Maithuna is healthy

Maithuna is good for your physical and mental health

People realize that being happy is more than making a lot of money. It is being conscious and this comes on a certain age that you understand that it is in small things. And so people start thinking from the age of 35 that they have to change their livestyles. They are also critical to their relationship. They want more depth and intimicy. So they want to learn the Maithuna rituals.


You might think people in the USA aren’t open minded, but in real life you see the opposite. These people are not alway hippies. These are people that start living out of their gut feeling. So the want a life where the soul can learn a lot and not make the same mistakes over and over again.


In the book Maithuna you can learn how to love your partner in a respectful way. It is the most easy way to communicate with your partner in a way that words are mostly not needed. A blink with your eye a soft smile, it al helps to communicate. Just 7% of our communication is speaking. So the body language is the most powerful thing that we have to communicate. And by the communication the initimacy will grow and becomes stronger and stronger. So if you know what it does to your partner and your spiritual growth, you want to experience more and more. The only thing you need is time. The whole Maithuna ritual takes at least 3 hours and this is a short session. It has nothing to do with you weekly ’11 minutes’. Even with the Maithuna techniques the male will be a better lover in these case, because he is trained to make the sessions longer and longer. Therefor just learn the techniques.


How Many Calories Break a Fast?

Intermittent fasting is done to fast for a specific period of time, then stopping, and continue again. If you have planned to fast for several days, or even weeks continuously, you may find it a little difficult to adjust to the routine. In such a scenario, a common question is asked by the fasters that how many calories break a fast.

While there is no specific answer to that question, there are some different cases that must be discussed to try to understand it.

A common, albeit inaccurate, belief among faster is that consuming up to 50 calories does not break the fast. However, it is incorrect because fast is broken as soon as you consume any calories. It happens because as soon as any calorie enters your body, it starts burning glucose for energy, and burning fat – the primary purpose of fasting – is inhibited.

In this in-depth article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about breaking a fast. From whether supplements affect the fast to which foods to consume post-fast, you’ll learn to make smart, healthy decisions. After all, the time following your intermittent fast is incredibly important, and now you’ll know just how to manage it.

The misconception that somehow 50 calories or less do not break the fast is believed to be originated from James Clear’s website. Clear is a fast enthusiast and an influential entrepreneur. While this strategy is ineffective in achieving all of the benefits of fasting, it should be remembered that there are different types of fasting. Some of them allow you to eat for a period of up to eight hours a day. It is called the 16:8 method of fasting as you fast for 16 days and can eat for 8 hours a day. If you have adopted 16:8 fasting with the recommended balanced diet of 500+ calories, then the 50-calorie rule can be suitable for you.

However, if you are on water fast or dry fast, then consuming any calories will break your fast. An article by Furthermore stated that the majority of the intermittent fasters around the world are okay with consuming 50 calories during fasting. The same report also states that ingesting even a small amount of calories is enough to nullify your fast because the body stops burning fat, and the purpose of fasting is not achieved. 

Another critical aspect of calorie consumption while fasting is the use of supplements. It can be confusing for people to determine the effect of supplements on fasting and whether it will break the fast. It depends on the type of supplements you are taking and their ingredients. Commonly following supplements do not break the fast:

  • Probiotics
  • Creatine
  • Fish oil
  • Multivitamins
  • Pure collagen

On the other hand, the following supplements will definitely break your fast:

  • Sugary supplements
  • Protein powder
  • Gummy vitamins
  • Amino acids

To sum it up, it can be said that consuming even a single calorie can break your fast, so it is recommended to be fast cautiously and make sure you are not consuming anything during the fasting period, which can nullify the whole process. To enjoy all the benefits of fasting, you should fast diligently and be smart in your calorie consumption.


Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Imagine removing your hair and not having it grow back for a long time, or ever. That’s what permanent laser hair removal can do. It works when the laser damages the hair follicle, keeping it from growing back. Here’s everything you need to know.


Pros of Permanent Laser Hair Removal

This method of hair removal slows down hair growth to the point that you won’t have to shave anymore. It works on many body parts, including armpits, legs, the bikini line and the face. It’s also much less painful than waxing and electrolysis.

Cons of Permanent Laser Hair Removal

For many people, one of the biggest drawbacks of laser hair removal is that it can take several sessions before results are noticeable. The procedure can get pricey and it works best on people with lighter skin. Though rare, there’s also the risk of burns and scars after laser hair removal.

What to Expect at a Session

During your permanent laser hair removal session, you’ll wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from the laser and your technician may apply a numbing cream to the area before you get started. During the actual treatment, your doctor will pass the laser beam across your skin. You may feel the heat, but many doctors use a cooling gel to make you more comfortable. A small area can be treated in just a few minutes, while a larger one can take several hours.

After the Treatment is Over

You may have to go back for a repeat session, usually with several weeks in between. Your hair will begin falling out after several days or weeks, post treatment. The results last at least several months but may last for many years. As hair regrows, it is usually lighter and finer, so it’s less noticeable.


Top 3 Supplement Companies in 2018

Are you looking for a company that sells muscle building supplements that work? Nowadays, there are so many companies selling dietary supplements. If you are looking for a legitimate company to buy nutritional supplements that actually work, we have put together the best three companies to buy them from.

1. Enhanced Athlete

In my opinion, this is the best company to buy dietary supplements from. Seriously, besides the wide range of products these guys also have amazing customer support. They carry different products than other companies, they are very specialized in the newer stuff. 
Having tried Enhanced Athlete’s products myself I can definitely say they work. The products they will make sure to help you take to progress to the next level. They carry dietary supplements like Arachidonic Acid (ARA), Slin Pills and DMHA Pre-workouts. There are only a few supplement companies that are able to get their hands on such high-quality products. For a full review of Enhanced Athlete click here.
Due to Enhanced Athlete having so many special products, they deserve the first spot. They also send a bunch of free goodies with every order which is really amazing!

2. Redcon1

This company carries more mainstream stuff. They also have some really cool products like the Total War pre-workout containing DMHA. Redcon1 is a very big supplement company and they really interact with their customers which is awesome.
Unfortunately, they are based in the USA and shipping to Europe is very expensive. This has stopped me from purchasing anything from Redcon1. Hopefully, they will be launching something in Europe soon.

3. Blackstone Labs

Blackstone labs is another very popular supplement brand. The guys from Blackstone Labs are known to sell great muscle building supplements. Besides that, their packaging is awesome. What I like about Blackstone Labs is that they have a lot of sponsored athletes and they really seem to support the healthy lifestyle.

Blackstone labs is alright when it comes down to customer support, I’ve had some bad experiences with them in the past. My orders took a while to arrive and the staff wasn’t all that supportive. The products, on the other hand, are good and I might use them again in the future.


Toxicologic pathology as a pre-check before mass producing new pharmaceuticals

Launching new pharmaceuticals or chemical compounds requires assessing the safety of pharmaceuticals and chemicals by a toxicologic pathologist. If a new pharmaceuticals turn out to be carcinogenic after it has been released for instance, public outrage and the following political backlash will be severe, and rightfully so! Toxicologic pathology can be seen as a pre-check for the mass production and distribution of new pharmaceuticals. But who has the necessary credentials, experience and equipment? Welcome to Global Pathology Support in the Netherlands. Your address for testing your new product for side-effects, proper dosage and overall safety.

Toxicologic pathology: the key to safe chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Did you know that all new chemical and pharmaceutical compounds need to undergo rigorous testing and assessments before they can be launched en masse? Naturally, all these compounds have to be rigorously tested for personal and public health risks, possible side-effects and safe dosage. This requires the services of a specialist that works according to the ruling legislation and defined guidelines. Global Pathology Support B.V. is one of the few independent laboratories in Europe that complies to these laws and guidelines and has the expertise to properly carry out toxicological studies in chemical and pharmaceutical testing. The chief pathologist, Dr. Bob Thoolen, is a highly trained professional with over 30 years of experience and education in toxicologic pathology under his belt.

Employ the services of an expert in the field of toxicologic pathology

The last thing you want as a manufacturer of chemicals or pharmaceuticals, is to launch a product that hasn’t been assessed properly. Imagine the backlash if something is not in order! Luckily for all of us, so is legislation. There are several guidelines and international laws that manufacturers need to comply to in order to mass produce new products. This requires a pathologist that specializes in toxicologic pathology. And that means you are looking for an expert with at least 4 years of post-academic education at a recognized institution. Finding an expert like that is no easy feed, or is it? Global Pathology Support B.V. is an independent