5 tips for saving energy

CO² emissions are partly the cause of climate warming and it is therefore our responsibility to limit CO² emissions to a minimum. Part of this is making homes as energy efficient as possible. There are various options with which you can save energy. This is not only good for the environment, but also good for your wallet. You can usually save directly on your energy bill with this. Therefore 5 tips to achieve energy saving.

1. Replace all lamps for LED lighting

Do you still use incandescent or halogen lamps for your lamps? Even though they are still working, it is very wise to replace them with LED lighting. LED lighting may be slightly more expensive to purchase, but that makes you more than good due to the enormous energy saving. An LED lamp is up to 85% more efficient than an incandescent lamp and lasts up to 9 times longer. Do you have nice recessed spots for the bathroom with halogen lighting? Also replace them with LED recessed lights for the bathroom. The advantage of LED recessed spots is that you no longer have to change a light bulb quickly and that the energy is used very efficiently.

2. Prevent stealth consumption

Sleep consumption is the consumption of electricity while the device is not on or on standby. You do not use the device and yet it consumes energy, this is really a waste of energy. It also often goes unconsciously, such as leaving the television on standby or leaving the charger in the socket without a smartphone attached. You can prevent sneaky consumption by actually switching off devices, pulling the plug out of the socket or using a power strip with a switch. This turns off the power to multiple devices at once.

3. Use less water

Consuming less water requires a behavioral change. For example, do not let the water flow while brushing your teeth or when soaping in the shower. Also do not shower longer than necessary and do not use a bath. You can also lower the hot water temperature in your boiler or boiler so that you use less energy when heating up.

4. Buy energy-efficient equipment

Is a refrigerator, freezer or washing machine broken? Always pay attention to the energy rating when purchasing a new device. A + is economical, but you will go much better for equipment with an A +++ energy rating. These devices are usually a bit more expensive to purchase, but you will certainly earn back with a considerable energy saving.

5. Close cracks and cracks in the house

Do you still have old window frames? Then, over the years, cracks and crevasses can be created through which draft passes. This is not only very uncomfortable, you also lose a lot of heat. The thermostat often goes a little higher, but this does not help much. This means that you consume more energy, but that you do not get warmer in the house. Therefore, close all cracks and cracks in the house and also apply the necessary draft strips to doors and windows.