American Fridges with a German design

How American is a Liebherr fridge

When buying an American fridge freezer it is rear in European housen that you can install an American fridge like the have in the USA. The problem is the frontdoor and doors in the house itself, because the weidth of the doors is to narrow. So the solution to solve this issue comes from Liebherr. They had to deal with challenge and created to connecting appliances and together you have a huge freezing and cooling capacity. In the world of cooling and freezing it is common knowledge that your need a gap of minimum 5 cm between the two. Otherwise you get condens and this will convert to moist even rust can arise from this on your Liebherr American fridge freezer


The solution to overcome this issue is invented by Liebherr. They put a heating wall on the right wall in the left appliance. This is heating just enough to avoid condens. Nobody wants moist in its kitchen, so Liebherr solved the issue and is able to sell many ‘American fridges’ in Europe. People are looking for an American fridge and endup with a descent design product from Germany.


Liebherr won many designer prices with there American fridges. The model with the integrated wine cabinet is the SBSes 8496 wich is the follow up of the SBSes 7165. This model won several red dot awards for design.


The most incredible, cooling features of the Liebherr fridges is the BioFresh technology. This keeps vegetables and fish longer fresh because of the intelligent way of using humidity and refreshing of the air in the fridges. The vitamines in vegetables will be kept longer and sometimes, what Liebherr says, there are more vegetables healthy than without storing for a few days in your Liebherr American fridge freezer.