Dutch food online for expats: The Dutch Expat Shop

Dutch food online for expats: The Dutch Expat Shop

If you are Dutch then you know that the Dutch people have very delicious snacks. If you have Dutch friends, or if you ever have visited the Netherlands, you have most likely tried some Dutch food or snacks yourself and now you are addicted to ‘stroopwafels’ or ‘kroketten’. In most countries you can’t order these products at your local grocery store. But do not worry! Dutch Expat Shop is the biggest online supermarket that delivers more than 27.000 Dutch and Belgium products to many countries abroad!

Your favourite beers from the Netherlands and Belgium

Even though you are probably enjoying the varied selection of your new foreign supermarket, some expats just can’t go without that delicious taste of their favorite Dutch or Belgian beer. They have a large selection of beer and other (alcoholic) beverages. A Walhalla of beverages for expats!

More than 400 well-known Dutch brands

Did you use to love eating Dutch cookies back in The Netherlands? Or are you dying to eat a sandwich with Dutch chocolate sprinkles (hagelslag)? With the Dutch Expat Shop that is now possible! At Dutch Expat Shop you can buy all kinds of Dutch food online and have them delivered to your place of residence abroad. Enjoy over 400 well-known brands at the lowest prices. Have a look at their enormous assortment and make your choice. From Dutch waffle cookies to chocolate sprinkles, you can buy all your Dutch food directly online!

All kinds of food from different Dutch grocery stores

At the Dutch Expat Shop you can order all kinds of food from Holland from different kind of Dutch grocery stores lik the Jumbo, Albert heijn, and Delhaize from more than 2.000 real brands. They offer the best prices on the market and the lowest shipping rates available. The Jumbo and the Albert Heijn have never been this close to your house untill now!

Surprise your surroundings

Just like you, your fellow expats have probably gone without their favorite products from back home for quite some time. So why not surprise them on their birthday with a gift box filled with products from their native country? Perfect as a gift for Christmas or as a wedding present! Start your online shopping in Belgium and the Netherlands via the Dutch Expat Shop!


Personalised iPad or iPhone cases are a great gift idea

Personalised gifts are widely popular these days. Many companies offer personalisation services such as personalised mugs, personalised pens, engraved cufflinks, engraved business card holders, personalised t-shirts, personalised phone cases, engraved umbrellas and much more. The personalisation process includes adding special messages on the gifts, engraving logos, images, fonts, and slogans on the gifts. Adding personalised messages to the gifts makes the gifts unique and special. Personalised gifts are a unique and good choice for every occasion.

Personalised iPad cases

If you have dreamed of creating a one-of-a-kind accessory that not only protects but also keeps your iPad looking sleek, you have come to the right place. A personalised iPad case is designed for all tastes and made to work with wireless charging and other accessories. In 3 easy steps, you can create custom iPhone and iPad cases with multiple pictures. Choose your device and custom photo case type, upload your photo and receive your brand-new personalised iPad case!


Personalised case for the iPhone

Protect your phone in style with personalised iPhone cases. The most important thing about any phone case is that it does its job well and we can assure you that all of the cases at MyPersonalisedCase are tough enough to protect your phone properly. Besides that, their cases are designed to ensure that all buttons, toggles and wireless charging are easily accessible. Whatever your style, they’ve got the iPhone personalised case for you. They have tough silicone cases, quality leather cases, full wrap cases, hard cases and much more. Maybe you’re a great artist and want to upload an awesome drawing or perhaps you prefer a picture collage of your loved ones. Even if don’t have any artistic talent or technical skills, creating your personalised case is super simple with their 3-step process.


Are you ready to create a phone case for yourself, someone else or for your company? Then you’re in luck, it is really easy to do this online! A good example of a website where you can create your own cases and covers is MyPersonalisedCase.co.uk. With their online tool you can quickly transform any phone case into your own personal creation!


Runescape Mobile release and gold

Jagex enormously multiplayer online pretending amusement “Outdated RuneScape” dispatches on iOS and Android on Oct. 30, the engineer declared on Wednesday.

“RuneScape” is a dream MMORPG that previously propelled in 2001. It holds a few Guinness World Records, including most clients of a MMO computer game (254,994,744 starting at July 2017) and most productively refreshed MMORPG (more than 1,100). “Outdated RuneScape” is a different adaptation of the amusement that propelled in 2013 and is kept up close by the first.

The versatile port will highlight crossplay with PC, and Jagex said it’s working intimately with the diversion’s locale to guarantee it conveys a similar ordeal paying little mind to stage. Its best level interface is being refined and advanced for cell phones. There’s additionally now an adjustable, one-contact activity catch and instinctive touch-screen controls.

RuneScape Mobile release

“2018 has been a time of critical breakthroughs for ‘Old fashioned RuneScape’ on versatile, from the primary shut betas toward the beginning of the year, to the effective Members Only Beta and ongoing Canadian and Nordic delicate dispatches over the late spring, however none of them have been as profoundly foreseen as this,” said Jagex chief of diversion improvement Conor Crowley. “We are amazingly pleased to affirm that ‘Old School RuneScape’ on versatile is presently simply a question of weeks from a full dispatch; we know our players — both existing and returning — have since a long time ago needed to play the diversion they adore abide far from their PCs. The commencement to Oct. 30 is in progress!” 

“Old fashioned RuneScape” is available to the two individuals and non-individuals. Anybody intrigued by playing can pre-enlist presently on Google Play and the App Store. The amusement requires Android Lollipop or iOS 10 or more. You can Buy Runescape Mobile gold at Aoeah for cheap.