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Does your company already use these it services?

The advancements in information technology have come with numerous benefits to companies worldwide. Businesses have been able to significantly reduce their operation costs, and at the same time maximizing their profits. However, with the increased development in the ICT, the need to safely acquire and dispose of outdated, unviable, and undesirable machinery in a safe environment and in responsible environment has been a daunting task for many companies. Therefore, most companies have resorted to hiring the use of smart IT services in managing a wide range of challenges. Among these smart IT services that most companies use include the following:

1. Data Disposal Services

Companies that wish to clear a huge chunk of data must first seek the services of a good service provider to do such work. These service providers must be able to remove the data safely and ensure that the data security is highly maintained, to avoid any leakage of crucial information to third parties.
The service providers must be skillful and responsible enough to handle the servers, storage systems, and switches from various racks where such data is stored. Such companies should also ensure that they have specially designed services for data centers, including safe on-site data erasure and data carrier destruction.
Benefits of hiring data center disposal services.

  • The service providers would end up realizing a high residual value for the written off ICT equipment.
  • The residual value earned would go a long way in compensating for the removal expenses hence giving your company an ideal return on investment.
  • Leakage of company data is prevented by adherence to reliable and strict operating procedures.

2. Data Erasure Services

Most companies go into great depths in trying to safeguard their private data. As organizations, there are severe penalties for leaking any private information, either the companies` or third parties`. Additionally, it always tarnishes a company’s reputation hence easily leading to massive losses, with regard to profits and customer base.
As it is widely known, hackers would only require small information to be able to penetrate fully into your business. This small data is sometimes what is found on IT equipment which was scrapped or sold on and still containing data carriers such as hard drives.
Hiring professional service providers for data erasure is a must for every company that seeks to either discard, sell, and when redeploying machines to other employees.

Benefits of using a professional data erasure company:

  • These companies usually have advanced data erasures software for erasing data from various data carriers and maintain a high level of conformity and standards.
  • Other companies go the extra mile in awarding a certificate as evidence of a successful erasure of data.

3. Hard Drive Destruction

Today, most companies seek professional and reliable HDD destruction services when destroying various data carriers, such as hard drives and USB sticks. These devices are usually kept with confidential data hence need to be properly handled.

  • By using such services, you avoid any possibility of personal data leakage.
  • By properly destroying such devices, your company avoids the possibility of any future legal actions in regard to leaked personal information.

4. Return of investments

When your organization has excess IT equipment and wishes to dispose of them quickly and securely, then it is best to engage the services of a reliable operator. And since many redundant pieces of equipment consume valuable storage space, and the risk of data leaks is high when they end up in the wrong hands, always contract companies that would safely dispose of your assets and share the proceeds with you.