Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Are you as enthusiastic about SUP boarding as we are? SUP-Boarding is a growing trend in online water sports and is becoming more and more accessible for water sports enthusiasts without a lot of money. Especially on the market of inflatable Paddle Boards there are more and more competitors and boards at reasonable prices, but still with very good quality and stiffness. Two well-known and big brands in this market are Aqua Marina and ZRAY, which produce high quality inflatable stand up paddle boards at relatively low prices.

Aqua Marina has been making boats since 1991 and this is the only market they focus on. This focus allows them to look professionally at the world of recreational water sports and ensure that each Aqua Marina stand up paddle board they produce meets the highest standards and offers you the best paddling experience. All products are thoroughly tested through rigorous quality control procedures.

The nature of the Z-RAY SUPs is characterised by its high quality construction material. A combination of the fall stitch technique with a military material makes this SUP unbeatable and also very durable. It is important to note that inflatable SUPs are particularly suitable for river paddling, as these boards can easily bounce off rocks and tree trunks without splintering or breaking. In most cases, inflatable SUPs are also cheaper to buy.

Would you like to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding? At you will find a large assortment of Aqua Marina Paddle Boards, ZRAY Paddle Boards and Red Paddle Boards. Have a look at all boards and our purchase advice, so that you can find the board that suits you best!

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