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Discover the wonders of heated insoles:

As winter approaches, there’s one aspect we often overlook: the comfort of our feet! They’re usually the first part of the body to succumb to the chilling effects of dropping temperatures, leading directly to common colds and other ailments. But fear not, heated insoles are here to offer a solution! Equip yourself with a pair and don’t fear the cold winters anymore. Perfect for both the most adventurous explorers and those who prefer cozying up at home, our heated insoles are the solution to warm your toes during the cold months.


Understanding heated insoles:

Externally, they might look like regular insoles, but they contain a secret weapon: built-in heating surfaces. These surfaces are powered by rechargeable batteries, ready to envelop your feet in warmth at the click of a button. With three adjustable heat settings, they can be adjusted to your personal comfort level seamlessly.

Benefits of Heated Insoles:

  • Enhanced Circulation: The heat helps blood circulation, particularly beneficial for those suffering from poor circulation or conditions like Raynaud’s disease.

  • Ultimate Comfort: Forget bulky layers that cramp your style and your shoes—these slim insoles fit seamlessly into any footwear.

  • Consistent Warmth: From active days outdoors to long hours at your work, heated insoles maintain an optimal temperature, keeping your feet warm throughout the day.

  • Extended Outdoor Time: Embrace longer periods of outdoor activities like skiing or hiking without the urgency to escape the cold.

  • Pain Relief: For those dealing with foot pain from arthritis or similar conditions, the warmth from these insoles provides relief.

  • Robust Build: Manufactured with high-quality materials, these insoles are designed to endure tough conditions and frequent use, ensuring reliability season after season.


Introducing our heated insoles!

When it comes to keeping your feet warm, BERTSCHAT® sets the standard with top-tier, durable heated insoles. Committed to your comfort, we ensure every pair keeps you warm, satisfied, and prepared for the coldest days.

Remember, heated insoles are not just for battling severe cold—they’re for anyone wanting to maintain warm, comfortable feet all winter long. Haven’t tried them yet? Now is the perfect opportunity to discover the comfort and warmth that heated insoles can bring to your cold weather adventures.

Suffering from another body part that needs a little help with warming? Take a look at the website of BERTSCHAT® where they offer a lot more heated garments like Heated Gloves, Heated Socks, Heated hoodies or Heated Bodywarmers.