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Everything about Instagramstories: what is it and how do you do it? What are Eternal Stories?

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Users have long been introduced to InstaStories. This is not the last update, but no one can say that it has lost its popularity. The Stories feature has quickly won over its audience and the brightest have figured out how to use the update to their advantage.

What are these stories?

Stories is an Instagram option that allows you to upload 15 second photos and videos, separate from the main feed. Users share what they cannot or do not want to upload to their main page. The advantage is that Stories are only visible for 24 hours.

InstaStories is a great way to instantly share your moments in life with your followers. It is thanks to Stories that you can well increase your profile statistics and increase engagement. For example, if the feed is only processing serious content, you can load everything into Stories and remind readers of yourself.

Stories has created very useful features:

  • Boomerang (looping video like GIF)
  • Focus (the camera focuses on the face by blurring the background);
  • Superzum (a kind of video effect on music where the camera zooms in);
  • Reverse shooting (video is played in reverse order);
  • Hands-free (the ability to record a 15 second video without holding the buttons down).

Not so long ago it became possible to leave links / redirect users behind. Put hashtags, tags, geolocation. With the help of different emoticons, inscriptions, GIF images you can present your photos well. The developers have already borrowed a popular chip from Snapchat. Masks have taken root well on Instagram.

It is also possible to hide your Stories so that they are not viewed by unwanted people, just highlight their name in the “Hide” list. Or show only those who want by adding the user to the “Best Friends” list.

The Stories option is not only trendy, but also very useful for companies. Bloggers often use Stories for mutual advertising or advertising in general. Targeted ads in Stories are much cheaper than the main feed, and the impact of such ads can be even better.

Stories is an opportunity to show yourself or your product “live”. Discover the secret of work processes. It’s no secret that we all like to spy a little. And with the help of such chips you can very well increase statistics and increase interest in your account.

Once a potential subscriber comes to you, the first thing they do is evaluate the look of the profile. Eternal Stories – will not only help to create an aesthetic appearance of the page, but also interest the user, give him the necessary information.

Eternal Stories is an opportunity to collect your own stories and pin them to your personal account. Now they are not removed after 24 hours, but can be left on forever. Use these circles under your profile header to attract new subscribers, complete your profile description, and create visual content. You can post anything you want, the main thing is to sign albums, which made it easier to navigate, create beautiful covers that fit the tape.

You can add to Eternal Stories:

  • FAQ (basic questions, information) Price;
  • Reviews;
  • Announcements;
  • Your hashtags;
  • Page navigation …

The Instagram developers were clearly confident in the success of the Stories feature, and they were not wrong. Some users are no longer interested in the main feed and are stuck in the Story Feed. This is a new social networking format that has won the trust of most of the users. It should be noted that the more stories the more people are involved.

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