political instabilities, war threats, and trade disputes.

These factors might lead to a shortage causing prices to surge and consumers to get frustrated. Sources of alternative energy are readily available and cannot be depleted as long as we take care of the environment.

It is important to note that the set-up and geographical locations of renewable sources infrastructure boosts its reliability. Establishing solar and wind plants in a wide geographical area will minimise cases of electricity interruptions. This can be explained by the variance of climate conditions in different areas. If one area does not have enough wind power, the power supply is stable because other plants are still functional. With heat pumps in the Aberdeen and Dundee area you obviously won’t have any of those problems eiher.

Renewable Energy Improves Public Health

Research indicates that fossil fuel consumption has an impact on our health. It leads to serious issues such as global warming, climate change, and pollution. Such factors often result in health problems.  

Investing in renewable energy in Dundee and Aberdeen will boost public health (that includes your health, too!). There are no greenhouse, sulfur, and carbon emissions to pose health risks. Plus, you get access to clean air and your get to consume healthy products.

Renewable Energy Creates Jobs

Generating and setting up renewable energy facilities is an opportunity for the government and other stakeholders to create those much-needed jobs. Individuals can also invest in alternative energy infrastructure and supply it to users at affordable prices. There is a wide range of project opportunities that encourage innovation and, at the same time, create clean jobs in Dundee and Aberdeen.

Renewable Energy Leads to the Empowerment of Rural Areas

Most alternative energy infrastructures operate best in rural areas. There is less pollution and more space to create the facilities. This is a great opportunity to economically and socially regenerate abandoned areas.

Furthermore, electrification of remote areas provides untapped opportunities that will not only create jobs, but contribute to economic growth.


Using renewable energy sources is beneficial to both consumers and governments. It is a great opportunity to cut down on utility expenses, improve health, and fuel economic growth. We at Incognito Heat Co have various installation options to help you tap into the immense potential of renewable energy in Aberdeen and Dundee.