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Is an automatic gate a good idea?

An automatic gate is a gate that is opened and closed by an electromagnetic system. Some automatic gates can be controlled remotely, such as from a company’s reception desk. They can also be controlled with a transmitter, or work with sensors or cameras. Some people have a transponder built into their car. With such a fully automatic gate, you don’t even have to press the button anymore. The gate “recognizes” the car and opens by itself.

An automatic gate sounds tremendously convenient. And it is. Just look at the advantages.

Advantages of an automatic gate

An automatic gate is convenient. You don’t have to get out of the car. This is especially nice during rain and wind.

Burglary prevention
With an automatic gate, anyone can enter who is welcome. But uninvited guests stand -literally- before a closed door.

An automatic gate is often designed as a sliding gate. With a sliding gate you do not have to take into account a large turning circle. Therefore, such a gate takes up very little space.

Last but not least, a gate stands for style, luxury and class. With an automatic gate, you let everyone know that you consider security important, but also value an attractive appearance.

Professional installation
Installing an automatic gate is slightly more difficult than a traditional gate. As a result, an automatic gate is also slightly more expensive than a conventional gate. So it pays to shop around a bit and ask for multiple quotes. Or just choose Automatic Doors 24 right away.

We have been the partner of choice for installing and maintaining all types of automatic doors, gates and fences for over 20 years. We stand for quality and therefore work with automatic doors, gates and fences of the major brands. But we also stand for a competitive price. Therefore, we offer all products with the best value for money. Moreover, we promise that you know exactly where you stand. So yes, an automatic gate is a good idea!

Do you also want an automatic gate so you don’t have any unexpected surprises? Then we are here for you.