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Reduction of air pollutants in the industry

Air pollutants is a hot topic. Especially in Europe we are actively searching for solutions to reduce the air pollution to keep climate change under control. Without measures the global warming will cause a lot of problems in the future. We try to reduce the pollution by driving electric cars and reduce the number of farmers. The industry has a lot to improve when it comes to air pollutants. In this article we will explain multiple solutions for the industry to reduce their emission.

Industrial emissions

The industry is responsible for a big part of the national emission. Almost one-third of the CO2 emission comes from the industry. And therefore, it’s important to reduce this number quickly. On of the biggest polluters in the Netherlands is Tata Steel. Tata steel is responsible for almost 10% of the total CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. This is comparible with the emission of 1,4 million people. Besides that, Tata Steel is responsible for the emission of a lot of other pollutants.


Because reducing the air pollutants is that important there are a lot of companies specialized in creating tailor-made solutions for the industry. One of these tailor-made solutions is an industrial fume extraction system. J.O.A. Air Solutions is an industrial fume extraction manufacturer who creates those tailor-made solutions.

Other tailored made solutions

J.O.A. Air Solutions is a manufacturer of all kinds of tailored made solutions for the industry. Besides the industrial fume extraction system, J.O.A. Air Solutions manufactures industrial dust collection systems which are important for the health of employees and minimizing the downtime. Without an industrial dust collection system, potential harmful dust can hurt the machines which causes downtime or even explosions. In addition to that, these dust particles can be harmful for the employee’s health. By collection all kind of dust, the fumes will be filtered and can’t harm the health of the employees and the machines anymore.

The future of industry

Industrial companies are obliged to invest in air pollution reduction solutions. In the first place because of the global warming, but secondly for the efficiency of the machinery and the health of the employee.