Realise a car import from the USA without problems

Have you recently bought a car in the USA? Or are you moving internationally from America? In both cases, it is important that the paperwork and transport of your vehicle is done correctly. In the case of a car import from the USA, you can get bogged down in the bureaucracy and feel lost in the amount of logistics you need to take into account. That is why it might be wise to outsource these tasks to a specialist. At Marlog Car Handling, you can be sure that all this work is in safe hands.

Relieve yourself of the entire process

You get to decide to which degree you would like to leave the car import from the USA over to Marlog Car Handling. Perhaps you would still like to have some control over the situation and do certain tasks by yourself. You could think of the payment intermediation, in case you are buying the vehicle internationally. One of the employees of Marlog Car Handling will surely be able to help you in this tricky process. When you think of the documentation that comes with the international transport, you might feel unsure about what is necessary. Leave this in the able hands of Marlog Car Handling and be confident that your car will be safely imported from the USA.

A complete and great service

Marlog Car Handling likes to make it very easy for you. That is why the car import from the USA can usually be done rather quickly. Because they work with different private collectors, gearheads and business partners, they can guarantee weekly shipments from the USA. This means that due to a constant flow of vehicles from overseas, your car can easily be among them and therefore be delivered to your door before you know it. Contact these specialists and be sure about a safe international passage for your vehicle.