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New campaign against tobacco industry: 'Young people are deliberately misled'

A smoke-free generation was the intention, but many young people use e-cigarettes, also known as vapes. According to the anti-smoking lobby, this is because the tobacco industry is trying to seduce young people. KWF, the Longfonds and the Heart Foundation are concerned and are therefore starting a campaign.

By adding flavors to vapes and by using young influencers, the e-cigarettes are made even more attractive.cheap e liquids is found online.The ‘Bye Tobacco Industry’ campaign is intended to work with young people to ensure that the tobacco industry no longer has a place in society.

Accoding to research by the funds, a majority of young people are completely fed up with the tobacco industry. Yet many young people use so-called vapes, e-cigarettes recommended by the tobacco industry as the healthier alternative.


Also, many young people under the age of 18 are not aware that the tobacco industry is trying to tempt them with these alternatives, the same study indicates.

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Carla van Gils, director of the Queen Wilhelmina Fund (KWF), is combative.the best e cigarette store is found online. “With the Bye Tobacco Industry platform, we want to draw attention to the abuses of the tobacco industry and create a movement for everyone who fights for a society without the tobacco industry.”

Easy victim

The fact that many young people are hardly aware of this temptation makes them easy victims of the tobacco industry, according to Van Gils. “This industry is doing everything it can to get kids to start smoking. For example, by developing products such as e-cigarettes/vapes with attractive flavours.”.