Choose the best scents that match your zodiac sign

If you have trouble deciding on a suitable perfume for everyday to formal wear, you may want to look at your personality type better. Many people believe that it is possible to decide on the most suitable separation by looking at the constellations. Even if you don’t believe in the constellations, a simple scent horoscope can give some clues about a preferred scent type. Here are some suggestions for constellations:

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

An independent and opinionated Aquarius is unexpected, so a perfume range for this zodiac sign is definitely on the sensual side and contains a hint of patchouli and sage.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

A sensitive and shy Pisces is honest and fresh. They are true to themselves. The most suitable scents include a top note of citrus or amber and lower notes of plums or wisteria.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

These signals relate to the more adventurous spirit that has a dynamic personality and the ability to lead. Look for scents with gingerbread, mandarin, vanilla and red rose top notes.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

The bull has a grounded and reliable personality. This sign is controlled by Venus and the preferred fragment is floral and sensual. Patchouli, jasmine and bergamot tones are the most suitable.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

With an easy look no life, a Gemini is full of imagination and very creative. A suitable fragrance includes that with a fresh citrus scent.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Those with the cancer star sign are very good lovers, friendly and creative. The most suitable perfume notes are the classics such as magnolia and lily, as well as a hint of sweet honey.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

A lion is powerful and assertive and likes to be very artistic. Delicate and fruity scents are recommended with top notes of spicy cinnamon and rose.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

The Virgin is a very detailed person. A very practical zodiac sign and likes to keep things in place. Top notes are orchid, bergamot, mandarin and laurel that help to create the feminine and delicate scent.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

These are charming and warm people who like to cherish and are calm in nature. Top notes are certainly the broad spices.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

The mysterious and moody personality of the Scorpion means that they are emotional and passionate about the things that mean something to them. A scent with patchouli, musk and cedar is the most suitable.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

These constellations are for the artists or intellectuals who are full of energy and love. A scent with a hint of amber seed and musk for a woody scent is recommended.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

A Capricorn is a responsible and reliable person who is very sober. They enjoy the more ancient and classic scent range.

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Mauritius Island: The charming tourist destination

If you love nature, Mauritius is one of the best tourist destinations you can choose.

The Republic of Mauritius is composed of several islands, the largest one is the island of Mauritius surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the African Continent.

The capital of the island Mauritius is Port Louis city, the largest port and commercial center on the island.

Mauritius is known for its success as a pluralistic society where all ethnic groups: Hindus, Muslims, Creole, Chinese and Europeans live in peace, and where all ancient cultures have been preserved.

  • Why visit Mauritius

If you are looking for a different adventure for a fun and charming vacation, Mauritius is characterized by many natural attractions. Its paradise beaches with turquoise waters, tropical forests and temperate weather make it relaxing and adventurous.

In terms of the general climate of the island, temperatures range from 18-30 degrees Celsius in areas at sea level, and 13-26 degrees Celsius in areas where it reaches a height of 460 m. You can visit the island of Mauritius all year round, but the best time to travel is between May to December if you want a fairly cool, sunny and less humid atmosphere. 

The period from January to April is the summer season on the island, where tourist crowds decline and temperatures rise up to 33 degrees Celsius, and is suitable for visitors who want to enjoy the beautiful beaches and hotel accommodation in attractive offers.

  • Where to stay in Mauritius?

When it comes to deciding where to stay in Mauritius, it is essential to choose the most suitable accommodation from budget based to luxurious ones to make the most of your stay, risking finding yourself away from the wonders of this small paradise. Because even if this island is relatively small, you can’t neglect the importance of choosing the right accommodation. 

According to age and desires, Mauritius offers above all a wide range of accommodation options for holidays with friends, family or lovers. Starting from budget hotels to luxury hotels to villas and small inns: something to suit all tastes and budgets.

  • Hotels 

Mauritius offers its visitors a very wide range of hotels according to their budget. Whatever accommodation you choose, each hotel, concerned with the well-being of its guests, brings its personal touch and differentiates itself from the others by an atmosphere or a concept of its own.

  • Villa rental in Mauritius

What better than to rent a villa to discover one of the greatest jewels of the Indian Ocean? Spacious, luxurious, authentic and comfortable for your family or for your honeymoon.

Mauritius also offers a wide range of independent holiday villas throughout Mauritius for you to spend an incredible vacation in the perfect villa. From the basic rental of the villa to all inclusive, all are at your disposal to choose your villa as well as choosing on which base to rent the villa and which additional services to include.

Rent a villa in Mauritius:

Comfortable trainers in the latest fashion trends

Whether you are looking for wedge sneakers or dad trainers, Steve Madden has it all! Trainers are the perfect shoes to go shopping or when you have a fun day out with the family. However, the times when trainers were only for sports are long gone! Nowadays, trainers are a true fashion statement that create fun, comfortable looks of your everyday wardrobe. Think of a high waisted ripped jeans with a cute crop top, combined with animal print trainers with a thick sole. That’s right, you will steal the show wherever you are without getting painful feet! However, at Steve Madden you will find more than just cute trainers.

Show your style with high heeled sandals

Turn heads whilst you strut your stuff with the most fashionable heeled sandals from Steve Madden. Are you looking for a comfortable, feminine shoe? Then the heeled sandals with a chunky heel and ankle straps are the best choice for you! With the festive season coming up, heels give you an instant fashion boost and a curvy silhouette. Turn the space around the Christmas tree into your own private runway and make sure to be the star of the festivities! Wearing heeled sandals under the perfect little black dress makes you club-ready in an instant, so you do not lose any time changing your wardrobe.

Order the perfect shoes for your wardrobe

Have you found the perfect trainers to do all your Christmas shopping, or have you found festive heeled sandals for a New Year’s party? Then order them via the web shop of Steve Madden. Dress like a true fashionista, as your shoes will be delivered the next day with free shipping! Do you want some more inspiration? Take a look at the Instashop and see how influencers style their latest accessories, dresses and shoes. Use #STEVENMADDENEU to showcase your fashion statement and have a chance to be featured on the feed of Steve Madden!


Advanced Management Training

Je bent opzoek naar een kwalitatieve management training met een hoog rendement. Dan ben je op zoek naar ons. Excellent Commerciële Trainingen biedt management trainingen voor jouw of je medewerkers, die jou helpen het verschil te maken in je organisatie. Na de training ben je een gevorderde leidinggevende. Ook wanneer je al een ervaren manager bent, kun je je bij ons verder ontwikkelen. Stilstand is achteruitgang en jij wilt toch ook je taak zo goed mogelijk uitvoeren? Een management training van Excellent Commerciële Trainingen laat jou floreren in je functie!

Tijdens een management training van Excellent Commerciële Trainingen ga je je meer verdiepen in allerlei aspecten van het menselijk gedrag. Je leert motiveren, delegeren, coachen, confronteren en loslaten. Een waardevol fundament voor elke manager. De trainers van Excellent zullen zoveel mogelijk de theorie van de lessen toespitsen op bestaande situaties in jouw werkomgeving. Zo kunnen we inspelen op jouw wensen en behoeften én kun jij het geleerde direct toepassen. Leg de lat hoog en ontwikkel jezelf met één van onze management trainingen. Maak een sprong in je managementkwaliteiten. Schrijf je in en ontdek wat een management training jou te bieden heeft!

Biography of Benedikt Sobotka, CEO of Eurasian Resources Group

Benedikt Sobotka’s biography

Benedikt Sobotka is CEO of Eurasian Resources Group (ERG), a leading diversified natural resources group. ERG is represented by more than 85,000 employees globally and is one of the largest employers in the metals and mining sector.  

Benedikt graduated from WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, and also studied at the Rotterdam School of Management, Moscow Finance Academy, and CEIBS Shanghai.

Early career

Prior to his appointment as CEO of Eurasian Resources Group, Benedikt held multiple managerial positions at Boston Consulting Group. He spent eight years with the company, working in Germany, the UK, Russia, and South Africa as part of their Natural Resources Practice.

In 2011, he founded Bryanston Resources, an advisory commodities firm.

  • He also founded two other start-ups- Advanced Membrane Systems, a nano-filtration company in the Cleantech sector, 

  • and Minerals Value Service, a big data analytics company, which was acquired by Platts /Dow Jones in 2015.

Benedikt Sobotka’s leadership at Eurasian Resources Group

In January 2014, Sobotka was appointed CEO of Eurasian Resources Group. 

Since Sobotka’s appointment, ERG has recorded major strides in its corporate governance and compliance practices. Eurasian Resources Group developed strong cooperation with its Chinese partners in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Central Africa, and Brazil as part of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Eurasian Resources Group respects the interests of communities in which it operates. Under Sobotka’s leadership, business ethics has become an increasingly crucial aspect of the company’s business model.

Eurasian Resources Group and the World Economic Forum

Benedikt Sobotka developed a strategic cooperation between ERG and the World Economic Forum. ERG has become a strategic partner associate of the Forum. In 2017, ERG also helped to found the World Economic Forum’s Global Battery Alliance, of which Benedikt is a co-chair.  

ERG is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI). Eurasian Resources Group cooperates with PACI within the Future Trust and Integrity Project. 

More about Benedikt Sobotka

Benedikt Sobotka is a member of the Governors Steering Committee for the Mining and Metals community at the World Economic Forum and a co-chair of The Next Generation of Leaders programme aimed at ensuring sustainable development in the metals and mining industry. 

Benedikt is a co-author of “China Champions”, a Financial Times publication, published in 2012. 

He speaks six languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, and basic Chinese.



Choose for a personal MontBlanc ballpoint, fountain pen or other luxurious writing material

Maybe you have heard of the famous design pens of MontBlanc, which you can find in for example the ballpoint and fountain pen version. When you have asked yourself: where can I buy these unique Mont Blanc pens, then you do not have to look any further. P.W. Akkerman, which is located in the Amsterdam city centre, has a wide range of writing equipment from brands like MontBlanc, Waterman, Parker Visconti and many others. The variety of their luxurious writing products is endless. You can find them all on their website and in their pleasant store in Amsterdam.

The history of MontBlanc

MontBlanc pens, like the ballpoint, mechanical pen and fountain pen, are known worldwide as very classic, unique and luxurious. These pens are truly the pinnacle of high-quality writing equipment and are made by prominent designers of luxury goods. In the beginning of the nineteenth century, the company MontBlanc was founded in Germany. The first products produced by this company are fountain pens. A very famous fountain pen is the so called ‘Meisterstück’, that has been released in different versions with their own special upgrades. And did you know that the number 4810, which is engraved on the pens, refers to the height of the eponymous European mountain? If you are wondering: where can I buy these famous Mont Blanc pens with a lot of selection possibilities? Then P.W. Akkerman is the right place for you!

Buy for yourself or for someone special

A MontBlanc pen, for example the ballpoint or fountain pen, is perfect to choose as a special gift. Especially when you choose for a unique engraving. This option is available at P.W. Akkerman; the engravings are professionally made, with a result that is always to your desire. Every product offered by this store can be delivered worldwide. Moreover, pens of MontBlanc and other brands are available for every budget. In other words, ‘where can I buy Mont Blanc pens’ is a question which you do not have to ask yourself again!


Choose aluminium internal doors for efficient use of space

Do rooms in your house feel like they need more space? A large part of the problem tends to be regular doors. Their swinging arc takes up quite a lot of space. So are you ready to choose aluminium internal doors to create a beautiful, wide-open space? These doors give any space a minimalist, modern look – perfect for creating an industrial feel. As mentioned before, they take up less space, allowing you more possibilities for repurposing a room. When remodelling your home, aluminium internal doors compare very favourably to doors made of wood, steel or other materials. Read on and discover further advantages of these magnificent doors.

Aluminium internal doors: a stunning addition to any modern interior

First and foremost, aluminium internal doors feature superior durability to most materials used to construct doors. After all, it does not rust and has suffers a very low degree of wear, meaning it will not require replacement for many years. In addition, these doors are very easy to maintain and clean; repainting won’t be needed any time soon. One of the best aspects of aluminium internal doors is their environmentally friendly construction. Because it does not corrode, the material is easily recycled. With so many advantages over regular doors, IDA is proud to offer you their beautiful internal sliding doors. Peruse their collection and get excited for your next building project!

Purchasing IDA’s beautiful doors

As a high-quality aluminium internal doors producer, IDA has an extensive collection to get inspired by. We often feature exposes online on the way our customers have put their doors to good use. Using our website, you can find your nearest IDA dealer in a flash. If you have any further questions or would like to receive purchasing information, do not hesitate and get in contact with this company today! They would be happy to assist you with finding the right aluminium internal doors for your space.

Beginners Email Marketing Tips

As far as email marketing goes, there’s a lot to learn with a lot of tips to pick up on the way. You might be in a content rut or not seeing the return you would like on the emails you are sending, so going back to basics can help you strip any bad habits and get back on top form.

You might just be completely new – either way, we’re here to help and guide you through as you begin your email marketing journey.

Marketing is diverse, with different branches touching on differing subjects. It’s hard to know where to draw the line. With email marketing it can feel the same, what’s wrong, what’s right and what strategies will have the biggest impact.

Not all approaches will work for every brand, you may need to add your own twist but to get you off to a good start, we have given some tips on how to create your marketing emails.

Subject line

A subject line will be the main reason the receiver has clicked on the email.

Thinking of the perfect subject line is step number 1 of grabbing your target audience’s attention. The key with the email title is to intrigue and invite and once clicked, the content must fulfil the promise.

It’s important to remember to keep the title short, interesting and not click bait. If you use click bait in the title, your email stats will reflect this. A lot of emails are opened, but show low click rates due to lack of legitimate interest.


Content is step number 2; this is where you keep your audience engaged and interested enough to want to click and view your product or service, at this stage you have gained some real interest.

Within the body of a marketing email, you should make it visually pleasing as well as mentally fascinating. Use the pictures and appropriate GIF’s to match your message and add a bit of style.

But make sure this surrounds the purpose of your email and compliments the message in a way that is clear, concise and allows your customers to understand what you are showcasing.

Add Personalisation

If you can, make the email personal. By this I mean, target your emails to different lines of interest rather than sending one blanket email to all your subscribers.

There’s a high chance, each of your subscribers have signed up for a range of reasons. Now is your opportunity to home in on those details and use them to your advantage.

Design specific emails to each interest and reach out to those people, whilst introducing them to something else you think they might like. We all love hearing about what’s new on the scene and you never know – it might be right up their street.

Measure your results

It should be a given that once you have a good working process in place that you should keep an eye on your results. To start with, make notes and store the data from previous emails, this way you have figures for comparison when you start to analyse.

Track the number of people you have sent the mail out to, the percentage of clicks and if possible, the bounce rate on your site. It’s also a good idea to check which part of the email has been clicked on, allowing you to pinpoint where you gained the interest.

If you’re new to the marketing scene, this email marketing for beginners is enough to give some basic tips, without the over powering use of jargon and other tasks to complete. Have a read, take in the information and now it’s over to you to create the perfect marketing email.

Give the perfect gift with a Montblanc rollerball pen

For someone who loves to write, there is no better gift than a high quality rollerball pen. These finely developed specializations of the ballpoint pen offer greater ease of writing, a wider range of colors, and offer impeccable writing clarity. As such, rollerball pens will make a perfect gift for a family member, a work anniversary or simply to yourself. And when it comes to choosing the rollerball brand that will deliver each and every time, look no further than Montblanc. Appelboom offers a variety of specialized models of Montblanc rollerball. Each and every one is a piece to cherish, and will surely inspire you to write great things. Should you see yourself writing or signing important documents with such a distinguished and elegant pen, Appelboom offers these beautiful pieces in their online shop. In addition to their selection of Montblanc rollerball pens, they offer a wide range of other high quality writing instruments. Go and browse the online shop, and get inspired!

Why choose a Montblanc rollerball as your preferred pen?

Montblanc as a brand has always been associated with luxurious gifts or souvenirs. Moreover, it espouses the values of artisanal prowess and traditional craftmanship. Should you be looking for a present that is nothing short of perfect, give the gift of a Montblanc rollerball. Should you want to give an even more personal touch, Appelboom offers the possibility to personalize writing instruments. By engraving a pen, you imbue it with a unique design and character. This company does all its engraving for metal pens themselves, using one line in a clear font. However, they can certainly accommodate special wishes regarding the font, if that’s what you prefer. Appelboom refers pens made from other materials than metal to its partners for engraving work.

Any and all writing wishes, fulfilled in the Appelboom online store

You can find fantastic pens and accessories for your writing instruments on the Appelboom website. Check out their enormous range of product, and find just that thing you like. Their expertise will no doubt prove useful in making sure you purchase the luxury writing instruments you desire!

How to create a business in the Netherlands?

There are several choices when you wish to set up a business hub in Western Europe. The Netherlands can be one of the locations to run your business from. The advantages of creating a company in this country are: the international business climate, as well as the country’s open economy. In practice, many companies around the world are attracted by such a background and they are implementing the strategy of opening branches and offices in the Netherlands.

One of the leaders in growth is the IT industry, this is due to the high rating of the Netherlands in the IT industry and Amsterdam offers housing to the largest Internet Exchange in the world (the AMS-IX). Also because of its start-up community the Netherlands remains to be a popular place for IT companies. 

Also numerous are the companies associated with import and export operations. Most of them are located close to Schiphol airport or one of the Dutch harbours. Not only Rotterdam though also Amsterdam, Vlissingen and Delfszijl have fairly large ports. The road, rail and water connections and close proximity to some economically well-developed regions in Germany are a plus. Import is strongly stimulated by a VAT regime which offers a deferral of VAT on imports into the EU until the moment of invoicing and a complete absence of VAT if the goods are forwarded. This will bring your company large savings on financing expenses.

Holding companies also regard the Netherlands as a comfortable and reliable place to do business. The reasons for this are asset protection, a unique holding regime and a flexible and sound legal system. For these reasons, doing business in the Netherlands is highly attractive. In addition, it can be said that the Brexit is a reason for further acceleration of registration and opening of companies in the Netherlands.

For services such as formation, registration, restructuring, as well as servicing operational and holding companies in the Netherlands, ABiLiTieS Trust is your reliable partner. Their incorporation package offers company formation by an experienced notary and a quick response to your queries about set up, 30% rulings, the Dutch labour market and relevant taxes. To newcomers on the Dutch market ABiLiTieS Trust also offers very sharp priced virtual address services inclusive a work desk and post forwarding via email.

This company mainly specializes in providing its services to newly created companies and holding companies in the Netherlands. In order to get acquainted with the prices of the company, get an overview of their services, or maybe immediately move over to obtain a step plan, just contact the company. Specialists will prepare in the shortest time, within a day, a commercial proposal from the company. Moreover, taking into account the company’s experience and market presence, their specialists are ready to offer high quality service, with a high level of customer focus.