Water pump for the garden


If you have a beautiful garden, than you know that the summer is a really nice period for you to enjoy this place. This place feels like home,  but is also allows you to enjoy the nature. What a lovely feeling. However, the temperatures always rise during the summer, so it is very important to have your garden watered in order for your garden to let it stay alive. You have to take care for you garden, but this is not a once in a week job. You need to this on an active basis, especially when it is summer. In this article I will give you a few tips regarding to taking care of your garden during the summer period.

Tip 1.

Make a list with all the types of plants in your garden. Once you have written down the different kinds of plants, you can do research on the amount of water needed for each plant to stay alive during the summer. When you buy new plants, than you can add new one to your list.

Tip 2.

Installing an irrigation pump is an really efficient way to take care of your plants. If it is possible to use water from a ditch, for example, you can create an effective way to water your plants in an automatic an sustainable way.

Tip 3.

It is important to consider the quality and material of the ground. There are soils that are less fertile than others, therefor you need to provide additional nutrients for your plants. This nutrients are not expensive, it is a effective way to give the plants a boost during the summer.

If you follow the following tips, than your garden will stay really beautiful this summer. It also advisable to take a look on waterpump.co.uk. They have a lot of different water pump accessories and also a water pump for irrigation system.


Pick a lock with a professional lockpick set

If you have not ever picked a lock before, we have one of the greatest guides on the best way to pick locks on the web. It is only a lock with additional security pins.


Can you trust your locks?

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Lockpick set for picking cylinder locks

A lock pick set needs to be designed around the kind of lock that you want to compromise. It truly is a good set! So your very first set ought to be in that range. These sets are created of cheap malleable metal that you are going to end up throwing away very fast.

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Make your own lockpick set

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Linkbuilding Duitsland

Linkbuilding Duitsland

Linkbuilding toepassen in Duitsland

Wat is linkbuilding

Linkbuilding is een essentiële factor als je hoger wilt scoren in Google. Het is dan ook een slimme zet om dit toe te passen voor je onderneming. Je bouwt dan in feite je netwerk op door links die naar jouw eigen website leiden te plaatsen op de website van derden, dit word backlink genoemd. Het kan heel bevorderend zijn voor je SEO Duitsland. Je zult wel moeten begrijpen hoe Google werkt met linkbuilding. Simpelweg zo veel mogelijk links plaatsen op verscheidene website is niet het juiste SEO-strategie, en je zult daardoor niet hoog scoren bij Google. Als je hoger wilt komen in de zoekmachines zul je kwaliteit links moeten plaatsen. Google kijk onder andere naar het content van je linkbuilding Duitsland, is het van goede kwaliteit en relevant. Heeft het website waar je link is geplaatst wel autoriteit, de website van de lokale groenteboer zal niet veel bijdragen aan je zoekmachine optimalisering. 

Hoe pas je linkbuilding toe

Zorg ervoor dat de content op je eigen website helemaal in orde is. Je kunt niet verwachten dat een bedrijf jouw link op zijn website gaat plaatsen als het content niet sterk en relevant is. Een sterke content dat in relatie staat met hun product of diensten zal meerwaarde leveren aan hun website. Een website met autoriteit zal hierop letten, ze moeten natuurlijk wel een goede reden hebben om jouw link op hun website te plaatsen. Er zijn verscheidene manieren om een backlink te plaatsen. De makkelijkste manier zou zijn om partnerbedrijven te vragen of ze een link naar jouw website willen plaatsen. Maar als het gaat om linkbuilding Duitsland kan dat wel eens lastig worden. Bloggen is ook een manier om aan backlinks te komen, als je je blog deelt op social media kun je makkelijk er een linkje in plaatsen die leid naar jouw website. Maar omdat je te maken krijgt met klanten die geen Nederlands spreken, wordt deze optie moeilijker. Je kunt ook al het werk uitbesteden en het overlaten aan de professionals. linkbuilding is niet makkelijk, en als je ook te maken hebt met een taalbarrière word het knap lastig. Laat het werk uitbesteden en je zult binnen korte tijd flink stijgen in Google. 

Word beter gevonden in Google

Opvallen bij klanten is niet zo eenvoudig met al die online marketing strategieën van tegenwoordig. En als je je richt op het Duitse markt heb je te maken met meer concurrentie dan Nederland. Het beste maken van je SEO Duitsland is goede strategie als je een succesvolle onderneming wilt hebben. Je artikel moet perfect aansluiten op het content van derde, en als Nederlander in het Duitse markt is dat niet eenvoudig. Gelukkig kun je dat allemaal bereiken met de juiste professionele hulp. linkbuilding in Duitsland is een strategie die alleen maar bevorderen zal zijn voor je onderneming.


Celebrate the culture and understand the impact of the UNESCO’s ranking in Manama, Bahrain

From June 24th to July 4th of 2018, took place the 42nd session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This session brought together 139 countries and over 2000 experts in cultural and natural heritage.

Originally, the idea, of ​​building a collection of the most extraordinary architectural and artistic works, comes from the list of the Seven Wonders of the World. These are works from the ancient world located between the Middle East and Europe; from the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt to the Colossus of Rhodes in Greece.

Created in 1976, the committee inscribed the first sites on the World Heritage list in 1978. This recognition comes from the sites themselves and also the means implemented to preserve the cultural and natural sites.

Since 1997, these sites are no longer the only ones to integrate the list of the committee, since the concept of oral and intangible heritage is defined. In 2001, a first intangible masterpiece is inscribed on the site.


Celebrate culture in Bahrain

This session also highlighted some of the state sites of the Middle East. By bringing the committee to Bahrain for the first time, UNESCO demonstrates the importance accessioning new states. Bahrain has only been present on the committee for four years and yet this is the recognition of the work started on its heritage by the authorities for culture and antiquities:

“Everyone is proud of Bahrain’s accession to the World Heritage Committee for the next four years and its presidency this year … With the signing of the World Heritage Committee hosting agreement, we are reaping the fruits of years of continuous efforts to strengthen Bahrain’s position on the map of regional and global cultural centers.”

The organizer for Bahrain, Sheikha Haya Rashed Al Khalifa, Chairperson of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO and former ambassador of Bahrain in France.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands with 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Bahrain Pearl Activities and Fort Qal’at Al Bahrain. In conjunction with the 42nd Session of the World Cultural Committee, the Authority of Culture has developed a program to celebrate the designation of the city of Al Muharraq as the “Capital of Islamic Culture for 2018”.


Culture and impacts on the territories

This great international event is a unique and annual moment to bring together World Heritage specialists. Thus, they have their experiences and consult for the protection of the heritage and culture. In addition, two forums were hosted by the Kingdom on the sidelines of the 42nd session: the Forum of Young World Heritage Professionals and the World Heritage Site Managers’ Forum 2018. In this logic of study and exchange, the reflections on heritage conservation and the impacts of a classification are topical.


The creation of the “Arab Regional Center for World Heritage

The Kingdom’s involvement extends beyond its territory for the preservation of the Arab heritage, with the creation of the “Arab Regional Center for World Heritage” (ARC-WH). Recognized as UNESCO, this center was created in 2010 as part of the World Heritage Convention in Arab countries. The center works for 19 Arab countries for the promotion of natural and cultural sites (expertise, logistical assistance or financial support).

In conjunction with the 42nd Session of the World Cultural Committee, the Authority of Culture has developed a program to celebrate the designation of the city of Al Muharraq as the “Capital of Islamic Culture for 2018”.

The next session of the World Heritage Committee will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2019. A new destination to celebrate World Heritage !



The last years sustainability has become a big subject in the whole world. Sustainability has become a big subject because raw materials are becoming less available on earth. Reusing materials has become very important and therefore using every material again can be very useful. In this article you will read some information about reusing materials in your house.

The first option and most obvious ways of reusing is solar power. Solar power is one of the most saved form of energy on the whole. Installing solar panels is the only requisite to start gathering solar power. Using the sun as a power source is an easy and effective way of re-using solar power. You can power your house by the energy stored by the solar panels and that way you are reusing power given by the sun. Reusing solar power is a very sustainable way of reusing power given by nature. Sustainability is important for the earth because raw materials are getting scarce. Also the ozone layer is getting affected by CO2. Therefore it is important to keep expelling CO2 at a minimum.

The second option for reusing materials is reusing water. Water is a very versatile substance which you can use for several different ways. With the help of a water pump and water pump accessories you can store water underground or somewhere in a basin and later on use it to water the plants, flowers and trees in your garden, or you can use the water to make a little shower in your garden for when it gets too hot during tanning in the sun. Reusing water by using a waterpump (which you can buy on waterpump.co.uk) is a very good way of reusing materials given by nature and that way you help preventing CO2 expelling into the air because by using your faucet you will have to use some natural to heat up the water. Even if you do not tap warm water, the boiler will always be ready to heat up your water and therefore use some natural gas.