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Why is one diamond much more expensive than another?

Did you know that there are also coloured diamonds? Diamonds really exist in all colours of the rainbow. There are yellow, blue, green, pink, black, brown and even red diamonds. Worldwide only a few red diamonds are found per year and usually they are small specimens of less than 0.5 carat. Coloured diamonds are super rare and that makes them much more expensive. The more intense the colour, the bigger the price tag.

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With colorless diamonds, a number of factors are taken into account to determine the price. The size and weight (in other words, the carat), but also the color, purity and cut play an important role. For convenience these factors are also called the 4 C’s: carat, color, clarity and cut.

Colour & purity

And how exactly do you determine the colour of a colourless diamond, you might wonder? Every colourless diamond looks white and colourless at first sight, but professionals can distinguish subtle colour differences based on an international diamond colour scale. The more colourless the diamond, the more precious it is.

As far as purity is concerned, a professional with a magnifying glass (10 x magnification under normal light) looks at inclusions. The fewer inclusions, the purer the diamond, the more beautiful the light is reflected and the stronger the brilliance will be. However, flawless diamonds, i.e. diamonds without any inclusions, are super rare and therefore also very expensive.

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Cutting shape

The shape of a diamond gives it its light-reflecting properties and the quality of the cut is therefore very important for the price. A diamond has to be cut in exactly the right proportions to perfectly reflect the light from one facet to the other and to let it shine at the top of the stone. If the proportions and symmetry of a diamond are not perfect, then the reflection of the light is partially lost and that detracts from the sparkle.

In terms of price, it doesn’t really matter which SOORT cut is chosen, that’s just a matter of taste, but the QUALITY of the cut is, as explained above, very important. The better the quality, the more expensive the diamond.

Take care of your friends

And if you are in possession of a beautiful jewel with diamonds, what is the best way to do that? First of all, I would like to say that a piece of jewellery with diamonds has to be DRAGEN. I think there are quite a few people who think it’s a shame to wear precious jewelry because they’re afraid they’ll damage it.

I remember when my grandfather died and my father went to his house to clean up. He found a precious watch in the case that he didn’t even know his father had in his possession. Maybe Grandpa had worn it once or twice and then put it deep away, because he wanted to take care of it. My father thought it was a shame. If you have something so beautiful, you should enjoy it as often as possible. For him it was a real eye opener. From that point on he started to wear his own beautiful watch more often and taught me this lesson, so I also started to wear my most beautiful jewelry more often. Which of course does not mean that I am not careful. Hopefully this will also inspire you to get your most beautiful, most precious jewelry from under the dust and actually wear it. Because it’s really a shame when you hide such beautiful jewelry.

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When you wear jewellery with diamonds, there are a number of things you should pay attention to to keep them as beautiful and sparkling as possible. Avoid contact with products such as chlorine. So take off your jewellery before you start cleaning or taking a dip in the pool. Also, contact with seawater and sand is not a good idea, so keep your jewellery safe before you go to the beach or leave it at home when you go on holiday.

As I told you before, only one diamond can damage another. So preferably store your jewelry separately in a soft cloth or bag (do not throw them together in a bag) or in a jewelry box covered with a soft fabric.


Buy Bitcoin at moment-accurate prices on this marketplace

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How exhaust gas heat exchangers work

All heating systems generate waste heat that is lost in the form of, for example, exhaust gases. Of course, the exhaust gases cannot be used directly for heating. If you still want to be able to use the exhaust gases, you can use an exhaust gas heat exchanger to heat the medium that will give heat. This means that the heat is no longer lost, but is used to generate energy without additional consumption or costs.

In practice, therefore, an exhaust plate heat exchanger is installed between the boiler and the chimney or the like, so you do not have to dispose of the entire system or replace the boiler, which would cost a lot. This saves both time and money. The exhaust gases are therefore reduced not only because the energy used is practically reused, but also because the installation of such a technology is relatively easy and maintenance takes almost no time at all.

Another great advantage of the exhaust heat exchanger is that it usually uses water for heat recovery. This means that some of the pollutants can already be filtered away from the flue gases, thus reducing the strain on the filter systems.

What counts is the right design
Regardless of the way in which the exhaust heat exchanger is to be used, exodraft’s special solutions, tailored to individual needs, always provide the best efficiency with minimal maintenance requirements.

Due to the wide selection of materials and designs, a variety of heat exchangers are available. For example, a tube heat exchanger with comb or ordinary pipes can be mentioned.

Air heaters are classic – the most commonly used design. They are used to heat air or other gases for later use, for example for indoor air.

Air coolers, on the other hand, extract the heat from a material flow and transfer it to a coolant. For example, indoor air conditioning systems can also be installed without any major energy consumption. Processes that require low temperatures also benefit from this. It is often necessary to control the temperature at extremely high excess heat to maintain the desired temperature.

Heat exchangers help absorb or distribute heat according to your specific requirements. Flue gas heat exchangers are also suitable for other material flows. In addition to air, these can also be (unfit) water, oils and various gases. The process uses only waste heat and pollutes and does not mix the substances themselves.


Jouw 1e rijles bij rijschool Zeist is vrijblijvend!

Jouw 1e proefrijles bij rijschool Zeist is vrijblijvend!

Wil je binnenkort je rijbewijs halen, maar weet je nog niet precies welke rijopleiding bij je past? Of wil je eerst kennismaken met Rijschool Zeist? Maak gebruik van een vrijblijvende proefles! Tijdens deze autorijles maak je kennis met de rij-instructeur, de lesauto, onze autorijschool Zeist en krijg je inzicht in je rijvaardigheden. Na de proefles kun je beslissen of je verder wilt gaan of niet.


Jouw 1e rijles bij autorijschool Zeist is vrijblijvend!

Onze Autorijschool Zeist heeft altijd boven gemiddeld slagingspercentage, dit betekent dat vele kandidaten hun praktijk examen in een keer slagen. Een proefles aanvragen is bij Autorijschool Zeist geheel vrijblijvend. Deze proefles wordt aangeboden voor een goede start van de autorijlessen Zeist. Je wordt thuis opgehaald en weer thuis afgezet. Door onze proefles ontdekken we samen welk rijles pakket bij jou past.  Als het nodig is passen we de autorijlessen aan jouw tempo natuurlijk met je wensen en voorkeur rekening mee houdend. Autorijschool Vlam is gespecialiseerd in het opleiden/ begeleiden van mensen met rijangst en of faalangst


4 Things you need to know before renting a car and driving in Portugal

Going on a road trip in an excellent way to know Portugal. This country has beautiful landscapes, lovely towns, and delightful beaches along all its coastline. If you are planning a self-drive tour, there are a few things you should know before renting a car and driving in Portugal:

1. Road-tripping in Portugal can be budget savvy

One of the advantages of road tripping is that you can choose where to go and how much time you want to spend in one place. Besides, you can avoid touristic and expensive destinations an find better and affordable sites to visit. If you are on a budget, but you still want to get to know Portugal, you can choose to rent an economic car, it would cost you around 20 EUR per day plus gas, if you rent a car for a week you could get a better price, and don’t forget to book your car with time! It could save you a lot of money!   

2. Driving in Portugal could be two completely different experiences

Portuguese drivers have a reputation of being impatient, but that doesn’t have to deterred you from driving in Portugal. While driving in some cities, like Lisbon, can be difficult because of its narrow streets, precipitous hills and heavy traffic, driving in countryside roads in Portugal is a pleasing experience, the roads are great, landscape is beautiful, and traffic is unusual. Just be aware that Portuguese drive on the right hand of the road (as most European countries), and cars are usually manual (automatic cars are more expensive to rent). You can find more information here: autoportugal.co.uk.

3. Plan your Route ahead

Portugal has probably one of the best coastlines in the world. Particularly in the region of Algarve, Portugal beaches are beautiful, with its multi-colored cliffs, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, clear aquamarine waters and beautiful landscapes that you would never forget. So, plan your route ahead and make sure to pinpoint all GPS coordinates for places of interest, plus accommodations for each day of travel. Take into account that some rent-a-car companies offer to do this for you when renting a car.

4. Be prepared for the tolls

Most motorways, such as the A1 between Lisbon and Porto, the are now toll roads. You could drive around Portugal avoiding all tolls, visiting beautiful towns and beaches, but if you miss an exit, you could end up in one of those. Be prepared, in Portugal there is two types of tolls: entirely electronic tolls and those that allow other types of payment such as cash. Your car rental company should offer an electronic device that register all toll fees, it is not expensive, or you could prepay your toll fees. There are plenty of options to pay tolls and have a relaxed road trip in Portugal.


Answers change during exams. Always rely on your first impression?

You know the next situation? With a multiple-choice exam, you change the answer to a question at the last minute. Afterwards, it turns out that you had the question right at first, which means that you are now missing out on points. You are left with a terrible feeling, cause you changed an answer you actually knew was right in the first place anyway. What is the deal with that anyway? Do you have to follow your ‘gut feeling’ or does it work differently?

Recent U.S. research addressed the question of the situations when it is wise to adjust your answers to a multiple-choice test. It was striking that when students were sure of their answer and did not change it in a second round, they actually chose the right answer more often. For students who were not sure about the answer in the first round and who were just guessing, the chance of a wrong result was greater if they decided not to adjust their answer in the second round.


If you have a good command of the examination material and you are pretty sure of your answer, your first impression is usually correct.
Mark the questions/answers you are not sure about. Take the marked questions to a second round and see if you can come up with new insights that will lead to a better answer.

Note: Be sure to check out Abstract Tube, their mission is to create a media-rich academic and research database. This can surely help you on your research!


APPelit Selects ProximaX as Technology Partner for Joint Application Development

APPelit Selects ProximaX as Technology Partner for Joint Application Development

Netherlands based APPelit, a multi-disciplined software development company with expertise in mobile and web applications, enterprise solutions and more recently in artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain has expanded to include the ProximaX Sirius platform as part of its portfolio.

APPelit has a proven track record of successfully completing over a thousand projects from its vast breadth of disciplines. Under this agreement, APPelit will utilise its expertise to promote the ProximaX Sirius platform and its applications and solutions, namely ProximaX Suite, ProximaX KYC, ProximaX File It!, ProximaX Vault, ProximaX Notes, ProximaX Identity and ProximaX Wallet. In addition, APPelit will provide value added services such as developing their own applications and solutions on ProximaX Sirius, client specific pre- and post-sale design development, configuration, and troubleshooting and support.

“We believe that APPelit, with its expansive knowledge and experience in application and software development is an ideal technology partner for us,” said Lon Wong, Founder and CEO of ProximaX. He further added, “To accomplish our goal of becoming an enabler of blockchain technology for enterprises worldwide, we are establishing partnerships with top caliber companies such as APPelit to ramp up the adoption of our technology.”

ProximaX partner for EU and Americas

Under this agreement, APPelit is authorised to service Europe and the Americas. In addition, ProximaX may collaborate with APPelit in any other region, co-develop solutions and jointly participate in Requests for Information (“RFI”) and Requests for Proposals (“RFP”) for tender exercises. “We are excited to be working with ProximaX because its platform architecture design and inherent security features are superior to that of traditional development platforms. These features, together with its ease of integration cuts short development time, thereby lowering the cost of ownership significantly,” says Johannes Gergin, CEO of APPelit. Through this mutually accessible partnership, both parties will jointly promote continuous and open development of the ProximaX Sirius platform, applications and other opportunities.


Do you also want to save energy and money?

Do you have a good gas boiler, but would you like to make your home more sustainable by applying a saving heat pump? Or do you maybe have a new-build home or are you going to implement a large-scale renovation and you don’t longer want a gas connection? Well there is the best water pump for your situation.

The hybrid air / water heat pump is suitable for the existing construction and can be used in combination with an existing gas boiler or district heating. This modulating heat pump consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. It uses heat from the outside air and converts it into usable heat for the home. It can heat, but for in the summer, it can also cool. A heat pump is a pump where you no longer need a gas connection for the heating and / or cooling your home. That will help you save up!

Any water pump accessories is included. That means less work for you. A smart modulating hybrid heat pump that does work with any gas boiler is very handy. With its attractive payback time, the water pump provides an advance of energy-efficient existing housing. The whole thing will be installed in one day and is suitable for almost every (insulated) home. The comfort in your home is the same as that you are used to with a gas boiler, or even maybe better. At low outside temperatures, the efficiency of the heat pump decreases, and the water pump switches off to transfer it to the gas boiler. The gas saving for heating is 50 – 90%. The gas saving on tap water preparation is 0%. When the extra electricity costs are settled with this, this leads to an energy cost saving of 20-35%. The water pump does not produce tap water because the efficiency of an electric heat pump to make tap water is generally quite low. This is probably the best solution for you and your home!


The best paintsprayer for you!

We have been the online leader in paint spraying for the consumer and professional market in various countries since 2009. We sell, among other things, paint sprayers by Wagner, a German manufacturer considered to be one of the two global market leaders. Wagner has over 60 years’ experience in paint spraying and boasts the world’s largest technology center for the development of paint sprayers. All paint sprayers meet the highest ISO standard, so we guarantee you the best home paint sprayer.

A paintsprayer is a product that makes it easy to apply emulsion paint, lacquer or stains. Generally, a paint sprayer has several great advantages over the well-known brush or roller. It can reach those hard to get at places very easily. Think of corners and the transition from wall to ceiling, or behind heating pipes, or wicker baskets or chairs, canopies and shutters, cabinets or fittings. All those spots that a roller either cannot manage at all or only with difficulty. Another major advantage is that a paint sprayer usually gives a far smoother finish than a roller or brush. If you have invested a lot of money on smooth plastering, then it would be a disappointment to paint over it with a roller.

You are dealing with an electrical appliance, which means starting up takes a bit longer than just dipping a roller in the paint. Nevertheless, a paint sprayer can do the job faster. Once you are busy, you will find the work goes faster and faster. In addition, you won’t suffer physical discomfort. Painting can be a tough job, especially when you are painting above your head. A paint sprayer makes this tough job a lot lighter.

Whenever you paint, you should always tape off or cover floors, and of course that is also the case with a paint sprayer. Although the technology is always developing, paint will always be spilled. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure.


The top 10 things to do when you’re in Amsterdam

Whenever you’re visiting Amsterdam, you want to see everything this capital city has to offer. That’s why Tours & Tickets made a list of the top 10 things to do in Amsterdam. This essential checklist is filled with the best tourist attractions in Amsterdam which are highly recommended by locals and tourists that visited before you.

A few highlights from the list of top 10 things to do in Amsterdam

There is so much to do in Amsterdam, but Tours & Tickets managed to put the top 10 things to do in one short list. By visiting a few of the attractions from the list, you’ve seen the highlights of what this Dutch city has to offer. A spot you should definitely visit is the Rijksmuseum. This is the perfect spot when you want to get to know a little bit more about the history of Dutch painters. De Nachtwacht is definitely a painting you need to pay a visit! Go to the NEMO Science Museum to discover the wonders of science. This museum is really fun and nice for both adults and children, and lets you do all sorts of little experiments! Madame Tussauds allows you to meet your greatest idols or check out the most remarkable animals in the ARTIS Royal Zoo. Are you more of a dare devil? Then the Amsterdam Dungeon is the place to go. Enter a world full or horror and comedy, which keeps you entertained and frightened at the same time.

Plan your route through Amsterdam

Whenever you just want to see the beauty of Amsterdam, the list of top 10 things to do also includes Canal Cruises. Here you can enjoy the gorgeous sights of the lively yet historic canal distict of Amsterdam. If you don’t want to get on a boat, there are also Guided Amsterdam City Tours which you can do by foot. Here you’ll see the most fascinating and unique points of interest. So whether you are visiting with your family or having a girls trip: Amsterdam has so much to offer. Just scroll through the complete 10 things to do in Amsterdam list from Tours & Tickets and plan your route through Amsterdam!