5 ways to make your taxi coronaproof.

Important changes are coming.

Taxibusinesses are also forced to make important changes in these difficult times we live in. These changes are necessary to be able to work again in the post-corona period. Through thorough investigation we came up with the following 5 measures :

1 – 2 closed off spaces in the taxi by placing plexiglas. One between the back- and frontseats and one between the driversseat and the passengersseat.

2 – the taxidriver always wears a facemask and gloves.

3 – the taxidriver offers his customers desinfectant gel.

4 – the taxidriver always opens the door for the customer

5 – the customer lifts his own bagage into the trunk of the taxi

Increasing awareness.

To increase the chance of succes of these measures there has to be an increase of awareness with the greater public. This can be done by different campaigns such as distributing flyers on the taxiplatforms. Starting campaigns on social media is also an effective way to approach the public. It will certainly take a while for the customers and taxidrivers to get used to this new way of traveling. As a customer you will have the responsibility to declare any corona-related symptoms to the taxidriver. On his turn the taxidriver has to make the decision wether he finds the risks acceptable to himself and others or not. To an extent there will have to be a mutual understanding of this new arisen situation between the 2 parties.

Bouncing back.

Time will tell how taxibusinesses are going to bounce back. Everything will depend on the further spreading of the corona virus this summer. The coming season will certainly help slowing further spreading of the virus taking the higher tempetures into account.  Some medics in the field of viruses claim that the coronavirus spreads slower with the tempetures in the summer. This claim is refuted by other medics in the field of viruses. So the truth may be somewhere in the middle.