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Unidirectional carbon fiber for the composites industry

The expert supplier Eurocarbon from the Netherlands specialises in producing woven and braided reinforcements out of carbon fiber, such as unidirectional carbon fiber tape or filler. Since their founding in 1982 they have developed and produced a large collection of products, many of which are available in their standard program. Are you in need of strong materials for your business in the composites industry, like unidirectional carbon fiber or filler? Take a look at their products and find the perfect component for your situation. Can you not find the products that satisfies your specific needs? Do not worry! This expert will listen to your wishes and needs and will try to find a tailored solution for you.

A large variety of strong durable products

A big advantage of making composites materials with carbon fiber is that it is extremely durable. Take unidirectional carbon fiber tape for example, it is tough and strong while also remaining very lightweight. Because of its ability to conduct different kinds or temperatures and energy, this component is often used in the aircraft industry. However, not just unidirectional carbon fiber tape is used in this industry. Carbon fiber filler is, because of its strength and flexibility, also often used to fill in cracks or repair damages. As you can see, there are many different variations of products and many application possibilities for this durable product. Are you not sure which product best fits your application? Talk to their expert employees and receive personal advice.

Find out your possibilities

If you are looking for a trustworthy supplier that can provide you with strong and durable components for your company in the composites industry, Eurocarbon is your partner! Contact them to find out what they can do for you and receive more information about their company. They are more than happy to help and answer your questions.