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Great Jewellery gifts for the UK

Picking out diamonds?
So, had a crash course in diamonds! Now look for the rings that suit you! With or without one or more diamonds. We offer a wide choice of rings with diamonds. Do you already know what you want? Take a look at which Aller Spanninga jeweller is near you.

This article is written by Unsaid Library. Unsaid Library is a jewelry shop in Antwerp and the UK.

In gold jewellery the gold content is indicated by carat, but what is carat gold anyway? What is the difference between the types of carat gold, such as 9, 14, 18 and 24 carats? And how can you tell how many carats of gold there is in a ring? In this blog we explain all about it, so you can make the right choice when buying gold wedding rings!

How many carats is pure gold?
The term carat in gold indicates how much pure gold there is in a piece of jewelry. In a ring there is often a stamp that indicates how much pure gold is in the ring. Pure gold is expressed in 24 carats and contains 99.99% gold. However, pure gold is very soft and therefore flexible and sensitive to wear and tear. By adding other metals, the gold is hardened, creating different gold contents and different colours. This process is also called alloying. These additives are often copper, silver or palladium. By hardening the gold, it can be better processed. Pure gold is actually too soft to make jewelry and is therefore unsuitable for rings.

What does carat say about gold?
The ‘carat gold’ is a measure of the amount of fine gold in a ring. The height of the carat indicates how much pure gold a ring contains. The proportions are as follows:

8 carats: 33.3% pure gold, indicated by 333
9 carat: 33,75% pure gold, marked with 375
14 carat: 58.5% pure gold, marked with 585
18 carat: 75.0% pure gold, marked with 750
20 carat: 83,3% pure gold, marked 833
21.6 carats: 90.0% pure gold, marked with 900
22 carats: 91,6% pure gold identified by 916
24 carat: 99.99% pure gold, marked 999
In the Netherlands the vast majority of gold rings are made of 14 carat gold, followed by rings made of 18 carat or 9 carat gold. Do you have a ring made of 8 carat gold? Then it most likely comes from Germany. In the Netherlands 8 carat new is not sold, by law it may not be sold as gold.

Indication carat in gold rings
The higher the carat of the rings, the more gold it contains. In all 14 and 18 carat gold rings from 1.0 grams sold in the Netherlands there is a hallmark. All Spanninga rings of 14 carat are provided with the number 585 and an oak leaf, 18 carat rings are provided with the number 750 and a tulip. In addition, our A:S master sign in the rings, so you can see that it is a real Aller Spanninga ring.

Other common indications for 14 carat are: 14 k, 14 krt or 585/1000. This means that at 14 carat jewelry 585 parts of the 1000 are pure gold. In other words: when you have 100 grams of 14 carat gold, you have 58.5% pure gold in your hands.

This article is written by Unsaid Library. Unsaid Library is a jewelry shop in Antwerp and the UK.

Gold and the Dutch law
Dutch law is strict in what may and may not be called gold. It requires that the designation ‘gold jewellery’ may only be used if the content is at least 14 carats.

In the Netherlands most suppliers work with 14 carat gold. A 14 carat ring is hard enough to last a lifetime with normal use. Rings made of 18 carat gold are seen as the more luxurious jewelry. Jewelry made from 9-carat gold is not officially seen as gold jewelry in the Netherlands. 9 carat rings can be inspected with the CCM quality mark, the international mark, but this is not obligatory for the Netherlands.

Aller Spanninga delivers all rings with a hallmark and an A:S master sign, also the 9 carat rings and rings of Palladium 585. If you buy an Aller Spanninga ring with this master sign in it, you can be sure that the ring is original.

How is that abroad?
In countries around us, rings and jewellery with a lower gold content, for example 8 or 9 carats, are regularly offered. In Germany and England this is quite normal, 9 carat is sold as gold in these countries. Here the rings are also mandatory inspected. In Belgium a hallmark is not mandatory.

In countries around the Mediterranean Sea, in the Middle East and Asia we often see gold of a higher carat. So gold jewelry of 18, 20 and 22 carat gold. The higher the carat, the ‘deeper’ the gold color of a piece of jewellery.

Ring production
With pure gold you have the certainty that there is no added metal in the alloy. As mentioned before, pure gold is very soft. In fact, it is so soft that wearing it will cause a lot of damage. The material


Spice up your furniture

Sometimes you can get sick of seeing the same things in your house every day. A lot of people have this and it happens a lot more than you would think. There are a lot of things you can do to spice your furniture up a little. You can of course get some new things, but this will cost you a lot of money. In this article I will tell you some other ways to make your home look brand new while you didn’t actually change much. 

To keep your home looking nice and fresh, it is very important to keep your walls a nice neutral color. This is especially important on the first floor, where you want everything to look like it flows nicely. Neutral walls give you a lot of flexibility while decorating. If you have to smaller rooms next to each other, painting them the same neutral color will make them appear larger than they actually are.  

Making sure your sofa can talk to your chairs is a nice way of setting up your furniture. This means your furniture is arranged in groupings that invite conversation. When placing the furniture in your living room, aim for a similar sense of balance and intimacy. Pushing all your furniture up against the wall will make the room appear smaller. If you have your furniture floating away from the walls will make your room feel larger. 

Sick of your brown leather couch? Just paint it a different color. Just get a leather dye kit from internet and get to work. If your couch is suede you can get a kit specially for suede dye. There are enough instructions on the internet to do this succesfully. You can keep it as cheap as you want or you can make it more expensive, it is up to you. 


De perfecte wenkbrauwen creëren

Wenkbrauwen zijn nou eenmaal nooit helemaal gelijk. Het is ook erg moeilijk om ze helemaal perfect in model te krijgen, maar toch is het mogelijk om ze erg goed uit te laten komen.

Er zijn een aantal dingen, die je kan doen om je wenkbrauwen perfect te krijgen.

Het kan zo zijn dat je er zelf niet helemaal uitkomt en dan kun je natuurlijk altijd de hulp van een expert inschakelen, maar zelf wat uitproberen kan ook prima.

De lengte en het formaat van je wenkbrauwen

De perfecte lengte vinden van je wenkbrauwen is erg lastig. Door een paar haartjes te veel of te weinig weg te halen, krijg je al snel dat je een norse blik uitstraalt. Belangrijk is om te onthouden dat het begin niet te dik moet zijn van je wenkbrauwen, maar ze moeten ook niet te lang doorlopen. Dit kun je allemaal bereiken door met een goede pincet de haartjes weg te werken.

Wenkbrauwen bijwerken met make-up

Als je de wenkbrauwen goed hebt bijgewerkt met een pincet, kun je beginnen met een wenkbrauwpotlood. De juiste kleur vinden is vaak ook niet heel makkelijk, dus laat je vooral goed informeren in de winkel of favoriete online make-up shop.

De meeste wenkbrauwen hebben niet een rechte vorm, maar hebben een soort hoekje die er in zit.

Dit hoekje heeft niet iedereen van zichzelf, dus deze kun je ook helemaal zelf maken. Dit hoekje zit meestal in het midden van je wenkbrauw, ten hoogte van je pupil. Voor de perfecte wenkbrauwen geldt voornamelijk dat het veel uitproberen is.

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