Exploring the Types of Punching Bags Out There

If you are planning to purchase a punching bag for your workout or routine training, you will want to decide what type of unit you’ll purchase from the marketplace.

As you browse around the marketplace, there are many different types of punching bags for your home. Just like when purchasing other fitness products, there is no one-size-fits-for-all. Every type of punching bag stand can have different functions, pros, and cons. Selecting one can be a bit daunting if it is your first time doing it.

If we are talking about the most common types, many experts will recommend heavy bags. But there are also a lot of varieties that you’d want to check out. Each individual must have different fitness goals and milestones. The boxing bag that is appropriate for your friend does not mean it is a great choice for you.

First things first, you will need to indicate your requirements and preferences. Then you could take a look at the list of punching bags that we share below to determine which option is a great one for you.

Freestanding bag

The free standing punching bag function is just like its name. It is a portable punching bag which you can store anywhere and move anywhere.

Thanks to its taller size, users also often utilize it for kicking training.

It has strong center power, which will not affect the position of the equipment when you punch and kick it.

It is often chosen for a multiple-function room because of its versatility.

It is a great option for cross-disciplines and martial arts, including MMA, kickboxing, as well as Muay Thai. You can also adjust the height of the bag.

Double end bag

The double-end bag is like a ball which is installed between the floor with two coil connectors.

The ball is roughly in the middle of the room. It functions similarly to a speed ball since it bounces back quickly after being hit. But it has a different purpose.

In Muay Thai, MMA, and other disciplines, the users also call it a reflex ball. As the name suggests, it is useful for training reflex skills.

It is also called a Mexican type double-end bag since it originated from a particular country.

Slip bag

It is not necessarily a boxing punching bag, but rather an important bag for improving head movement, defense, and agility. This swinging ball demonstrates the punches from the opponents. Therefore, users will need to avoid slipping to the left or right.

Hanging boxing bag

The next one is also a common unit offered in the marketplace. It is called a hanging boxing bag since you will need to mount it on walls and link it to the ceilings.

It is a great choice for an intense punching workout. You can save floor space since it is hung.

You can use it for muay thai or boxing disciplines. Choose a bag that is at least 6 feet long for muay thai. You could choose the normal one for boxing.

Uppercut bag

As the name suggests, the users will use it to train the uppercut. It is also a mini counterpart to the heavy bag. If you focus your training from the waist level to the chin, then it is a great boxing bag stand for you.

Water-filled training bag

Yes, you’ve guessed it right. We need to fill the water in the training bag. The design is like a human body, making it perfect for close training. You can easily fill up the model with water to reach the weight you need. Depending on the capacity, you could choose to add from 30 lb to 200 lb or more for heavyweights. Get the best quality one if you don’t want to leak water.

Wall bag

It is a wall-mounted punching bag that you can use if you have limited space in your training room. It does not rebound. But it can be a great option for uppercuts routine training.

Many folks have been using this type of bag to empower their uppercut skills.

Speed bags

The speed bag is probably the lightest boxing bag that I’d recommend on this list. But it does not mean that it is less important than the other punching bags. These bags are light and filled with air. It bounces back whenever you punch it at such great speed.

The other name for this type is speed ball boxing.

Some beginners often miss the ball when it bounces off the bag. Well, that’s the point. The users must maintain the timing in order to hit accurately. It improves your concentration, acceleration, accuracy, as well as the coordination of your eyes and hands.

Angled heavy bag

The bag is similar to a hanging heavy bag. But the difference is in the surface of the bag. The specific angle of the bag can help users to train their uppercuts more effectively. You can also use this for your kicking and other lower body training.

Grappling dummy

It can be very different from the boxing bag stand since it is designed to cater to other needs. The dummy is a practice toy. That explains the human body shape that comes with the unit. The grappling dummies can be placed on the floor. The fighters can consider these dummies as their opponents’ props to practice some moves like throws, punches, kicks, takedowns, grappling, and so on. This unit is usually prevalent in wrestling, MMA, judo, Muay Thai, and so on.

Wrecking Ball

The wrecking ball is usually relevant to boxers, kick boxers, and Muay Thai fighters. It is made for uppercut intense training. They are bulky and challenging for the users. You can use it for slipping, bobbing, etc. Trainers often use it for footwork too.


BOB is the abbreviation of body opponent bag.

It works just like a free-standing punching bag. However, the installation is towards the floor. As the name suggests, it appears just like a man’s upper body. It is also a prop which you can use when you are fighting your peers. It is a great choice for your routine training when there is no one around. This type of punch bag is highly recommended for training your punches and kicks.

Is this the ultimate bicycle light?

In a single hour, the amount of power from the sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in a year. How come we do not use that free energy more often? A simple example is the new Rydon bicycle light that has an integrated solar panel. The energy from the solar panel is stored into a battery and will stop you from recharging the battery manually. Sounds logical, let’s see how it works.


Bicycle lights can be a bit frustrating; the cheap lights are often forgotten, stolen or just simply break. The more expensive lights are great, but you need to take them of your bicycle and recharge them regularly. The idea of a premium light that automatically charges the battery with a solar panel sounds promising. The Rydon uses a high capacity battery enough for 50 hours of light, that is a lot, most lights are between 10-20 hours. Normally 50 hours of light is enough for one winter but even on cloudy days in the winter, the Rydon will charge the battery with its integrated solar panel. The charging becomes much more efficient in spring and summer. After a few weeks outside in the summer the battery will be completely charged.  


The Rydon comes with a hefty stainless-steel clip and screw, the idea is that you permanently mount it on your bicycle. Rydon founder Hugo van de Watering explains: “The Rydon needs to catch as much sunlight as possible, so our light is permanently mounted and will charge throughout the entire summer when your bicycle is outside. Another benefit is that you can never forget your light, because it is already on your bicycle”. 


The idea of leaving a light on your bicycle seems somewhat strange, although other accessories like a saddle for example is usually more expensive and also mounted with a single screw. The design of the Rydon light is very durable with a 3 mm thick metal housing and stainless-steel parts all around. The Dutch bicycle light has two modes; an eco-mode with around 50 lumen and a boost mode with 300 lumen. The Rydon lights are available in the web shop of Rydon. Not the cheapest light out there but a solid solution that will last for years. The Rydon bicycle light is a great example of a sustainable solution that makes life easier. 


Improve sports by improving the referee

Research among more than 500 referees shows that by using a referee communication system, such as a ‘headset’, referees make faster and more correct decisions.

A striking result of the investigation is that 73% of the referees indicate that a communication system contributes to the safety of the referee. By communicating with fellow referees, you can perceive more quickly and anticipate incidents.

Honesty and sportsmanship
The question whether an earpiece can contribute to honesty and sportsmanship in sport answers 96% with ‘yes’. On the one hand, by making more correct decisions so that fewer mistakes are made. On the other hand, quicker decisions lead to less discussion and unsportsmanlike behavior (escalation). 80% believes that a communication system can prevent incidents in and around the field.

Quality of the sports competition
Finally, the question: does a communication system contribute to the quality of the competition? More than 94% confirm this. “The better the referee, the fairer and better the game”.

Referee: “The great advantage of whistling with a communication system, in which you are in wireless contact with fellow referees, is that you continuously observe with 3 or 4 people what is happening on and around the field. Previously, you made a decision based on your own observation. With 4 pairs of eyes you as a team can make faster and – perhaps even more important – better decisions”.

Referee coordinator: “I have tested the communication system as referee coordinator, where I coached a referee in the field. In this application you can give ‘real time’ feedback to the referee in the field as coordinator. For the referee this provides an immediate learning moment of which he can immediately notice the effect in the next situation on the field. Because the referee immediately sees the effect of small changes, the final result is a faster learning curve”.


Playing FIFA for money with the Rawbet app

Rawbet is an App that allows Gamers to play fifa on their Playstation or Xbox for money. See more here: www.rawbetapp.com

You get matched, play the game fifa on your console and get paid money on the app. You can withdraw the fifa earned money anytime. Other video games will be added soon and will also be available to play for money and other cash prizes. See here.

Playing fifa for money is not just for everyone, it requires a lot of skills that the matching system of the app is going to use to match you with an opponent.

We strongly recommend you to download the app that enables you to make money and win prizes playing fifa and other videogames. Rawbet is the single solution for live scores.

Download the app and play fifa for money here!

Gamers can play in wagers or multiplayer tournaments.

Rawbet has a great FAQ page and support when playing fifa for money or other cash prizes. You can contact their support-team any time.

As all the games are streamed via twitch, they can also be viewed and followed on Rawbet’s website directly and live.

FIFA is just the start of this play for money concept. Users will soon be able to play for more. And bigger prizes and rewards. Wagering and matchmaking between friends is possible as well. The focus lies on the gamers skill. That’s why its considered a matchmaking competitive esports platform.

If you still have questions of how it works see here.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Are you as enthusiastic about SUP boarding as we are? SUP-Boarding is a growing trend in online water sports and is becoming more and more accessible for water sports enthusiasts without a lot of money. Especially on the market of inflatable Paddle Boards there are more and more competitors and boards at reasonable prices, but still with very good quality and stiffness. Two well-known and big brands in this market are Aqua Marina and ZRAY, which produce high quality inflatable stand up paddle boards at relatively low prices.

Aqua Marina has been making boats since 1991 and this is the only market they focus on. This focus allows them to look professionally at the world of recreational water sports and ensure that each Aqua Marina stand up paddle board they produce meets the highest standards and offers you the best paddling experience. All products are thoroughly tested through rigorous quality control procedures.

The nature of the Z-RAY SUPs is characterised by its high quality construction material. A combination of the fall stitch technique with a military material makes this SUP unbeatable and also very durable. It is important to note that inflatable SUPs are particularly suitable for river paddling, as these boards can easily bounce off rocks and tree trunks without splintering or breaking. In most cases, inflatable SUPs are also cheaper to buy.

Would you like to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding? At supboard-99.de you will find a large assortment of Aqua Marina Paddle Boards, ZRAY Paddle Boards and Red Paddle Boards. Have a look at all boards and our purchase advice, so that you can find the board that suits you best!

See also: Inflatable kayaks


Squash rackets for a good Squash game

What is squash and what do squashplayers do?

To exactly find out what squash players do we have to explain what squash is and how to play the game properly. Squash is a game where two players have to play each other. This happens in most cases in a four-walled small enclosure where the ball is allowed to hit every wall. This is what makes the game very quick and at times a little bit hectic.

This is also what makes the sport one of the healthies sports that exist. This sport is so healthy because it’s extremely fast and it makes the players burn a lot of calories to keep playing. To keep the rally going players have to be at the ball before it bounces twice. In most cases the other players tries to make the ball bounce twice before the opponent reaches it. This can make for a quick game that can be long too. In this case both players will be exhausted at the end of every game and both will have burned a significant amount of calories in a relatively small timeslot.

If you would like to buy your squash racket you should go to the squash webshop QSS-Squash. 

It’s very important to have a proper squash racket to play the game on the level you would like to play it. I know a very organised squash webshop that operates in the UK and Holland. It’s called qss-squash.com.

To win a game in squash you have to win 11 points or in some cases even more than that. The players have to win by 2 points difference, in this way it can be quite tense at the end of matches when both players have somewhere around 10 points and the match is pretty equal.

Why is squash healthy?

Squash is a very low risk sport where two players can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. It’s a low risk sport because it’s in a small enclosure with only two players playing the game. The risk of having a big injury is extremely small, especially when the players know what they are doing in terms of footwork and racket skills.

Besides that it’s a great way to get a full body workout in. To properly play the game squash it’s necessary to use every body part and make the body parts work together to make the most out of the game. These are the reasons why squash is the healthiest sport that exists.

Now go and play your own squash game and enjoy it like I always do! 


Alles over het onderhoud van je fiets

Triathlon365 is dé triathlonwebsite van Nederland. Op deze website vind je alles wat maar met triathlon te maken heeft. Informatie over trainingen, wedstrijden, voeding en herstel en ga zo maar door. De website is interessant voor zowel beginners als gevorderden in de triathlonsport. Wanneer je veel traint voor een aankomende triathlonwedstrijd is het belangrijk dat je de spullen die je gebruikt goed onderhoudt. Het is vooral belangrijk om je fiets goed te onderhouden! Waarom dat zo belangrijk is en hoe je je fiets kan onderhouden lees je allemaal in deze blog. Bekijk ook de beste spinning muziek op Spotify!

Waarom is het belangrijk om je fiets goed te onderhouden?

In de inleiding heb je kunnen lezen dat het erg belangrijk is om je triathlonspullen en zeker je fiets goed te onderhouden. Maar waarom is het zo belangrijk om je fiets goed te onderhouden? Het goed onderhouden van je fiets is belangrijk om te zorgen dat je fiets lang mee gaat en netjes blijft. Ook zal je merken wanneer je veel aandacht geeft aan je fiets, dat je er ook veel lekkerder en fijner op fietst. Het fietst bijvoorbeeld al een stuk beter wanneer je ketting schoon is en soepel draait. Ook kan het een stuk veiliger zijn om op een fiets te rijden die goed wordt onderhouden. Wanneer je goed oplet dat je de buitenbanden op tijd vervangt rijd je veel veiliger, zeker wanneer je bergen beklimt. Bekijk op Triathlon365 een fiets onderhouden schema met wat je voor elke rit, wekelijks, maandelijks, half jaarlijks en jaarlijks moet doen voor een goed onderhouden racefiets!

Hoe kan je jouw fiets goed onderhouden?

Om jouw fiets goed te kunnen onderhouden is het handig om verschillende spullen voor het onderhoud in huis te hebben. Zo is het fijn om spullen in huis te hebben om je fiets goed schoon te houden. Ook is het belangrijk om spray in huis te hebben om ervoor te zorgen dat je ketting soepel rond kan draaien. Verder is het fijn om wat fietsgereedschap in huis te hebben om van alles vaster aan te kunnen draaien.