Maithuna is healthy

Maithuna is good for your physical and mental health

People realize that being happy is more than making a lot of money. It is being conscious and this comes on a certain age that you understand that it is in small things. And so people start thinking from the age of 35 that they have to change their livestyles. They are also critical to their relationship. They want more depth and intimicy. So they want to learn the Maithuna rituals.


You might think people in the USA aren’t open minded, but in real life you see the opposite. These people are not alway hippies. These are people that start living out of their gut feeling. So the want a life where the soul can learn a lot and not make the same mistakes over and over again.


In the book Maithuna you can learn how to love your partner in a respectful way. It is the most easy way to communicate with your partner in a way that words are mostly not needed. A blink with your eye a soft smile, it al helps to communicate. Just 7% of our communication is speaking. So the body language is the most powerful thing that we have to communicate. And by the communication the initimacy will grow and becomes stronger and stronger. So if you know what it does to your partner and your spiritual growth, you want to experience more and more. The only thing you need is time. The whole Maithuna ritual takes at least 3 hours and this is a short session. It has nothing to do with you weekly ’11 minutes’. Even with the Maithuna techniques the male will be a better lover in these case, because he is trained to make the sessions longer and longer. Therefor just learn the techniques.