Looking for a new hobby? Try these!

Sometimes we feel like life is all work and no play, but not anymore! Today, you’re going to read about possible hobbies and might even find some inspiration to try something new yourself. This because, let’s be honest, life is meant to be lived and when you never do anything fun you’re not really living, are you? No! So be sure to read on and try out one of the following hobby ideas, or use them as inspiration to find your own!

Restore gauges

Gauge restoration services are incredibly expensive. The process of restoring old bike or car gauges is meticulous and requires quite some time, as well as parts which can be rare because they are no longer made. This means that sometimes, if not often, they will have to be reproduced by hand. If you like tiny but difficult and delicate DIY projects, restoring gauges might be perfect for you. The best part? You can sell the gauges you make to fund this hobby!

Buy and sell stamps

Collecting stamps is one of the older hobbies on this list and, with the coming of the internet, has become a lot less popular. It is still around, however, and you would do well to give it a try if it tickles your fancy. By not only buying but also selling some of your stamps, you can easily get going with this hobby even if you don’t have a lot to spend yourself!

Do some volunteering!

Still don’t know what to do? Why don’t you volunteer at the local shelter for animals? This is just an example of the volunteer work you could do, because there are always places where they could use an extra pair of hands. Think of the home for the elderly, or your local community garden. Would you like to spend your time well? Volunteer!

Make something with your own two hands

Not sure what you want to do, but still looking for a hobby? Just think of a DIY project and get started on it. There are literally a million different things you could make, but we recommend you to start with something small and easy. From there on, you will know whether you liked it or not and perhaps try something a bit more challenging. Before you know it, you will be making closets and furniture and all of that stuff!


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Great Jewellery gifts for the UK

Picking out diamonds?
So, had a crash course in diamonds! Now look for the rings that suit you! With or without one or more diamonds. We offer a wide choice of rings with diamonds. Do you already know what you want? Take a look at which Aller Spanninga jeweller is near you.

This article is written by Unsaid Library. Unsaid Library is a jewelry shop in Antwerp and the UK.

In gold jewellery the gold content is indicated by carat, but what is carat gold anyway? What is the difference between the types of carat gold, such as 9, 14, 18 and 24 carats? And how can you tell how many carats of gold there is in a ring? In this blog we explain all about it, so you can make the right choice when buying gold wedding rings!

How many carats is pure gold?
The term carat in gold indicates how much pure gold there is in a piece of jewelry. In a ring there is often a stamp that indicates how much pure gold is in the ring. Pure gold is expressed in 24 carats and contains 99.99% gold. However, pure gold is very soft and therefore flexible and sensitive to wear and tear. By adding other metals, the gold is hardened, creating different gold contents and different colours. This process is also called alloying. These additives are often copper, silver or palladium. By hardening the gold, it can be better processed. Pure gold is actually too soft to make jewelry and is therefore unsuitable for rings.

What does carat say about gold?
The ‘carat gold’ is a measure of the amount of fine gold in a ring. The height of the carat indicates how much pure gold a ring contains. The proportions are as follows:

8 carats: 33.3% pure gold, indicated by 333
9 carat: 33,75% pure gold, marked with 375
14 carat: 58.5% pure gold, marked with 585
18 carat: 75.0% pure gold, marked with 750
20 carat: 83,3% pure gold, marked 833
21.6 carats: 90.0% pure gold, marked with 900
22 carats: 91,6% pure gold identified by 916
24 carat: 99.99% pure gold, marked 999
In the Netherlands the vast majority of gold rings are made of 14 carat gold, followed by rings made of 18 carat or 9 carat gold. Do you have a ring made of 8 carat gold? Then it most likely comes from Germany. In the Netherlands 8 carat new is not sold, by law it may not be sold as gold.

Indication carat in gold rings
The higher the carat of the rings, the more gold it contains. In all 14 and 18 carat gold rings from 1.0 grams sold in the Netherlands there is a hallmark. All Spanninga rings of 14 carat are provided with the number 585 and an oak leaf, 18 carat rings are provided with the number 750 and a tulip. In addition, our A:S master sign in the rings, so you can see that it is a real Aller Spanninga ring.

Other common indications for 14 carat are: 14 k, 14 krt or 585/1000. This means that at 14 carat jewelry 585 parts of the 1000 are pure gold. In other words: when you have 100 grams of 14 carat gold, you have 58.5% pure gold in your hands.

This article is written by Unsaid Library. Unsaid Library is a jewelry shop in Antwerp and the UK.

Gold and the Dutch law
Dutch law is strict in what may and may not be called gold. It requires that the designation ‘gold jewellery’ may only be used if the content is at least 14 carats.

In the Netherlands most suppliers work with 14 carat gold. A 14 carat ring is hard enough to last a lifetime with normal use. Rings made of 18 carat gold are seen as the more luxurious jewelry. Jewelry made from 9-carat gold is not officially seen as gold jewelry in the Netherlands. 9 carat rings can be inspected with the CCM quality mark, the international mark, but this is not obligatory for the Netherlands.

Aller Spanninga delivers all rings with a hallmark and an A:S master sign, also the 9 carat rings and rings of Palladium 585. If you buy an Aller Spanninga ring with this master sign in it, you can be sure that the ring is original.

How is that abroad?
In countries around us, rings and jewellery with a lower gold content, for example 8 or 9 carats, are regularly offered. In Germany and England this is quite normal, 9 carat is sold as gold in these countries. Here the rings are also mandatory inspected. In Belgium a hallmark is not mandatory.

In countries around the Mediterranean Sea, in the Middle East and Asia we often see gold of a higher carat. So gold jewelry of 18, 20 and 22 carat gold. The higher the carat, the ‘deeper’ the gold color of a piece of jewellery.

Ring production
With pure gold you have the certainty that there is no added metal in the alloy. As mentioned before, pure gold is very soft. In fact, it is so soft that wearing it will cause a lot of damage. The material


Things to do in Kanchanaburi – Thailand

Kanchanaburi, the capital of Kanchanaburi Province, is a city located in the west of Thailand. This city covers the entire territory of Tambon Ban Nuea and Ban Tai and parts of Pak Phraek and Ta Makham. Tourists have many attractions here and to cover all there is to see in Kanchanaburi, you might need a Kanchanabiri tour package of few days.

Kanchanaburi, the main tourist destination, has a truly wonderful landscape with waterfalls, forests, rivers, and caves from the Neolithic. This is the best outdoor amusement park with activities ranging from rafting, canoeing, and fishing to golf, mountain biking, and bird watching. Here is a list of things to do in Kanchanaburi Thailand,

Hellfire Museum

Enter the heart of the death railway while exploring the Hellfire Pass Museum. According to his name, the Hellfire Pass for many was hell, known for its harsh conditions and the huge number of dead. Take a walk along the canyon and the four-kilometer Memorial Trail, trying to imagine the harsh reality of this place 70 years ago. Recommended activities include boating on the river, swimming in pools near attractive waterfalls and relaxing with exotic Thai food and fruit in one of the coastal hotels. During the day, some of the following trips are recommended.

World War II Museum

Next to the bridge is a private museum (Mae Nam Khwae; Entrance 30B; 09:00 – 18:00), a real Kitch Temple, sometimes known as the JEATH War Museum, to take advantage of the popularity of another museum of the same name in the city. The collection may be the strangest set of memories under the ceiling, but the building allows itself with pictures with postcards around the bridge.


This open-air museum (Pak Frake; Entrance 30B; 20.30 – 18.00), the original JEATH, is run by monks as evidence of the atrocities of war. Historical photo posters are housed in a bamboo hut, just like those used by prisoners of war. More than just a photo gallery more than a museum, this is not very useful information, but it is honest, especially the blurry photos of surviving prisoners of war who returned to Thailand at a memorial service.

Elephant world

This is an elephant protection camp that takes care of old elephants, created in 2008. The founder is trying to give elephants a place where they can enjoy the last days without having to work. The defense camp is located in a beautiful location on the river, near the Nichigo Golf Club, about 30 km from Kanchanaburi.

Erawan National Park

For something completely different, a trip to Erawan National Park is the perfect way to get rid of all this and see the natural beauty of the province at its best. The highlight of the park is its waterfall on seven levels, pale turquoise from mineral deposits in the water, and flowing over stones in several pools deep enough to swim. Kanchanaburi to Erawan falls are often called the most beautiful waterfalls on a trip to Thailand, and because of their length, you can avoid congestion occurring at small waterfalls, due to further risk. You can spend a relaxing day before returning to the city.

Bridge over the River Kwai

Located about 3 km north of Kanchanaburi, this iron bridge over the Kwai Yai River is a major tourist attraction. The Japanese brought the bridge from Java and were part of the so-called death railway connecting Thailand and Burma. The Allied bombed bridge was rebuilt after the war using expanded original curved bridges. The middle of the bridge railing was neatly turned into a steel pavement, so you can cross the bridge on foot, and there are few side platforms between the distances.


The city itself is a place to relax, watching the water on the banks of the river, a house with rafts or restaurants on the river. Many tourists enjoy relaxing along the river with refreshments and a good book. In addition to visiting impressive waterfalls, dense forests, and the three largest Thai reservoirs, popular activities for guests are rafting, elephant trekking, and golf. Kanchanaburi is a great tourist destination for nature lovers.


A double deck trailer for transportation of goods

When you want to transport large amounts of goods, you would like to depend on excellent facilities. That is where Blankers Transport comes in. This company offers double deck trucks and trailers in which you can transport any possible product. Loading goods into a double deck trailer is different from a standard issue truck, considering you have more loading space that can be used in an efficient way. An implemented hydraulic lift mechanism is used to place your goods safely in the trailer. It is even possible to double or triple stack your goods without losing stability. In this way, Blankers Transport offers you the ultimate option to transport a variety of goods in a single truck.

Your goods always have sufficient space

With the 40 trucks available at Blankers Transport, your shipment can no doubt be accommodated. These double deck trucks can transport goods across Europe with ease. As such, if you require long-distance transport, make sure you request a quote from the experts at Blankers Transport. The difficulties with transporting voluminous goods – such as matrasses and foam products – are no more when you opt for a double deck trailer. This is because the trailer is designed to allow any product to be safely and surely stored in it, without risk of damage or displacement during transport. These are the guarantees you receive when working with the specialists form this company.

Read more about the possibilities

Are you interested in the innovative way of transportation that makes use of a double deck trailer? Contact Blankers Transport and inquire about all the possibilities. This company has a large fleet available and is likely to be able to transport your cargo quickly and efficiently. The experienced employees take great care to ensure the safety of your goods when they are loaded, transported, and unloaded. Besides that, the trucks are equipped with a route tracking system, which allows you to keep track of your shipment. In this way you are always up to date on the whereabouts of your cargo.


Travel with Taxi Breda Nu

Travelling with Taxi Breda.

Travelling is made easier these days with the convenience of taking Taxi Breda on your holiday for example. If you want to make sure you are taking a trustworthy taxi you can ask the driver to show him his taxipas and the going taxirates. Once you get in Taxi Breda you can ask the driver to take you past monuments you want to see or other landmarks that are on the route to your destination.  Be sure to ask the taxidriver what the expected costs are for the taxiservice. And ask the taxidriver if it is possible to pay by card or only cash. U can ask the taxidriver if it is possible. This way you can make sure you have enough cash to pay the taxidriver. In addition to that you can ask the taxidriver if it is possible to pay in euro’s or another currency.

Starting your journey

When you start your journey with Taxi Breda make sure the driver starts the taximeter. In this way you can see your taxirate as the journey progresses. In some countries the taxi’s have numbers on them so that in any case you can trace the taxi that you were in. Lets say that the driver brought you to your destination and later that day you realise that you forgot your bag in the taxi. In this case you must contact the taxicompany and give them the number of the taxi you took. In addition to the number of Taxi Breda you can tell them the time and place of departure and the time and place of the destination. The more information you give them about your taxiride the sooner they can locate the taxidriver and taxi that your bag is in.

You can make use of different taxistations on your vacation in a foreign country. If you can speak english this can make your travel-experience much easier. So we wish everyone a happy summervacation and much fun on their vacation.


How Many Calories Break a Fast?

Intermittent fasting is done to fast for a specific period of time, then stopping, and continue again. If you have planned to fast for several days, or even weeks continuously, you may find it a little difficult to adjust to the routine. In such a scenario, a common question is asked by the fasters that how many calories break a fast.

While there is no specific answer to that question, there are some different cases that must be discussed to try to understand it.

A common, albeit inaccurate, belief among faster is that consuming up to 50 calories does not break the fast. However, it is incorrect because fast is broken as soon as you consume any calories. It happens because as soon as any calorie enters your body, it starts burning glucose for energy, and burning fat – the primary purpose of fasting – is inhibited.

In this in-depth article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about breaking a fast. From whether supplements affect the fast to which foods to consume post-fast, you’ll learn to make smart, healthy decisions. After all, the time following your intermittent fast is incredibly important, and now you’ll know just how to manage it.

The misconception that somehow 50 calories or less do not break the fast is believed to be originated from James Clear’s website. Clear is a fast enthusiast and an influential entrepreneur. While this strategy is ineffective in achieving all of the benefits of fasting, it should be remembered that there are different types of fasting. Some of them allow you to eat for a period of up to eight hours a day. It is called the 16:8 method of fasting as you fast for 16 days and can eat for 8 hours a day. If you have adopted 16:8 fasting with the recommended balanced diet of 500+ calories, then the 50-calorie rule can be suitable for you.

However, if you are on water fast or dry fast, then consuming any calories will break your fast. An article by Furthermore stated that the majority of the intermittent fasters around the world are okay with consuming 50 calories during fasting. The same report also states that ingesting even a small amount of calories is enough to nullify your fast because the body stops burning fat, and the purpose of fasting is not achieved. 

Another critical aspect of calorie consumption while fasting is the use of supplements. It can be confusing for people to determine the effect of supplements on fasting and whether it will break the fast. It depends on the type of supplements you are taking and their ingredients. Commonly following supplements do not break the fast:

  • Probiotics
  • Creatine
  • Fish oil
  • Multivitamins
  • Pure collagen

On the other hand, the following supplements will definitely break your fast:

  • Sugary supplements
  • Protein powder
  • Gummy vitamins
  • Amino acids

To sum it up, it can be said that consuming even a single calorie can break your fast, so it is recommended to be fast cautiously and make sure you are not consuming anything during the fasting period, which can nullify the whole process. To enjoy all the benefits of fasting, you should fast diligently and be smart in your calorie consumption.

Ritregistratie bijhouden voor Belastingdienst

Heeft u een auto van de zaak? Grote kans dat u geen bijtelling wilt betalen. De bruto bijtelling wordt berekend door 22 procent van de cataloguswaarde van de auto te nemen. Hierdoor kom je al snel uit op enkele duizenden euro’s. Gelukkig kunt u de bijtelling ontlopen door een ritregistratie bij te houden. Onderstaand leggen we uit hoe dit in zijn werk gaat.


Eisen rittenregistratie Belastingdienst

De fiscus ziet het gebruik van een auto van de zaak als loon in natura en hierover dient belasting betaald te worden: de bijtelling. Indien u geen bijtelling wilt betalen, eist de Belastingdienst dat u een rittenregistratie bijhoudt waarmee u kunt bewijzen dat er jaarlijks niet meer dan 500 kilometer privé met de auto wordt gereden. In de ritregistratie noteert u:

  • het merk, type en kenteken van de auto;
  • de periode waarin u de auto tot uw beschikking heeft.

Daarnaast houdt u in een rittenregistratie voor de Belastingdienst per rit de datum, de begin- en eindstand van de kilometerteller, het adres van vertrek en aankomst, de route die u heeft gereden, karakter van de rit (privé of zakelijk) en de privé-omrijkilometers bij als u tijdens dezelfde rit zakelijke kilometers rijdt.

Rittenregistratie met Keurmerk voor de Belastingdienst

Met behulp van een ritregistratiesysteem worden alle ritten automatisch voor u geregistreerd. U hoeft zelf niet aan te geven wanneer u gaat rijden of wanneer u bent aangekomen. Het is wel belangrijk dat als u kiest voor een ritregistratiesysteem, er een Keurmerk Ritregistratiesystemen aan vast zit. Ritregistratiesystemen met keurmerk voldoen aan de eisen van de Belastingdienst.


Sluitende ritregistratie

Het ritregistratiesysteem wordt in uw auto geïnstalleerd. Vervolgens worden alle coördinaten gemeten via GPS (satellieten) en doorgestuurd naar de cloud via GPRS (mobiele netwerken). Onze geavanceerde software zet deze gegevens om in een sluitende ritregistratie. Mocht u ooit een controle en vraagt de Belastingdienst uw rittenregistratie op, kunt u deze gegevens downloaden en aanleveren.


Jobs in Send


Support worker support worker,

Harrow – temp connaught resourcing is currently looking for a number of high-quality residential support workers to work within luxury care homes based in harrow.

This is an excellent opportunity for experienced support workers who need to do flexible hours or work part-time. At aanwezig, we require candidates who are able to commit to a minimum of 22 hours per week.

This will be an on-going contract. All candidates will need to have sova and manual handling activiteit, if you do not have this it can be provided. To apply for the position, please send your cv to katie at connaught resourcing as soon as possible.

Connaught education is a trading brand of connaught resourcing and operates as an employment business and an employment agency. We are a committed equal opportunities employer who respect and value cultural diversity.

We are committed to supporting the welfare of children and young people.

In support of current safeguarding legislation we will carry out background checks and an enhanced dbs disclosure as part of our recruitment and selection procedures


Largest Cities in Sweden

Sweden is the third-largest European country located in Scandinavia. The total population of Sweden is about 10 million, and the majority of the population is based in urban areas. Sweden boasts outstanding infrastructural facilities, and people have a high standard of living. It is home to one of the most beautiful, developed, and peaceful cities in the world.

Some of the largest cities in Sweden are:


Stockholm is the ravishing capital and most populous city of Sweden, which comprises 14 islands on the southeast coast. Around 1.5 people live in Stockholm. Along with significant contribution to culture, politics, and media, Stockholm is the economic hub of the country, accounting for one-third of Sweden’s GDP. The city itself is recognized as a global city and has one of the highest GDP per capita among the European countries.

Some of the world’s top universities like Stockholm School of Economics are based in Stockholm. The fact that Nobel Prize ceremonies are held in Stockholm every year is another appealing characteristic of this city. Other factors like beautifully decorated metro stations, one of the most extended art galleries, and Stockholm Palace make Stockholm stand out from different cities of Sweden.


Gothenburg has been the second-largest city in Sweden for a very long time. Approximately 590,600 people live in Gothenburg, which remains a famous location on the West Coast. The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in the Nordic countries. A number of reputable universities in Gothenburg attract students from all over the world.


Malmö is the third-largest city of Sweden, with a population of about 312,000. It is a culturally diverse city and has become the industrial and economic hub of the province of Scania. State-of-the-art transportation in Malmö is present, which connects the majority of the cities of Sweden and has connected to Copenhagen as well. 

Malmö has risen in popularity in recent times as it has become well-known for the best kebabs in Sweden, and the Malmö FF, the football team, has often emerged to be victorious in national as well as international competitions.


Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden and has a population of 153,000 people. It has some of the oldest universities in the world. Hence, Uppsala is home to many students from all over the world.


Västerås is an industrial city of Sweden in which major corporations like H&M – a well-known clothing brand – and ICA – a chain of supermarkets – were founded. Västerås has a renowned Bandy team that has been the winner of the Swedish championship many times.


Örebro is famous for research, development, and industrial work. It has about 117,600 residents and is the sixth-largest city of Sweden.


The seventh-largest city of Sweden is Linköping. Along with applaudable environmental actions, the city has become a military and air force base,


Sweden’s eighth-largest city, Helsingborg, is home to about 106,400 people. It has the second largest port in Sweden, and efficient transportation method to Denmark as well. Helsingborg is rapidly growing due to the industrial boom Öresund region,


Norrköping is also an important industrial city of Sweden, especially the textile industry. It is the ninth-largest city and has about 96,000 residents. IFK Norrköping is the football team of the city, which has won many local matches,


Sweden’s tenth largest city is Jönköping. With a large number of churches, Jönköping has become the bible belt of the country and has a population of 95,010 people.