5 tips for saving energy

CO² emissions are partly the cause of climate warming and it is therefore our responsibility to limit CO² emissions to a minimum. Part of this is making homes as energy efficient as possible. There are various options with which you can save energy. This is not only good for the environment, but also good for your wallet. You can usually save directly on your energy bill with this. Therefore 5 tips to achieve energy saving.

1. Replace all lamps for LED lighting

Do you still use incandescent or halogen lamps for your lamps? Even though they are still working, it is very wise to replace them with LED lighting. LED lighting may be slightly more expensive to purchase, but that makes you more than good due to the enormous energy saving. An LED lamp is up to 85% more efficient than an incandescent lamp and lasts up to 9 times longer. Do you have nice recessed spots for the bathroom with halogen lighting? Also replace them with LED recessed lights for the bathroom. The advantage of LED recessed spots is that you no longer have to change a light bulb quickly and that the energy is used very efficiently.

2. Prevent stealth consumption

Sleep consumption is the consumption of electricity while the device is not on or on standby. You do not use the device and yet it consumes energy, this is really a waste of energy. It also often goes unconsciously, such as leaving the television on standby or leaving the charger in the socket without a smartphone attached. You can prevent sneaky consumption by actually switching off devices, pulling the plug out of the socket or using a power strip with a switch. This turns off the power to multiple devices at once.

3. Use less water

Consuming less water requires a behavioral change. For example, do not let the water flow while brushing your teeth or when soaping in the shower. Also do not shower longer than necessary and do not use a bath. You can also lower the hot water temperature in your boiler or boiler so that you use less energy when heating up.

4. Buy energy-efficient equipment

Is a refrigerator, freezer or washing machine broken? Always pay attention to the energy rating when purchasing a new device. A + is economical, but you will go much better for equipment with an A +++ energy rating. These devices are usually a bit more expensive to purchase, but you will certainly earn back with a considerable energy saving.

5. Close cracks and cracks in the house

Do you still have old window frames? Then, over the years, cracks and crevasses can be created through which draft passes. This is not only very uncomfortable, you also lose a lot of heat. The thermostat often goes a little higher, but this does not help much. This means that you consume more energy, but that you do not get warmer in the house. Therefore, close all cracks and cracks in the house and also apply the necessary draft strips to doors and windows.


Ajax alarm system

Burglaries are no longer a far-from-your-bed show, so the chance that you will be burgled is by no means non-existent and you should take that into account. Burglaries are happening more and more often, which makes it increasingly important that you and your family are sufficiently protected, but how do you best do that? Nowadays there are various options, but the Ajax alarm system is highly recommended!

Why an alarm system is important

An alarm offers you safety and security. Thanks to an alarm, you no longer have to worry about unwanted people in your home. With a good alarm, thieves have no chance and you can safely sleep on both ears. Protect yourself, your family and your household effects by installing a security system! Thanks to a security system, you are not only comfortable when you are at home, but you can also go on holiday without worry. Theft is happening more and more, and for that reason there are more and more providers of alarms, how do you choose the best?

Why should you choose Ajax?

This security system is a reliable system that enables wireless communication. This is therefore a wireless alarm system that is easy to use. You get quality, which results in extra safety. Ajax is a specialized young company that continues to develop its equipment. Their security systems are becoming more and more modern and extensive. They offer a high-tech wireless alarm system. The security system works with various sensitive sensors, which immediately trigger the alarm if a burglar wants to enter your house. These alarms are also easy to install and maintain, if something was wrong with the security system, you can easily notice this in the app that accompanies the alarm. Another advantage is the sustainability of the system. These alarms were made from the best materials, so they last a long time. The batteries that come with it even last up to 7 years. By choosing a sustainable security system such as this you also save money! You can purchase all these interesting products for a good price-quality ratio, what are you waiting for?

How do you install this security system?

You can easily install these alarms yourself with the app that comes with it. All you have to do is scan QR codes. With this you can read in all components within 5 minutes. You can easily install the system with the supplied screws or with double-sided tape. Keep control of your alarm by using the app, because in the app you can monitor clearly whether everything is still working properly. A nice extra is that by using this system you can always see if there is still a window or door open.


Choose aluminium internal doors for efficient use of space

Do rooms in your house feel like they need more space? A large part of the problem tends to be regular doors. Their swinging arc takes up quite a lot of space. So are you ready to choose aluminium internal doors to create a beautiful, wide-open space? These doors give any space a minimalist, modern look – perfect for creating an industrial feel. As mentioned before, they take up less space, allowing you more possibilities for repurposing a room. When remodelling your home, aluminium internal doors compare very favourably to doors made of wood, steel or other materials. Read on and discover further advantages of these magnificent doors.

Aluminium internal doors: a stunning addition to any modern interior

First and foremost, aluminium internal doors feature superior durability to most materials used to construct doors. After all, it does not rust and has suffers a very low degree of wear, meaning it will not require replacement for many years. In addition, these doors are very easy to maintain and clean; repainting won’t be needed any time soon. One of the best aspects of aluminium internal doors is their environmentally friendly construction. Because it does not corrode, the material is easily recycled. With so many advantages over regular doors, IDA is proud to offer you their beautiful internal sliding doors. Peruse their collection and get excited for your next building project!

Purchasing IDA’s beautiful doors

As a high-quality aluminium internal doors producer, IDA has an extensive collection to get inspired by. We often feature exposes online on the way our customers have put their doors to good use. Using our website, you can find your nearest IDA dealer in a flash. If you have any further questions or would like to receive purchasing information, do not hesitate and get in contact with this company today! They would be happy to assist you with finding the right aluminium internal doors for your space.


Diverse vloerbedekkingen

Er bestaan diverse soorten vloerbedekkingen. Je moet er wel voor kiezen de juiste ondervloer te kiezen; bijvoorbeeld een nieuwe laminaat ondervloer zorgt niet alleen voor een toename van de uitstraling van je laminaat, het zorgt er ook voor dat je voeten zich comfortabeler voelen.

Bovendien werkt het eindresultaat van je laminaat door op grond van de dekvloer waar deze op ligt. Als je bijvoorbeeld een kale houten dekvloer hebt kunnen naden tussen de houten planken doortekenen in het laminaat en hierdoor zichtbaar worden. Dit gebeurd ook wanneer je een laminaat op een oude ondervloer plaatst, deze kan ook versleten zijn op belopen plekken.

Door voor een ondervloer te kiezen wordt de levensduur van je laminaat ook verlengt. Het zorgt voor een schokabsorberende laag en beperkt de slijtage van je laminaat. Bij het gebruik maken van een ondervloer wordt het geluid tot meer dan twee keer gedempt.

Wat je moet weten over tapijt

Als je kiest voor een tapijt, kan dit je meerdere voordelen bieden. Zo zijn ze vaak heerlijk zacht en het vormt een goede ondergrond voor je huisdieren en kinderen. Zij maken namelijk geen schade aan je vloerbedekking en ze zullen zich minder snel bezeren aangezien het een zachte materiaalsoort betreft.

Bovendien bieden ze een goede geluidsisolatie en ze isoleren goed tegen de kou. Verder kun je ze op veel plekken in allerlei kleuren verkrijgen dus moet het mogelijk zijn deze aan te sluiten bij de rest van je interieur. Bijkomend voordeel is dat tapijten doorgaans vaak goedkoper zijn dan harde vloerbedekkingen.

Wel moet je er op letten dat tapijt vaak lastig te onderhouden is; haren en vlekken zijn moeilijker te verwijderen.


Verschillen tussen cilindersloten

Er zijn verschillende modellen veiligheidscilinders beschikbaar voor het beveiligen van de deuren van je woning. Je kunt kiezen uit diverse typen cilinders die uniek zijn van vorm en systeem. Afhankelijk van je voorkeur en de noodzaak tot beveiliging zal bepaald worden welk type slot je het beste kunt laten installeren.

Je doet er verstandig aan om eerst goed te informeren naar wat de mogelijkheden precies zijn, zodat je kunt bepalen welk veiligheidscilinder het beste lijkt en je een optimaal gevoel aan bescherming zal geven.

Gelijk of verschillend sluitend

Bij het installeren van verschillende veiligheidscilinders kun je kiezen uit sloten die gelijk of verschillend sluitend zijn. Wanneer je verschillende sloten aanschaft voor de verscheidenen toegangsdeuren tot je woning, is het belangrijk vast te stellen wat je voorkeur heeft. Het verschil tussen een gelijksluitende en verschillend sluitende cilinder kan je hier lezen.

Wil je voor elk slot een eigen sleutel hebben of heb je liever dat je met eenzelfde sleutel alle sloten kunt openen? In dat geval kun je met een enkele sleutel de deuren openen van de voordeur, kelderdeur en zelfs de garage. Dit kan voor een woning een handige keuze zijn, anders heb je tal van verschillende sleutels nodig.

Slot met gevarenfunctie

Naast het soort cilinder kun je bepalen of het verstandig is om een veiligheidscilinder te kiezen die tevens de mogelijkheid tot een gevarenfunctie biedt. Dit kan van pas komen in situaties waarbij iemand onverwachts medische hulp nodig heeft en de sleutel in het slot zit. Bij andere cilindersloten is het dan onmogelijk om de deur te openen.

Met een gevarenfunctie is dit wel mogelijk, zelfs als er reeds een sleutel aan de andere kan in het slot zit. Dit zijn belangrijke aandachtspunten om te overwegen bij aanschaf van een veiligheidscilinderslot.


Top paint sprayer

One of the easiest ways to quickly transform your home is of course by painting your walls. It is relatively cheap, easy to do and gives quick results. A quick paintjob has never done anyone wrong. However, what a lot of people do not consider is to buy a  HEA paintsprayer. By using the spray the process of painting becomes even easier and consumes less time. Moreover, it will become easier to paint difficult to reach objects and surfaces. Painting will become so fun that you will start to paint everything inside and around your house. Accordingly, in this article a few positive aspects of using a top paint sprayer will be shared with you

First of all, a paint sprayer will allow you to deliver a smooth and more importantly consistent paint finish to any surface, whether that is indoors or outdoors. It allows anyone to provide full coverage on any surface. This is caused by the even distribution of the paint. The paint sprayer provides the power but allows you to be fully in control. One of the main advantages of using a paint spray is that users can apply an even and thin coating to any surface.

Second, the process of painting becomes way faster compared to using an ordinary brush. This of course varies per person but you can image that painting becomes a lot less of hassle. Another reason why a brush is inferior to a spray is because you no longer have to worry about brush marks or drips.

Lastly, using a paint spray is an effective way to paint furniture and decks, which are normally regarded as difficult. Therefore, the painting process become less dependent on technique, and thus will the result better. It is important to find the right spray for your job. Not every spray has the same functionality as others and generally there are different categories depending on what you want to do with it. On for example paintsprayer.co.uk there are various categories available. Of course, there is a difference in small paint jobs and craft projects or wanting to paint the decks