FIFA 21: Lifecycle Of A FIFA Issue – Part 1

In our articles, we often cover updates and patches that change certain elements of the game or address some issues that players experience. Addressing those issues is an important part of the game’s lifecycle as it helps to make the game more enjoyable. Electronic Arts has published a series of blog posts giving the public, a general idea of the process leading to the resolution of issues in FIFA 21. Let us start this two-part article, with the first and second steps of the process.

The first step in resolving an issue in FIFA 21 is the Identification of said issue. The team working on issues resolution uses various sources to detect issues that occur in the game. The main source is the team of Quality Verification analysts; they work every single day of the year to detect issues and gather information about the game. Another important source of information about the issue is the community sites for FIFA. FIFA team mostly use Answers HQ for FIFA 21 and the Official FIFA 21 Forums.

The live QV team explore community sites to track issues. They look for detailed information about the issue, what happened before, when and after the issue occurred. It is important to know, as certain issues occur after certain conditions are met. The next information they look for is the frequency of the issue; certain issues only happen once while others are frequent. Lastly, they look for visual proof of the issue. When every condition is reunited, the issue leaves the identification phase.

The next step in the lifecycle is the investigation. When Live QV gathers enough information about the issue, it must be prioritized by a Live producer. The team first address issues that have a huge impact on the game they also try to determinate the scale of the issue. Live producers must work with the FIFA Live Team to obtain a satisfactory prioritization of the issues before moving to the next step of the investigation phase.

The second step of the investigation phase is SE Investigation. A software engineer will start a technical investigation to discover the origin of the issue. SE follow a strict procedure and use a test build of the game to try to discover the cause of the issue. The investigation phase leads to the resolution of the issue that we will cover in the second part of this article. U7buy offers you a chance to sell FUT 21 coins and thus to help you forget those issues and enjoy the game more.


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FIFA 21: Gameplay Responsiveness Update; How Does It Improve The Experience?

FIFA Football games have always been about completion. At first, players could only play on the same device using one of the numerous game modes EA offered. The development of online gaming has changed that paradigm by allowing players to play against faraway friends or even against strangers in friendly or competitive games. FIFA 21 has confirmed that tendency with new multiplayer modes. EA has made certain decisions about the game, to give the players a better online experience. Let us see what those changes are.

In terms of infrastructure, EA has opened a new FIFA Game Data Center or FGDC in Miami, Florida. A game data centre is“a physical location with hardware and software systems designed to operate FIFA online gameplay.” The FGDC allow for a more stable connection when playing online games. The goal of Miami’s FGDC is to improve online gaming for players located in the Southeastern United States, Northern South America and Central America. That is great news for the concerned players who should experience smoother online games.

EA teams have discovered while attempting to install an FGDC in South America that most of the internet traffic from those regions often transited via Miami. According to the EA, installing an FGDC in Northern South America or Central America will not change the amount of traffic passing through Miami, so they elected to cancel their South American FGDC installation plans for the time being. Miami’s FGDC should also benefit the participants to the FIFA Global Series as well as the other competitions that EA will organize in the next months.

EA has also worked on online gameplay responsiveness. The goal is to provide the players with the tools that will allow them to set up their connection in the best way possible. EA also wants to educate the players about the effects the settings they chose will have on the quality of their connection.FIFA 21 players now have access to Connection Monitoring tools that will give them a good overview of their connection quality during online matches.

These tools are available in the game settings. They will give you a visual representation of your internet quality throughout a game. The main objective of EA is to provide FIFA 21 players with the best experience possible when they play online. FUTeamGo store offers you FUT 21 coins at the best prices to help you build the ultimate team.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)