Do you have a passion for collecting revolvers of the Old West?

Whether you have already a large collection of weapons yourself or you are just getting started with passionate collecting, Wild West Treasures has the right product in stock for you. Investing in revolvers of the Old West is always worth the purchase. This professional company has weapons and revolvers, straight from the American historic events. Simply sort the revolvers of the Old West by war, era, model or country to find the model you were looking for specifically. The antique items might have been used by important historical figures throughout different wars. Are you curious about the revolvers of the Old West in their collection? Read more below!

What they have in stock for you

Wild West Treasures, based in Belgium, shares your interest and passion for ancient articles, weapons and revolvers. The items below are just a small example of what they have in stock for every collector of revolvers of the Old West:

  • Antique combustible cartridges and primers
  • Derringers of all brands
  • Dual cases
  • Holsters, scabbards and leather items
  • Japanese swords
  • Maynard’s system revolvers and long guns
  • Pepperboxes
  • Percussion revolvers
  • Powder flasks
  • Revolving rifles
  • Rimfire revolvers
  • Russian made items
  • Single shot pistols
  • Small pocket revolvers
  • Swords belts and coats
  • US military primary single shot pistols
  • Wild West items

Simply browse through their impressive collection or use the filters to find your new favourite piece. Organise the weapons and accessories by date, asking price, year or status.

Get in touch with the professionals of the company

Do you have a question about their revolvers, straight from the Old West? Their friendly team is more than happy to help you. Just fill in the online contact form, phone them or send them an e-mail. The correct contact information is displayed at the website of their niche brand. Complete your professional and impressive collection! 


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The ideal outdoor hobby during the Corona: Magnet fishing

It is the ideal outdoor hobby in the 1.5-meter society: going for a walk with a metal detector. And you will find something again. Likewise, Walter and Clim Tiemessen (63) from the YouTube channel The Happy Treasure Hunters, who are browsing the Goois nature reserve. “After the first coins, the archaeologist in me woke up.

Walter and Clim Tiemessen (both 63) are looking for treasures on the heath near Hilversum. They publish videos of their experiences on Youtube.

Walter Tiemessen (63) came home from a day of searching near Lage Vuursche and had cleaned his find in the sink. After brushing it thoroughly, he was still not sure whether the heavy thing was really the counterweight of a clock, as he suspected. He decided to send a photo to the police and before he knew it, two police cars and one car from the explosives disposal service were parked on the street.

“No,” he lied, still standing in the kitchen with the counterweight in hand. “In a bag in the car.”

The grenade continued and half an hour later they heard a bang in the distance. The bomb had been detonated near Hilversum. “I don’t like this whole war thing at all,” says Tiemessen. “There are groups of people who are only concerned with World War II. I prefer to look for historical material. “

“One of the officials said that magnet fishing (looking for metals underwater with a fishing magnet on a rope, ed.) Is even more dangerous than what you did,” adds his wife Clim – “Van Clementine” – Tiemessen (63) added. “The explosive pull on the rope can cause an explosive detonation. Fortunately, you didn’t have that. 

Looking back, Walter can laugh about it. “It turns out that I was looking in the wrong place where it is not allowed. From that moment on I started checking the search locations more thoroughly. “

You can view online where and when you can search in different ways, for example via the General Local Ordinance (APV) per municipality. Anton Cruysheer (44), chairman of the De Detector Amateur Association: “Every year it happens dozens of times that someone comes across an explosive in a field or in the forest. It can happen. However, it is important that everyone obey the rules to avoid accidents.

Cruysheer: “There are a few important points like digging no more than 8 inches, getting permission from the landowner before searching, not searching during the breeding season and areas where fierce fighting took place during WWII, and when you have dug them up, close the pits again. “

“The nice thing about this hobby is that anyone can buy a metal detector and just get started. Some very special finds are made every year, so they’re still worth checking out. Just don’t expect it to make you rich. The gasoline costs to get anywhere are often higher than the value of the material found. “

Metal seekers often come across metal buckles. The buttons (below) are from a military uniform.

Exciting television

Walter and Clim Tiemessen get out of their car in a parking lot near the Goois nature reserve. The pages are covered in stickers from their YouTube channel: The Happy Treasure Hunters. Both wear hiking pants, sturdy shoes, a belt pouch, a hand shovel in a holster around their waist, gloves, a fleece jacket and a fisherman’s jacket with pockets that reveal everything during the treasure hunt.

A magnifying glass, for example a penknife, all kinds of cloths, medicines for heart failure, reading glasses, car keys, coins. This time they go out without main cameras, but with a metal detector and a shovel. Walter, a television maker in a previous life, has started their own YouTube channel with his wife, where they publish videos about the treasure hunt with English subtitles. The videos are edited to make it look like you have been searching with them for an hour. Ideal slow TV for those who don’t have the time or equipment.

“There is something attractive about it, according to the responses we received,” says Clim. “Every time you stick a shovel in the ground, dhe question: what will it be? That makes it exciting on television. “


“It is pointless to just look somewhere,” says Walter and leads the way to today’s treasure hunt. He’s holding the metal detector in one hand and a shovel in the other. “You have to know where to find something, just immerse yourself in the history of the area. In the 17th century the postal route ran from Amersfoort to Amsterdam. “

Here in the Goois nature reserve, as a detector seeker, you shouldn’t just scour the ground, says Walter. “We are one of the few who get a permit, so we don’t often meet other treasure hunters. Our most beautiful finds are a silver Rijksdaalder from Wilhelmina, a Willemsmunt from 1848 and a hundred other special ones, including one from 1600. “

During the search, curious hikers regularly ask if they have found something. The critical guys who ask if they’re allowed to do what they’re doing are more annoying. “You can see it from afar -” Sir, you shouldn’t be looking here at all. “” Walter raises his eyebrows. “I’m employed by the church, I say then. From the metal removal service. People make a mess of it. We clean up cans, clips and other rubbish. “Oh yes,” they say and move on. I have to tell the real busybody that I have permission before they leave. “

Although Walter and Clim Tiemessen regularly walk alone across the heath with their detector, it gets busier elsewhere. The number of treasure hunters in the Netherlands has increased significantly. It’s exciting, good for your condition (because there is a lot of walking and bending) and the perfect Corona hobby: 1.5 meters apart in the open air. “The number of detectors sold has increased enormously, as has the number of members of our association,” says Cruysheer.

“I’ve been into archeology since I was six, ever since my parents bought a metal detector for me and my brother and sister. The fun of chasing started after I found my first old coin and discovered historical objects to figure out what they were used for. I see metal detection as opening a door to the past in an unexpected way. You never know where you will end up. Many members build a reputable collection and specialize in a particular period – Roman times or the Middle Ages. I didn’t keep my finds in showcases at home, but entered them online in the PAN, the national registration office for archaeological finds. As an amateur archaeologist, you can contribute to the historical knowledge of the Netherlands and view your own collection online. “

Beginner’s luck

Walter Tiemessen developed a treasure hunt three years ago after being attacked by a heart attack bomb – in his own words due to an overly Burgundian lifestyle. “I miraculously survived the operations, after which I immediately stopped smoking and drinking. I had to move and walk the dog a lot. I was so bored that out of curiosity I bought a metal detector to see if it felt like that. My first copy was one from Alibaba, a kid’s thing. I waved as I left. After the first coins, the archaeologist in me woke up. “

His wife Clim was an elementary school teacher for over forty years and stopped working after a series of burnouts. She has been going to the moor with her husband for a few months. “The first time I found four out of eighteen coins within half an hour. Walter was a real beginner’s luck and said: What is that ?! “

“The nice thing is not only to find special coins or other items, but also to find out exactly what you found at home,” says Walter. “Cleaning is also a job in itself. For example, you have to derust silver with soda and store it in aluminum foil. And if it turns out that you’ve found something unique, something of historic value, I’ll keep it and report it online to the PAN. We also find a lot of chaos. Ninety percent is garbage, we see that as a useful cleaning. “

Cruysheer agrees, “Tons of toxic metal are extracted from nature using metal detection. We are the largest association for hobby archeology and metal detection in the Netherlands and have around two thousand members. They’re all very active, that pretty much clears up. “

Walter and Clim Tiemessen set out at least twice a week. “The advantage of the Goois Nature Reserve’s arable land is that it is gigantic. For variety, we also look for variety after doing research online and getting permission from the farmer. If you find something in his field, you have to share the poet, that is the rule. Particularly interestingnt are the newly plowed fields where you can find lots of historical furniture. “

Tiemessen (almost) always has a magnifying glass to check the year of a find. Red Klaas’ treasure

In 2018 a treasure hunter in the polder area between Dirksland and Sommelsdijk came across the jackpot in the Zeeland clay. There with the metal detector a loot of 700 loose silver coins and almost 2300 coins found in a glass, op

a plowed field. The youngest coin dates from 1526, the oldest from 1305, and the total value is estimated at around half a million euros. The coins come from various European countries, including the Netherlands, Italy, England, Germany and France. The story goes that it is a treasure trove of the mythical pirate Rode Klaas, a 16th century Amsterdam captain.

“I do not know the history of this coin treasure”, says the archaeologist Peter Kranendonk (55). “In Amsterdam all kinds of material came in from all over the world via international trade and it could have ended up anywhere. It is forbidden to search in much of Amsterdam. “

As the chief archaeologist, Kranendonk was responsible for the seven hundred thousand finds made while working on the north / south line and is now involved in a late medieval excavation in Uitdam. “In 2016, the Monuments Act was changed to what is known as the Cultural Heritage Act, which says that you can use a metal detector to search the top twelve inches of the ground, but not everywhere. For example, it is forbidden to search for archaeological monuments. The city center of Amsterdam is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you are not allowed to search there, even on the top layer. Magnetic fishing in the canals is also prohibited and dangerous as there may be ammunition and grenades. “

According to Kranendonk, the good news is that the treasure hunter can still find medieval household items from Amsterdam – or a pot of silver coins – in plowed fields in Drenthe or Friesland via a detour. “Since the late Middle Ages, people have met their needs in the cesspool, and broken and superfluous household items have also disappeared there. This cesspool was emptied, and this material ended up on the poorer, flat-bottomed sandy soils to be used as fertilizer. Pipes and other things are still often found in fields. Topime cards show what happened two hundred years ago where you want to look. “

Walter Tiemessen has already seen online that there was a lot of activity on the heath hundreds of years ago. He points across the heather to the raging A27. “There were buses with post and trade to and from Amsterdam. That’s why we think this area is worthwhile. “

It’s time to search so the metal detectors are cranked up. They swing a few feet apart above the ground. After a minute you will hear a low beep, followed by a high one. Walter bends down and hacks a hole in the sand with his shovel. “You have to get to know these beeps a bit; that could be something. “He skilfully skims the detector over the pile of sand next to the hole. After another high beep, he picks up another device: the pin pointer. A couple of pricks in the sand with the squeaky rod and he’s got a bite: a metal bowl from a wine bottle. “We’ll take this for the trash.”

Walter goes on. After an unearthed wire, a used shotgun cartridge, and a corroded wheel supposedly from a watch, Clim makes the first serious find: a penny with Juliana on it. Walter wants to take his magnifying glass out of one of the pockets of his fishing jacket, but has an “older moment” and cannot find it.

If he has searched in vain for all the bags, he looks carefully at the coin with his reading glasses. “You don’t think it’s possible: your year of birth, Clim, 1956! This is just a moment because we didn’t have it in our collection yet. “


Choose the best scents that match your zodiac sign

If you have trouble deciding on a suitable perfume for everyday to formal wear, you may want to look at your personality type better. Many people believe that it is possible to decide on the most suitable separation by looking at the constellations. Even if you don’t believe in the constellations, a simple scent horoscope can give some clues about a preferred scent type. Here are some suggestions for constellations:

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

An independent and opinionated Aquarius is unexpected, so a perfume range for this zodiac sign is definitely on the sensual side and contains a hint of patchouli and sage.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

A sensitive and shy Pisces is honest and fresh. They are true to themselves. The most suitable scents include a top note of citrus or amber and lower notes of plums or wisteria.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

These signals relate to the more adventurous spirit that has a dynamic personality and the ability to lead. Look for scents with gingerbread, mandarin, vanilla and red rose top notes.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

The bull has a grounded and reliable personality. This sign is controlled by Venus and the preferred fragment is floral and sensual. Patchouli, jasmine and bergamot tones are the most suitable.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

With an easy look no life, a Gemini is full of imagination and very creative. A suitable fragrance includes that with a fresh citrus scent.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Those with the cancer star sign are very good lovers, friendly and creative. The most suitable perfume notes are the classics such as magnolia and lily, as well as a hint of sweet honey.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

A lion is powerful and assertive and likes to be very artistic. Delicate and fruity scents are recommended with top notes of spicy cinnamon and rose.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

The Virgin is a very detailed person. A very practical zodiac sign and likes to keep things in place. Top notes are orchid, bergamot, mandarin and laurel that help to create the feminine and delicate scent.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

These are charming and warm people who like to cherish and are calm in nature. Top notes are certainly the broad spices.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

The mysterious and moody personality of the Scorpion means that they are emotional and passionate about the things that mean something to them. A scent with patchouli, musk and cedar is the most suitable.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

These constellations are for the artists or intellectuals who are full of energy and love. A scent with a hint of amber seed and musk for a woody scent is recommended.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

A Capricorn is a responsible and reliable person who is very sober. They enjoy the more ancient and classic scent range.

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Comfortable trainers in the latest fashion trends

Whether you are looking for wedge sneakers or dad trainers, Steve Madden has it all! Trainers are the perfect shoes to go shopping or when you have a fun day out with the family. However, the times when trainers were only for sports are long gone! Nowadays, trainers are a true fashion statement that create fun, comfortable looks of your everyday wardrobe. Think of a high waisted ripped jeans with a cute crop top, combined with animal print trainers with a thick sole. That’s right, you will steal the show wherever you are without getting painful feet! However, at Steve Madden you will find more than just cute trainers.

Show your style with high heeled sandals

Turn heads whilst you strut your stuff with the most fashionable heeled sandals from Steve Madden. Are you looking for a comfortable, feminine shoe? Then the heeled sandals with a chunky heel and ankle straps are the best choice for you! With the festive season coming up, heels give you an instant fashion boost and a curvy silhouette. Turn the space around the Christmas tree into your own private runway and make sure to be the star of the festivities! Wearing heeled sandals under the perfect little black dress makes you club-ready in an instant, so you do not lose any time changing your wardrobe.

Order the perfect shoes for your wardrobe

Have you found the perfect trainers to do all your Christmas shopping, or have you found festive heeled sandals for a New Year’s party? Then order them via the web shop of Steve Madden. Dress like a true fashionista, as your shoes will be delivered the next day with free shipping! Do you want some more inspiration? Take a look at the Instashop and see how influencers style their latest accessories, dresses and shoes. Use #STEVENMADDENEU to showcase your fashion statement and have a chance to be featured on the feed of Steve Madden!


Give the perfect gift with a Montblanc rollerball pen

For someone who loves to write, there is no better gift than a high quality rollerball pen. These finely developed specializations of the ballpoint pen offer greater ease of writing, a wider range of colors, and offer impeccable writing clarity. As such, rollerball pens will make a perfect gift for a family member, a work anniversary or simply to yourself. And when it comes to choosing the rollerball brand that will deliver each and every time, look no further than Montblanc. Appelboom offers a variety of specialized models of Montblanc rollerball. Each and every one is a piece to cherish, and will surely inspire you to write great things. Should you see yourself writing or signing important documents with such a distinguished and elegant pen, Appelboom offers these beautiful pieces in their online shop. In addition to their selection of Montblanc rollerball pens, they offer a wide range of other high quality writing instruments. Go and browse the online shop, and get inspired!

Why choose a Montblanc rollerball as your preferred pen?

Montblanc as a brand has always been associated with luxurious gifts or souvenirs. Moreover, it espouses the values of artisanal prowess and traditional craftmanship. Should you be looking for a present that is nothing short of perfect, give the gift of a Montblanc rollerball. Should you want to give an even more personal touch, Appelboom offers the possibility to personalize writing instruments. By engraving a pen, you imbue it with a unique design and character. This company does all its engraving for metal pens themselves, using one line in a clear font. However, they can certainly accommodate special wishes regarding the font, if that’s what you prefer. Appelboom refers pens made from other materials than metal to its partners for engraving work.

Any and all writing wishes, fulfilled in the Appelboom online store

You can find fantastic pens and accessories for your writing instruments on the Appelboom website. Check out their enormous range of product, and find just that thing you like. Their expertise will no doubt prove useful in making sure you purchase the luxury writing instruments you desire!