FIFA 21: Lifecycle Of A FIFA Issue – Part 1

In our articles, we often cover updates and patches that change certain elements of the game or address some issues that players experience. Addressing those issues is an important part of the game’s lifecycle as it helps to make the game more enjoyable. Electronic Arts has published a series of blog posts giving the public, a general idea of the process leading to the resolution of issues in FIFA 21. Let us start this two-part article, with the first and second steps of the process.

The first step in resolving an issue in FIFA 21 is the Identification of said issue. The team working on issues resolution uses various sources to detect issues that occur in the game. The main source is the team of Quality Verification analysts; they work every single day of the year to detect issues and gather information about the game. Another important source of information about the issue is the community sites for FIFA. FIFA team mostly use Answers HQ for FIFA 21 and the Official FIFA 21 Forums.

The live QV team explore community sites to track issues. They look for detailed information about the issue, what happened before, when and after the issue occurred. It is important to know, as certain issues occur after certain conditions are met. The next information they look for is the frequency of the issue; certain issues only happen once while others are frequent. Lastly, they look for visual proof of the issue. When every condition is reunited, the issue leaves the identification phase.

The next step in the lifecycle is the investigation. When Live QV gathers enough information about the issue, it must be prioritized by a Live producer. The team first address issues that have a huge impact on the game they also try to determinate the scale of the issue. Live producers must work with the FIFA Live Team to obtain a satisfactory prioritization of the issues before moving to the next step of the investigation phase.

The second step of the investigation phase is SE Investigation. A software engineer will start a technical investigation to discover the origin of the issue. SE follow a strict procedure and use a test build of the game to try to discover the cause of the issue. The investigation phase leads to the resolution of the issue that we will cover in the second part of this article. U7buy offers you a chance to sell FUT 21 coins and thus to help you forget those issues and enjoy the game more.


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WoW Classic: Blizzard Talk About The Preparation Of The Players For Naxxaramas Raid

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Blizzard has managed to introduce a massive amount of content to World of Warcraft this year. A few days ago, the company released a large expansion to the updated version of the game, WoWShadowlands, which has brought thousands of players back together on the servers.

Likewise, World of Warcraft Classic, an old edition of the title that was released more than a year ago, will also receive one of the most famous raids in the entire history of the saga on December 1 and players already have very high expectations about it.

World of Warcraft has been around for more than 16 years and has managed to remain on the industry scene throughout this time. Blizzard President Allen Brack spoke about that, as well as he goes over everything players have done since the launch of WoW Classic.

“For WoW: Classic, we’ve announced Naxxramas. The storied, 15-boss and final raid from this era will go live in December. Kel’thuzad is personally one of my all-time favourite bosses in WoW,” Brack stated.

The president also spoke of the players’ preparation for the arrival of Kel’Thuzad, reporting that more than six and a half million Greater Frost Protection potions have been created in recent days. This item is essential to complete the 15 confrontations offered by this legendary challenge.

Besides, Brack reported that 9 billion ghosts have appeared in this year 2020, emphasizing that this year has been full of too many deaths and urging players to take care of their health a little more and stay closer to a healer who can help them.

“Experiencing this content again, both as developers and players, is awesome. It’s great to see the excitement of players who enjoyed it the first time around, as well as the new generation of players who have joined WoW Classic for the first time.”

In fact, beyond Brack’s statements, so many players are having fun in the game that many choose to buy wow classic gold to improve their character’s skills quickly and catch up the level of the majority of players.

Finally, Brack ended his speech by saying that World of Warcraft has passed this year 2020 with a good grade and that he is looking forward to the arrival of 2021 after the launch of Shadowlands and the good reception that WoW Classic received this year.

He also said that WoW Classic will continue to receive content throughout the coming year and that players of this ‘retro’ version of the game can rest assured, as Blizzard will continue to support them as it does with the players of the updated version.

However, all these statements contrast with the resignation of one of the game’s producers, who assured that he did not like the way World of Warcraft is being carried out lately because it has taken too much prominence from the single-player experience.

What do you think about it?


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Improve sports by improving the referee

Research among more than 500 referees shows that by using a referee communication system, such as a ‘headset’, referees make faster and more correct decisions.

A striking result of the investigation is that 73% of the referees indicate that a communication system contributes to the safety of the referee. By communicating with fellow referees, you can perceive more quickly and anticipate incidents.

Honesty and sportsmanship
The question whether an earpiece can contribute to honesty and sportsmanship in sport answers 96% with ‘yes’. On the one hand, by making more correct decisions so that fewer mistakes are made. On the other hand, quicker decisions lead to less discussion and unsportsmanlike behavior (escalation). 80% believes that a communication system can prevent incidents in and around the field.

Quality of the sports competition
Finally, the question: does a communication system contribute to the quality of the competition? More than 94% confirm this. “The better the referee, the fairer and better the game”.

Referee: “The great advantage of whistling with a communication system, in which you are in wireless contact with fellow referees, is that you continuously observe with 3 or 4 people what is happening on and around the field. Previously, you made a decision based on your own observation. With 4 pairs of eyes you as a team can make faster and – perhaps even more important – better decisions”.

Referee coordinator: “I have tested the communication system as referee coordinator, where I coached a referee in the field. In this application you can give ‘real time’ feedback to the referee in the field as coordinator. For the referee this provides an immediate learning moment of which he can immediately notice the effect in the next situation on the field. Because the referee immediately sees the effect of small changes, the final result is a faster learning curve”.

Does your company already use these it services?

The advancements in information technology have come with numerous benefits to companies worldwide. Businesses have been able to significantly reduce their operation costs, and at the same time maximizing their profits. However, with the increased development in the ICT, the need to safely acquire and dispose of outdated, unviable, and undesirable machinery in a safe environment and in responsible environment has been a daunting task for many companies. Therefore, most companies have resorted to hiring the use of smart IT services in managing a wide range of challenges. Among these smart IT services that most companies use include the following:

1. Data Disposal Services

Companies that wish to clear a huge chunk of data must first seek the services of a good service provider to do such work. These service providers must be able to remove the data safely and ensure that the data security is highly maintained, to avoid any leakage of crucial information to third parties.
The service providers must be skillful and responsible enough to handle the servers, storage systems, and switches from various racks where such data is stored. Such companies should also ensure that they have specially designed services for data centers, including safe on-site data erasure and data carrier destruction.
Benefits of hiring data center disposal services.

  • The service providers would end up realizing a high residual value for the written off ICT equipment.
  • The residual value earned would go a long way in compensating for the removal expenses hence giving your company an ideal return on investment.
  • Leakage of company data is prevented by adherence to reliable and strict operating procedures.

2. Data Erasure Services

Most companies go into great depths in trying to safeguard their private data. As organizations, there are severe penalties for leaking any private information, either the companies` or third parties`. Additionally, it always tarnishes a company’s reputation hence easily leading to massive losses, with regard to profits and customer base.
As it is widely known, hackers would only require small information to be able to penetrate fully into your business. This small data is sometimes what is found on IT equipment which was scrapped or sold on and still containing data carriers such as hard drives.
Hiring professional service providers for data erasure is a must for every company that seeks to either discard, sell, and when redeploying machines to other employees.

Benefits of using a professional data erasure company:

  • These companies usually have advanced data erasures software for erasing data from various data carriers and maintain a high level of conformity and standards.
  • Other companies go the extra mile in awarding a certificate as evidence of a successful erasure of data.

3. Hard Drive Destruction

Today, most companies seek professional and reliable HDD destruction services when destroying various data carriers, such as hard drives and USB sticks. These devices are usually kept with confidential data hence need to be properly handled.

  • By using such services, you avoid any possibility of personal data leakage.
  • By properly destroying such devices, your company avoids the possibility of any future legal actions in regard to leaked personal information.

4. Return of investments

When your organization has excess IT equipment and wishes to dispose of them quickly and securely, then it is best to engage the services of a reliable operator. And since many redundant pieces of equipment consume valuable storage space, and the risk of data leaks is high when they end up in the wrong hands, always contract companies that would safely dispose of your assets and share the proceeds with you.

Discover the innovative Parker HRO watermaker from this company

Do you require a Parker HRO watermaker? AquaControl Marine provides you with a system that meets all your requirements. These high-quality systems from HRO Systems, founded in 1975, were one of the first individual watermaking systems of their kind. It was the perfect innovation that changed the way of producing potable water aboard a boat. A state-of-the-art Parker HRO watermaker is able to provide you with a clean water supply in an efficient way. Before the introduction of Horizon Reverse Osmosis (HRO) systems, producing freshwater aboard a boat could only be done by either catching rain or using heat evaporation systems, methods that are both inefficient compared with the process of a Parker HRO watermaker. Enquire after the possibilities of this system at AquaControl Marine, a worldwide supplier of innovative watermakers.

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Benefit from great service

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NBA 2K21 Next-gen Version Receives Its Second Update

A new update arrived in the next-gen version of NBA 2K21, with certain modifications that will slightly improve the gaming experience for PS5 and Xbox Series players. This update is exclusive to next-gen consoles and is not available on PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

The update will introduce general improvements such as a tweak to the appearances of Jayson Tatum, D’Angelo Russel, Jimmy Butler, Trey Burke, and Phil Jackson. Also, the update improves the hair physics of female dancers and adds the new design of the New York Liberty Logo.

Likewise, an issue with the Atlanta Hawks mascot’s tail was also fixed, and the intensity of reflections in mirrors and player and coach lenses were lowered.


NBA MyCAREER modifications

As for the MyCAREER mode, the difficulty bonus for both VC and MyPOINTS / badge progression is now being properly displayed in the postgame Recap screen for MyCAREER games.

Also, the physical attributes will now be correctly boosted when your player reaches 95-99 OVR, in addition to introducing improvements to crowd behaviour at the end of NBA games in this game mode. The update also fixed the problem that played 2K Beats songs that you had locked in the main menu.

However, no substantial changes have been announced for NBA MyTEAM, so you can buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins and play as you always did without any problem.


MyNBA were also modified with this update.

2K has fixed several minor bugs in MyNBA and here is a list of the most relevant ones:

  •  Addressed an issue with team control when entering G League games in MyNBA.
  •  Resolved a hang that occurred when releasing a two-way player to free agency that was currently assigned to the G League.
  •  Ensured that the Ring Ceremony and Banner Reveal segments will always appropriately play
  •  WNBA Playoff Mode will now correctly begin in the year 2021

Finally, we tell you that The W has also received some improvements. They fixed the bug that made your MyPLAYER appear invisible, the bug that caused your popularity not to rise correctly after finishing a match in The W Online and the problem with some animations.


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)



FIFA 21: Gameplay Responsiveness Update; How Does It Improve The Experience?

FIFA Football games have always been about completion. At first, players could only play on the same device using one of the numerous game modes EA offered. The development of online gaming has changed that paradigm by allowing players to play against faraway friends or even against strangers in friendly or competitive games. FIFA 21 has confirmed that tendency with new multiplayer modes. EA has made certain decisions about the game, to give the players a better online experience. Let us see what those changes are.

In terms of infrastructure, EA has opened a new FIFA Game Data Center or FGDC in Miami, Florida. A game data centre is“a physical location with hardware and software systems designed to operate FIFA online gameplay.” The FGDC allow for a more stable connection when playing online games. The goal of Miami’s FGDC is to improve online gaming for players located in the Southeastern United States, Northern South America and Central America. That is great news for the concerned players who should experience smoother online games.

EA teams have discovered while attempting to install an FGDC in South America that most of the internet traffic from those regions often transited via Miami. According to the EA, installing an FGDC in Northern South America or Central America will not change the amount of traffic passing through Miami, so they elected to cancel their South American FGDC installation plans for the time being. Miami’s FGDC should also benefit the participants to the FIFA Global Series as well as the other competitions that EA will organize in the next months.

EA has also worked on online gameplay responsiveness. The goal is to provide the players with the tools that will allow them to set up their connection in the best way possible. EA also wants to educate the players about the effects the settings they chose will have on the quality of their connection.FIFA 21 players now have access to Connection Monitoring tools that will give them a good overview of their connection quality during online matches.

These tools are available in the game settings. They will give you a visual representation of your internet quality throughout a game. The main objective of EA is to provide FIFA 21 players with the best experience possible when they play online. FUTeamGo store offers you FUT 21 coins at the best prices to help you build the ultimate team.


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FIFA 21 – It’s Time To Vote For The Bundesliga And UNFP Player Of The Month

FIFA 21 Player of the Month program chooses a footballer from the most popular leagues. The player is chosen by community vote. There are several players to select from each league. Let’s take a look at the Bundesliga and UNFP nominees for October’s Player of the Month.

These are the nominees for the UNFP POTM. Jonathan Bamba is a 78 OVR player that has the left midfielder position. His stats are 88 pacing, 74 shooting, 70 passing, 80 dribbling, 36 defending, and 64 physical. Wissam Ben Yedder has 84 OVR. He is a striker that has the following stats: 84 pacing, 83 shooting, 77 passing, 87 dribbling, 39 defending, and 63 physical. The third nominee for the UNFP Player of the Month is Kylian Mbappe. He has 90 OVR and his item card has the striker position. Mbappe’s stats are 96 pacing, 86 shooting, 78 passing, 91 dribbling, 39 defending, and 76 physical.

We have six nominees for Bundesliga POTM. Alario is a striker that has 77 OVR with 63 pacing, 77 shooting, 58 passing, 74 dribbling, 29 defending, and 74 physical. Angelino has the left back position. His OVR is 80 and his stats are 73 pacing, 66 shooting, 80 passing, 80 dribbling, 75 defending, and 72 physical. Matheus Cunha has 79 pacing, 79 shooting, 72 passing, 83 dribbling, 32 defending, and 70 physical. His position is center attacking midfielder and his OVR is 78. Hummels is a center back with 58 pacing, 58 shooting, 77 passing, 73 dribbling, 89 defending, and 77 physical. His OVR is 86. Lewandowski has 91 OVR. This striker comes with 78 pacing, 91 shooting, 78 passing, 86 dribbling, 43 defending, and 82 physical. Muller is a center attacking midfielder. He has 86 OVR and his stats are 68 pacing, 82 shooting, 82 passing, 78 dribbling, 56 defending, and 71 physical.

Vote for your favorite player but don’t forget about the Road to the Final event. Atal is an RTTF squad building challenge player. He has 82 OVR. Atal is a right back with 94 pacing, 73 shooting, 77 passing, 85 dribbling, 77 defending, and 76 physical. Five more players have been added to RTTF Team 1. Aubameyang, Ndidi, Diaby, Renato Sanches, and Bruno Peres can now be acquired. RTTF players are dynamic items that get upgrades when the team the player is part of has a successful game. Team 1 RTTF player item cards are found in game packs.


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Hoe huur je een huis op Curaçao?

Een huis huren op Curaçao is prettig om te kunnen tijdens je vakantie. Het is namelijk best wel makkelijk en het is een fijne vorm van onderdak tijdens je vakantie.

Als je een huis wilt huren op Curaçao, moet je wel de juiste makelaar hier voor hebben. Century 21 Curaçao is een makelaar op Curaçao die huizen aan biedt. Als je een huis wilt huren is het aan te raden om naar de makelaar Century 21 Curaçao te stappen.

Een breed assortiment

Als je aan het zoeken bent naar een huis om te huren op Curaçao, wil je natuurlijk wel dat deze in de smaak valt. Soms kan dat dan lang zoeken zijn. Omdat Century 21 Curaçao een breed assortiment aan huizen heeft, is het makkelijk om het perfecte huis voor je te huren.

Het is mogelijk om veel verschillende eisen aan het huis te stellen. Zo kun je bijvoorbeeld eisen dat het huis groot is en een zwembad heeft in de tuin. Dit is makkelijk op te zoeken en te regelen met Century 21 Curaçao. Veel huizen op Curaçao beschikken hier ook over.

Hulp bij het huren van een huis op Curaçao

Het kan best wel eens voorkomen dat je vast loopt tijdens het zoeken naar een huis om te huren op Curaçao. Als dit het geval is, is het prettig als je hierbij geholpen kunt worden. Gelukkig is het bij Century 21 Curaçao mogelijk om hulp te vragen bij het zoeken van een huurhuis.

Als je contact op wilt nemen met Century 21 Curaçao dan kun je dit makkelijk doen via de telefoon. Als je liever geen telefonisch contact op neemt, is het ook mogelijk om een e-mail te sturen. Op die manier kun je goed doorgeven wat voor huis je naar op zoek bent.

Wanneer je contact op neemt met Century 21 Curaçao, is het ook mogelijk om een aantal eisen aan het huis te stellen. Zodra je deze ingediend hebt, gaan ze direct op zoek naar een huis die precies onder die eisen valt. Vaak krijg je hier dan ook wat keuze bij.

Ga naar https://century21numberone.com/nl/s/woonhuis/te-huur en bekijk direct het aanbod van Century 21 Real Estate.