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What Nick de Waard stands for as a coach

When you start working with Nick de Waard as a coach you can expect the following things. Als check out his coaching page.

Be yourself

I think it’s important that everyone can be themselves. We live in a society where we constantly see the ‘perfect’ picture in front of us, which can give us the feeling that we have to live up to this picture. But I’m not participating in this. I think authenticity is very important and much more beautiful. That is why I always try to bring out that powerful authenticity in the other during my coaching. Only when you are completely yourself, you are grounded in life. Because: someone who stands for nothing, falls for everything.

Inner growth

Life is a great school. We learn all our lives and never stop learning. Inner growth is something that interests me immensely, because this growth can ultimately bring you the happiness you are looking for. By getting to know yourself better, you also know what suits you better, so that you will automatically make the right choices that will make you happy. The term “Getting the most out of life” does not mean to me that you are chasing all material things, but that you take up the inner challenge and want to grow a little bit more internally every day. This way you get closer to yourself step by step. And that’s really nice.


Everything I tell and propagate is something I experienced myself. I always communicate from an authentic and open energy. If you follow my coaching or program(s), I will also help and guide you from the point of view of sincerity. I am grateful that I may be able to help you. Because don’t forget: I’m not perfect either and I may also be inspired by your growth.