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Stay At Home Jobs
More people are trying to find stay at home jobs, as the world gets connected across the World Wide Web and the Internet. The thing is an ad home job could be ideal, it might be a battle, and it might be economically rewarding. Your home business might be just like a company anyplace. If you do not set it up right, if you do not have goals, do not have anticipation, and aren’t self motivated it is going to be a struggle. In this example there is a task for you. Those people who earn a success as a house jobs are self motivators. 

Meaningthey put on a daily basis in a great deal of hours on their occupation. Why you ask, because they love what they do and appreciate every moment of it. You can find so many opportunities with regards to finding a stay. You will find advertising affiliate internet marketing programs, Web site design, article submissions, computer programming assistants, office assistant advertising plans, tasks and a range of others. Now you are probably wondering how you become involved with any of the jobs which are available on the web. It is simply matter of doing your research. Firstly, try to find out what it’s that you’d like to. 

Then start researching it and do not pass up any opportunities. To put it differently, there will be the bad, the good, and the ugly with regards to the chances. Some you are going to become a success at, some you are going to fall on your face. Yesterday, your work at home job wasn’t started, it is been a long process of research, sticking to it, and studying. You need to 9, with regards to opportunities. Make certain you thoroughly research any opportunity that’s asking for money up front. Most sincere freelance sites don’t take money before you’ve a job. 

It might take a commission when you are done with a job, but they do not ask for upfront money. So it you believe you can be prompted with get up in the morning and go with job there’s a chance, and are seriously interested in working from home you’re going to become a success. Individuals with stay at home jobs are those which are sincerely intrigued in their line of work, educate themselves continually, and put in extended hours because they love what they do. At that may earn you a fantastic income online working from home.

Alles over het onderhoud van je fiets

Triathlon365 is dé triathlonwebsite van Nederland. Op deze website vind je alles wat maar met triathlon te maken heeft. Informatie over trainingen, wedstrijden, voeding en herstel en ga zo maar door. De website is interessant voor zowel beginners als gevorderden in de triathlonsport. Wanneer je veel traint voor een aankomende triathlonwedstrijd is het belangrijk dat je de spullen die je gebruikt goed onderhoudt. Het is vooral belangrijk om je fiets goed te onderhouden! Waarom dat zo belangrijk is en hoe je je fiets kan onderhouden lees je allemaal in deze blog.

Waarom is het belangrijk om je fiets goed te onderhouden?

In de inleiding heb je kunnen lezen dat het erg belangrijk is om je triathlonspullen en zeker je fiets goed te onderhouden. Maar waarom is het zo belangrijk om je fiets goed te onderhouden? Het goed onderhouden van je fiets is belangrijk om te zorgen dat je fiets lang mee gaat en netjes blijft. Ook zal je merken wanneer je veel aandacht geeft aan je fiets, dat je er ook veel lekkerder en fijner op fietst. Het fietst bijvoorbeeld al een stuk beter wanneer je ketting schoon is en soepel draait. Ook kan het een stuk veiliger zijn om op een fiets te rijden die goed wordt onderhouden. Wanneer je goed oplet dat je de buitenbanden op tijd vervangt rijd je veel veiliger, zeker wanneer je bergen beklimt. Bekijk op Triathlon365 een fiets onderhouden schema met wat je voor elke rit, wekelijks, maandelijks, half jaarlijks en jaarlijks moet doen voor een goed onderhouden racefiets!

Hoe kan je jouw fiets goed onderhouden?

Om jouw fiets goed te kunnen onderhouden is het handig om verschillende spullen voor het onderhoud in huis te hebben. Zo is het fijn om spullen in huis te hebben om je fiets goed schoon te houden. Ook is het belangrijk om spray in huis te hebben om ervoor te zorgen dat je ketting soepel rond kan draaien. Verder is het fijn om wat fietsgereedschap in huis te hebben om van alles vaster aan te kunnen draaien.

Advertise your cryptocurrency project in the Netherlands

Reliable Dutch crypto news can sometimes be difficult to find. Many people only want to promote their own projects or crypto, which they own a lot.  is one of the largest Dutch- independent websites in the wonderful world of crypto. It is run by two people who work full-time on the website;. In addition, several freelancers help to collect as much relevant cryptocurrency news as possible. The website gets daily updates and is always up to date.

Independent crypto news website

The website has recently received a new layout and logo. The whole is in a fresh orange color. In addition, the color gray comes back. Visitors have responded positively to the changes so far. Nevertheless, the editors are not yet done with the development. There are more changes on the website coming.

Popular articles from

Every week, the editorial staff of the website work according to a fixed blog schedule. Three themes have been appointed.

Monday: Gainers and losers in the crypto world form the past 7 days

Wednesday: Edwin’s (a writer on the website) parents bought crypto, you can read a weekly update with comments from his parents. Will they make a profit or a loss?

Friday: Extensive coin review. Edwin writes a new coin review every Friday. What coins does he like and which he does not like at all?

These articles fall under the most popular items of the week and sometimes also of the year.

Daily updates

The website receives multiple updates daily. Between two and four new articles are placed and the crypto knowledge base is also provided with new information. At the moment this knowledge bank has extensive information about more than 200 keywords. A lot more keywords are coming soon.

Reliable and independent news source

Are you looking for an independent and reliable website where you can read good information about the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency and the like? Then give this large Dutch website a chance. You will be amazed at the amount of information (almost 400,000 words) you can read for free. You do not have to pay membership or take other difficult steps. Everything is available and there are hardly any annoying ads to discover on the website.

Advertising your crypto project in the Netherlands

It’s also possible to advertise a cryptocurrency, ICO, STO or blockchain project on Take a look at the advertise crypto Netherlands page (translate it in your browser) and contact them for more possibilities.

Water pump for the garden


If you have a beautiful garden, than you know that the summer is a really nice period for you to enjoy this place. This place feels like home,  but is also allows you to enjoy the nature. What a lovely feeling. However, the temperatures always rise during the summer, so it is very important to have your garden watered in order for your garden to let it stay alive. You have to take care for you garden, but this is not a once in a week job. You need to this on an active basis, especially when it is summer. In this article I will give you a few tips regarding to taking care of your garden during the summer period.

Tip 1.

Make a list with all the types of plants in your garden. Once you have written down the different kinds of plants, you can do research on the amount of water needed for each plant to stay alive during the summer. When you buy new plants, than you can add new one to your list.

Tip 2.

Installing an irrigation pump is an really efficient way to take care of your plants. If it is possible to use water from a ditch, for example, you can create an effective way to water your plants in an automatic an sustainable way.

Tip 3.

It is important to consider the quality and material of the ground. There are soils that are less fertile than others, therefor you need to provide additional nutrients for your plants. This nutrients are not expensive, it is a effective way to give the plants a boost during the summer.

If you follow the following tips, than your garden will stay really beautiful this summer. It also advisable to take a look on They have a lot of different water pump accessories and also a water pump for irrigation system.

How do we make a catalyst workplace?

Creating ‘catalyst workplaces’ has been the objective of many a consultant in the last few years. But what is it and what do we have to do to create a truly catalytical environment.

A catalyst is a scientific term that I remember learning about in my GCSE’s. It’s a term that I would never have expected to think about ever again and I definitely would have never associated it with the workplace.

What is a catalyst?

A catalyst is a substance that is added to a chemical reaction to speed up or improve the end result. In other words, it acts as an accelerator. The opposite to a catalyst would obviously be a decelerator and that would be something that has a detrimental effect on the chemical reaction.

How is this translated into the workplace and the way we design and construct our environments?

It’s not an easy task creating a working environment let alone creating one that catalyses and empowers the work your employees are doing. There are a number of essential actions and steps that we must take in order to create such an environment.

It starts with what the space is looking like currently. What is happening in the space? Where are people working? What space is most popular? What are the typical roles staff are playing? What could change? In asking these questions you can get a clear picture of how space is used for that specific company.

These questions are difficult however, how can we get the accurate and relevant data to support our findings? It’s as we find the mix of collecting real time data, presenting it in a comprehensive but legible way and then having the expertise to interpret and make data proved decisions. That’s when we can truly design and create a powerful agile working environment that is truly aligned with the people!

(photography by Vincent Hartman)

No two companies are the same!

Every company works in a different way so naturally the answers to the questions above vary. This means that every company finishes up with their own unique environment. The mistake of the past has been to just blindly follow the design idea that some other organisation implemented and there could be countless factors that would act as blatant decelerators to the way your people work. The whole aim is to create a workplace that fits your specific and collective company culture.

For example, a Sales/Consultancy based firm would probably have a lot of collaboration spaces, crash out areas, booths and small meeting rooms alongside their workstations. On the other side of the scale if you take a more design/engineering-based firm then the focus would be on the workstations with each employee at their own desk and there would be maybe a few meeting rooms and a little collaborative space. This is because of the nature of the work these people are doing. The salesman is active and only needs his laptop and smartphone to function. The engineer has is workstation and needs a powerful PC to operate.

It’s when you look at the type of organisation and how they operate that you realise the importance of personalisation. Or as we call it at Amos Beech workplace consultants: creating a fingerprint environment. If you want to find out what environment your staff need then come to us and we’ll work it all out for you.

So, how do we make a catalyst workplace?

Figured out your transformational roadmap?

The questions are answered, and you have a clear vision on how your workplace can be made to be more empowering and suited to your specific culture. You need to build on it more. Hone it down to the finest details! We have got to start aligning that workplace to the people that use it every day. As one of my contacts once told me – it’s even down to small things like what brand of tea is in the canteen cupboard. Get the tea right and you have happy employees in the morning working with a smile and sipping their fave tea!

It just highlights the point that as soon as friction develops with something in the workplace then the negativity can follow very quickly. Talking about friction in the office – you can probably guess what’s coming next…

How do we develop a seamless technology experience?

If technology doesn’t work, are you happy? Chances are the answer to that question is NO. In fact, at this point you are usually questioning the fact you even came into work that day.

The frustration is real, but it can change. It’s all about finding the perfect solutions. I am going to write briefly about some areas within workplace experience technologies like video conferencing/meeting rooms and employee apps.

Both are in high demand by most organisations. However, the market is saturated with products that only partly fulfil what the organisation requires. This leads to very ‘clunky’ user experiences which has a very negative effect on the drive towards a truly catalytical space.

My advice to you would be to look into the smaller and more innovative start-ups and companies and you will find these seamless and complete services that will actually work for you. Thanks to the experience of the founders of these start-ups, they have managed to develop solutions that bring complete answers to the problems faced by so many companies today!

At this point you may be asking what are the best VC systems and workplace apps in the market? I’ll tell you.

For the best video conferencing and meeting room solution? I wouldn’t be the first to say Starleaf are the market leaders in this! Use one tool for every single VC function and internal communication need.

For a workplace app that empowers your employees in the space? I would recommend iotspot. Providing an app-based tool that allows staff to book and reserve desks and meeting rooms, find colleagues, navigate the space, manage visitors, security access and even book room service. All on one app. I would say this is probably the most empowering tool for employees a firm could ever consider.

How do we get better employee engagement in our workplace?

This is one of the FAQ’s in the workplace consultancy world. The answer is simple. You need to empower them, don’t bring anything into your workplace if it could have a detrimental effect on the way your employees work. Bring in tools that are simple, empowering and have obvious benefits to the user and you will find that your employees will engage more with the space and the companies vision. This empowering could be through technology that works and a working environment that is task orientated and aligned with the employee’s culture.

It is probably important to mention that when designing a catalyst workplace – take into account the future when planning! What we don’t want is a decline in 2 years’ time. Make your environment as future-proof as possible.

Workplace settings that will have a positive effect in any firm.

A workplace setting is a type of working environment that is related to a specific type of task. The usual settings you hear about are collaborative areas, silence zones, team benches, workstations, pods, meeting rooms. All of these are relevant and can be found in most offices. If you find the correct balance of these then you can end up with an extremely powerful environment.

So how do you make your environment supersonic?

Bring in something which is known as Social Cohesion Zones. These areas aren’t seen as typical working areas but more like areas we have at home and in places where we socialise. A social cohesion area can have table tennis, a pool table, some biophilia and naturality or something interesting that attracts and brings people in.

What happens when people come together? The talk! They aren’t mute and don’t wonder about in silence!

A social cohesion zone isn’t seen at first-hand as something that brings in immediate work and productivity but more an area where a team can unite, come together and gain more human connection within the space.

Want to see how a social cohesion area can be created in the fabric of your office then get in touch.

Occupational and Environmental Psychology

Dima Najib an environmental psychologist at Morgan Lovell kindly contributed the below and stresses the importance of considering psychology when strategizing and designing our workplaces.

Environmental Psychology studies the transactions between people and places. As a Workplace Consultant with a design background, it is key to understand how individuals interact, connect and establish their identity within working environments. As design shifts from individually assigned work desks to technology driven collective ways of working, understanding individuals’ needs and building accordingly matters now more than ever. When designed strategically with data analysis and insights from psychology, our work environments can be a powerful tool.

Some Research!

On doing a little reading into creating a space that empowers people I came across an interesting study:

Leesmans Report – The next 250K’ states that 28% of workers reckon that their workplace has a negative effect on their productivity. A further 15% believe that the space has nothing to do with your productivity. The remaining 57% think that their workplace has a positive effect on their productivity and feel empowered when working.

These findings were collected from over 200,000 people from around 2000 individual organisations. 28% of 200,000 is a staggering 56,000 people. That’s 56,000 people who don’t think their space empowers them. Extrapolate that percentage to the whole world’s working population! What does it equate to?

The Point? If firms decided to go through a relevant and sufficient change management and transformation process, then this 28% could diminish to an insignificant number. The more catalyst workplaces we create – the smaller that percentage will get!

Personal comment.

In writing this I don’t claim to have said anything new. I’ve only put a few thoughts in writing and plonked it here. This really only lays the foundation of a much more complex and wider process. This isn’t diminishing the point of writing this article though – Make people your priority and you will prove my point – catalyst workplaces are a powerful driver for better productivity, efficiency and happiness within your employees.








Sunglasses material frames

In addition to the model and style of sunglasses, it is important that the material suits you. There is a big difference in the appearance of the materials, but there are also a number of functional differences. On this page you will find more information about the functions and characteristics of the different materials.


The material of the sunglasses frame largely determines the appearance of the glasses. In addition, one material can be better for a punch than the other. There is also a difference in the weight of the materials, which affects the wearing comfort. Do you want to know more about the different materials? Below you can read all about their pros and cons.

Plastic frame

A plastic frame has the advantage that it is very light and can take a punch. When you wear your sunglasses a lot, a plastic frame is certainly suitable. A plastic frame is available in all kinds of frame shapes and in the most diverse colors.

Metal frame

Metal frames can consist of combinations of different materials, but all have in common that they are strong, flexible and light in weight. In addition, the legs at the nose and ears provide extra grip on the face. A disadvantage of a metal frame is that it loses its gloss over the years and becomes matt.

Bamboo frame

The reason that bamboo sunglasses are so great, is entirely due to the properties of bamboo. The sunglasses are much stronger than their plastic counterpart, but are also much lighter. A bamboo pair of sunglasses only weighs about 18 grams! This is wonderful for wearing comfort. But bamboo sunglasses are also much better for the environment. Because bamboo grows so fast, there is more than enough raw material available. The production process is almost climate neutral, except for the use of power tools. And because they last longer, you buy less new glasses. Bamboo sunglasses are therefore also the perfect accessory for the environmentally conscious consumer!

Titanium frame

Titanium is seen as the hardest, natural metal in the world. In addition, it is extremely light and hypoallergenic, which ensures great wearing comfort and makes suitable glasses for people with sensitive skin. Sunglasses with a titanium frame are perfect for people who are outdoors or practice an active sport, because these glasses can certainly take a punch.

Wooden frame

Wooden sunglasses are often unique ones. A large part of these sunglasses is made by hand. In addition, the wood always has a different grain structure. The wooden sunglasses come in different frame shapes, but fits in style most with a casual outfit.

Top 3 Supplement Companies in 2018

Are you looking for a company that sells muscle building supplements that work? Nowadays, there are so many companies selling dietary supplements. If you are looking for a legitimate company to buy nutritional supplements that actually work, we have put together the best three companies to buy them from.

1. Enhanced Athlete

In my opinion, this is the best company to buy dietary supplements from. Seriously, besides the wide range of products these guys also have amazing customer support. They carry different products than other companies, they are very specialized in the newer stuff. 
Having tried Enhanced Athlete’s products myself I can definitely say they work. The products they will make sure to help you take to progress to the next level. They carry dietary supplements like Arachidonic Acid (ARA), Slin Pills and DMHA Pre-workouts. There are only a few supplement companies that are able to get their hands on such high-quality products. For a full review of Enhanced Athlete click here.
Due to Enhanced Athlete having so many special products, they deserve the first spot. They also send a bunch of free goodies with every order which is really amazing!

2. Redcon1

This company carries more mainstream stuff. They also have some really cool products like the Total War pre-workout containing DMHA. Redcon1 is a very big supplement company and they really interact with their customers which is awesome.
Unfortunately, they are based in the USA and shipping to Europe is very expensive. This has stopped me from purchasing anything from Redcon1. Hopefully, they will be launching something in Europe soon.

3. Blackstone Labs

Blackstone labs is another very popular supplement brand. The guys from Blackstone Labs are known to sell great muscle building supplements. Besides that, their packaging is awesome. What I like about Blackstone Labs is that they have a lot of sponsored athletes and they really seem to support the healthy lifestyle.

Blackstone labs is alright when it comes down to customer support, I’ve had some bad experiences with them in the past. My orders took a while to arrive and the staff wasn’t all that supportive. The products, on the other hand, are good and I might use them again in the future.

You will never guess the top 10 of best things to do in Amsterdam

No doubt you will know that Amsterdam is famous for its nightlife and its canals. However, you probably don’t know the top 10 of best things to see and do in Amsterdam. No worries, if you are planning a trip to this lively city, Tours & Tickets will help you decide which items to put on your must-see list. Compiling a list of the best 10 things to do in Amsterdam wasn’t easy, but they managed it anyway. This list includes things such as a visit to the world-famous Rijksmuseum with works from Van Gogh and Rembrandt, but also the Amsterdam Dungeon and the ARTIS Royal Zoo. So, what are you going to do with your time in the Dutch capital?

Get tickets for the best things to do in Amsterdam with the whole family

Are you planning a trip to Amsterdam? Have you already decided which of the top 10 of best things to see and do in Amsterdam you will be visiting? In that case, you can buy your tickets for your fun family activities at Tours & Tickets. On this organization’s website you can order your tickets for Madame Tussauds, the Royal Zoo, and even book a canal cruise where you can see all the lovely sights this city of water has to offer. You can even get tickets for your own guided tour through the city to see many of its fascinating points of interest.

See the top 10 things to do in Amsterdam with the hop on hop off bus and boat

Because Amsterdam is a big city, the top 10 of things you should do are spread out throughout the capital and not grouped. This makes it more difficult to see the best things to do in a single day or weekend in Amsterdam. Luckily, there is a fast and convenient way to get around the city and do as much sightseeing as you can: hop on-hop off. The city offers both hop on-hop off buses and boats, so you can truly get anywhere. By getting on and off whenever and wherever you like, you will get the most out of your time in this wonderful Dutch city. Of course, you can also buy your hop on-hop off tickets at Tours & Tickets.

Pick a lock with a professional lockpick set

If you have not ever picked a lock before, we have one of the greatest guides on the best way to pick locks on the web. It is only a lock with additional security pins.


Can you trust your locks?

You wish to trust your lock! This lock provides the best array of difficulty of any lock we provide. Getting locked out of your vehicle or house may be an annoying problem to take care of.

The lock isn’t any different by design or function. Inside an hour of practice, I managed to choose this exact lock within seconds. What you would like to do is receive a selection of distinct locks from other manufacturers.

You’re still just paying for the case and additional fluff tools which you will never need or use. So you are spending now paying $32 for the situation! It’s possible to purchase a SouthOrd leather case but they’re pretty crappy.


Lockpick set for picking cylinder locks

A lock pick set needs to be designed around the kind of lock that you want to compromise. It truly is a good set! So your very first set ought to be in that range. These sets are created of cheap malleable metal that you are going to end up throwing away very fast.

We’ve got many different sorts of solutions in regards to lock pick sets. You are going to discover that The City lock pick set is only one of the numerous valuable sets we need to offer you.

For each excellent journey, there’s an unusual start. Rather than paying an expert to repair the issue, you can do it yourself and help you save time and money.

Many of us entering the area of lock picking are trying to purchase their very first set of lock picks, but the mass amount of goods flooding the market can occasionally seem daunting. Therefore, there’s no demand for 50 lock picks. Odds are that our helpful customer service representatives can find you exactly what you demand.



Make your own lockpick set

DIY Lock Picks Now if you’re good at crafting things and wish to create your own picks, it can lead to damn great outcomes. This isn’t an awful pick set in any way! Some of my finest picks are ones whom I’ve made myself. After you purchase a lock pick set from our selection and learn to utilize it, these issues can be fixed very quickly.

Runescape Mobile release and gold

Jagex enormously multiplayer online pretending amusement “Outdated RuneScape” dispatches on iOS and Android on Oct. 30, the engineer declared on Wednesday.

“RuneScape” is a dream MMORPG that previously propelled in 2001. It holds a few Guinness World Records, including most clients of a MMO computer game (254,994,744 starting at July 2017) and most productively refreshed MMORPG (more than 1,100). “Outdated RuneScape” is a different adaptation of the amusement that propelled in 2013 and is kept up close by the first.

The versatile port will highlight crossplay with PC, and Jagex said it’s working intimately with the diversion’s locale to guarantee it conveys a similar ordeal paying little mind to stage. Its best level interface is being refined and advanced for cell phones. There’s additionally now an adjustable, one-contact activity catch and instinctive touch-screen controls.

RuneScape Mobile release

“2018 has been a time of critical breakthroughs for ‘Old fashioned RuneScape’ on versatile, from the primary shut betas toward the beginning of the year, to the effective Members Only Beta and ongoing Canadian and Nordic delicate dispatches over the late spring, however none of them have been as profoundly foreseen as this,” said Jagex chief of diversion improvement Conor Crowley. “We are amazingly pleased to affirm that ‘Old School RuneScape’ on versatile is presently simply a question of weeks from a full dispatch; we know our players — both existing and returning — have since a long time ago needed to play the diversion they adore abide far from their PCs. The commencement to Oct. 30 is in progress!” 

“Old fashioned RuneScape” is available to the two individuals and non-individuals. Anybody intrigued by playing can pre-enlist presently on Google Play and the App Store. The amusement requires Android Lollipop or iOS 10 or more. You can Buy Runescape Mobile gold at Aoeah for cheap.