D2 Racing Sport

D2 Racing Sport is the leading and one of the largest manufacturers of quality coilovers, air suspensions, big brake kits, camber kits, and other related components that could fit in a wide range of car brands in the world. D2 has been consistently manufacturing regular and high-performance parts over the years, which ranks them way above their competition and outperforms them in every aspect through their excellent products.



D2 Racing Sport Coilover systems

Coilovers are essentially suspension devices used on automobiles to achieve a lower ride height. They are basically shock absorbers with a coil-over them. Apart from offering a lower ride height that looks stylish on most cars, coilovers improve your vehicle’s handling, allowing you to take corners much faster. Additionally, some coil-overs offer adjustability, which will enable you to raise your vehicle slightly when going off-road and lower for high speeds on the runway.

D2 offers a wide range of coilovers that can be used for any car model or brand. The different coilover types manufactured by D2 include circuit, drag, drift, pro racing drift, pro racing on gravel or snow, rally asphalt, rally on snow or gravel, sport, and street type. D2 also develops special coilovers for any vehicle depending on the user’s demands, whether it is intended to be used on the track, rally, drift, or the street.


D2 brake kits

High speeds require proper brakes. Go fast and stop faster is the popular saying, and its importance cannot be overemphasized. D2 brake kits offer larger brake discs and larger brake pads that play a massive role in shortening stopping distances. The added surface area on the pads and discs goes a long way in dissipating as much heat as possible. The increased temperature in these components is detrimental to braking performance.

D2 offers both front and rear braking kits that fit in any vehicle model or brand. Rotors offered by D2 range from 286mm all the way to the large 421 mm. Furthermore, D2 offers aluminium calliper options ranging from 4 pistons to 8 pistons for improved braking performance.


D2 air suspension

D2 Racing Sport air suspensions allow occupants within a vehicle to enjoy a comfortable driving experience by enabling the driver to change the ride height by a touch of a button. Air suspensions bridge the gap between coilovers and standard suspension when it comes to comfort and a nice looking ride height.

D2 Racing Sport air suspension kits are designed with shocks that can be adjusted in terms of their damping and a pneumatic system popularly referred to as the air ride suspension. The different types of air suspension offered by D2 include diamond, struts & bags, basic, deluxe, Super Pro, and Gold.



Upgrading your car’s performance should not stop at installing better brakes and adding coilovers. The rest of your vehicle’s chassis should be able to withstand the added structural forces exerted by the new braking and suspension system.

D2 offers a wide range of replacement and peripherals to add to your vehicle depending on your needs. These components include lower control arms, coilover components and brake components.